Yeh dooriyan (Episode 3) (poor girl)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap: swati n sanskar’s day out… Swara got hit by a car


Sanskar step out of car.. But unfortunately car has already hitted her…

Sanskar ran towards the spot and swati too follow him.. Here the car driver starts to shout at swara… That too when he was at fault.. This was evident to show that he was drunk…

“u low class girl.. If u Wanna die then.. Go somewhere else… Y u came infront of my car.. What u want money..? Tell me how much u want… ” that man shouts

Swara has a week point whenever someone points her economic status she starts to feel inferior… She was numb… She kept on listening to his humiliating words.. Sanskar n swati too were listening all that..

” excuse me. U were at fault hw can u shout at this girl” swati said

“u don’t know these girls.. They can do anything for money… If u ask her to spend a night with u she would agree for that too” that man said pointing towards swara

Swara was shocked.. As she had listened many humiliating comment but no one has pointed out her character…

“enough “sanskar shouts

” I agree… She is poor.. So what!!! does being poor or rich signifies ur character… U know what… . I don’t know her.. But I know she will respect money more than u do ” sanskar supports her

Swara was shocked… She looked at sanskar with teary thankful eyes… Swati saw her hand was bleeding and she has some scratch on forehead… Swati immediately took her hand.. She wince in pain “aaahhh!!!”

“m sry.. It must be hurting badly… “swati said

” sanskar leave this na.. Look she is hurt let us take her to hospital ” swati said

” are itz ok.. I will manage.. Plz u both go.. M fyn” swara resist

“yesterday u helped me today let me help you to settle down the score”sanskar said…

Finally both took her forcefully to hospital…

Swara thought “oh god these rich people… What was need of taking me to such expensive hospital”

Swara step out of car n said “thanks for helping me.. Now I can manage.. ”

“are u sure” swati confirms

“ya m sure.. Thnku again” she assures them..

Both left… As soon as their car escape from her sight.. She too left.. As she knew that this hospital is very costly she can’t afford this..
Here sanskar drops swati at her hotel n found a watch in his car.. He thought that it must be of swara.. He immediately rush to hospital


“excuse me can u plz tell me that.. There a girl came she was injured.. Where she is now” he enquired at reception

“sry sir no girl has came here in past couple of hours “receptionist said

” what check once.. May be she is in OPD ” he further questioned

” m really sorry sir but… No girl has came to OPD either ” receptionist said

He was shocked to know that she didn’t Come in.. “where she went.. She was injured.. And most importantly why.. Why she went” he was in his thoughts when he Listened two ppl talking

“don’t worry bhaiya.. This is one of the most expensive hospital of the city.. Here bhabhi will get best treatment ” a person said

” hmm.. I know that’s why I take her here” another man said

Listening to this a tear skips his eye “ohh god… Just cz this hospital is expensive she… She left without taking treatment.. I don’t think that it would be that much expensive.. (then he recall hw she lied to her mum n her slipper) but… May be for her.. How can anyone be so poor.. I wish I could do smthng for her ”


Here swara came back home in injured condition n found her home locked.. Her heart stopped beating seeing lock… She recalled apast incident n tears welled in her eyes… She immediately took her phone n called sumi’s number… It was unreachable… Now she starts to panic…

Then a neighbor came n gave her keys n said “beta sharmishtha has been to market… She has given the key to me.. She said she is going to mobile shop for fixing her phone”

Swara felt relived n remember that sumi told her about this.. She came in and bandages her wounds.. Then she wear full sleeve clothes to hide wounds..

Sumi came back “shona.. What happened do u find any home… What did broker said”

“ma he has told me that he has a home for us… He will show that to me tmrw” swara said

Sumi looked At her from top to bottom… “shona y r u wearing full sleeves that to in summer”

{guys itz literally burning here.. ????}

“ma vo.. Vo.. Mosquito.. Mosquitoes were biting me.. That’s y” she said with fumble

“u can light the mosquito coil ” sumi doubts

” ma coil has been finished “she said in low voice



Sanskar’s heart was aching thinking about swara… He entered mm n found her PA sitting there

” rimsha what are u doing here “he questioned her

” sir I.. I.. I came here to submit my resignation “she said

” what!!! U are resigning!!?? Buy why ” sanskar was shocked

” sir am getting married so I hv to leave this job as we are shifting in hyderabad “rimsha said

” no no… Rimsha itz not possible.. Hw can I found new pa in this hurry.. U hv to provide a substitute “Sanskar strictly said

” but sir Hw can I..?? ” she said…

” that’s ur problem rimsha.. Provide a substitute then only I will release ur salary n other allowances” saying this he left…

To be continued….

Credit to: Meher

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  1. Awesome.

  2. Awesome ep.poor swara( i am saying about her condition) i think swara will be the new pa but its only my guess. I know u would have something great in ur mind but to know that l have to wait till tomorrow i guess. Plz try to post soon di. I loved my name that chutki hehe. Love u di. I think i am blabbering cuz i am very tensed cuz i have my 10th std board results on 25th and its killing me. I am very nervous . Anyways now i will wait for ur reply cuz u always make me happy di. Love u lot.

    1. Aree dear result he to hai.. Don’t worry… Kuch nhi hoga.. N u r not blabbering cz m a big chatterbox.. N over that a big laughing box.. I don’t need topic for these two ?????

      Look result se bhi bhut buri cheeze holiday lyk swaragini k telecast tym pe power cut…

      That Kavita’s entry in swasan’s lyf.. .

      Saturday n sunday when we can’t see varun… So look there Are so many bad things expect results ??????

      1. Thanks di and ya its true. Main weekends mein varun ko bahot miss karti hu. But now he is looks like a devdas di and this look is even making me sad. Hell with cvs. Love u di 🙂

    2. Chhutki apna treatment jaldi kara isse pehle ye beemar bad jye.. I am worried for you…

      Ye thnx ki beemari achhi ni hoti??

      1. Di treatment toh apne hi karliya hai. Aaj se no thank u ok. Vaise di ye beemari mujhe meri maa se mili hai. So kya karu har kisi ko thank u bolte pirti hu. But dont worry apse nahi kahungi kyunki aap meri di ho na. Hehe love u very much di.

    3. Merko sry bolne ki beemari LG gai thi… Mai agr furniture se bhi takrati thi to sry bolti thi ????

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    Swara is so good

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  16. Nice poor swara but the way she behaves and prove out to be strong is remarkable but that cheapster driver how can he accuse some girl like this don’t he know that bcoz of some bastards like him society has degraded…. PA?? will swara be ??

    1. Yup only cz of few ppl whole society.. Has been blamed…
      Let’s see about pa

  17. meher , if sanskar loved swara then it will be injustice to swati na? from this update i found her as a kind girl.. so don’t do injustice with her

    1. Don’t worry… I will not do injustice to her

  18. It reminds me of Cinderella. And if it is like that i would really love to read each and every single episode as i am a fairytale lover??

    1. Cinderella is was fairy tale N itz somewhere reality ????

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