Yeh dooriyan (Episode 27)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swaSan marriage date fixed. 3 weeks leap. Swasan left for shopping


“Areee Mouli tum!!” Ap greets her

“Onnu what you think if I can’t attend the wedding I won’t come to see ur bahu Haan? Chalo now call swati “she said

Everyone’s face become pale listening to her. Mouli dassgupta is ap’s friend but they didn’t tell her about swara n all.

“Areee what happen call her na! “She forces

“Umm vo masi ma u come n take rest. U must be tired”ragini tried to divert

“Are I will rest afterwards first call swati “she resist

“Vo. Ha first have something then I will explain you everything” ap said

“Uff okay. But where she is.? ” Mouli again stuk there

“Girlfriend! First have something “sanskar said

“Badmash! Stop calling me your girlfriend. You are married now “she. Said

Everyone was sitting on dining table when sanskar’s phone rang *swati calling*

Mouli saw that n spoke”achha . It means swati went to her mayka ”

Sanskar was about to answer that but mouli put phone on speaker first.

“Sanskar” swati said while crying

“What happened swati why are you crying”he ask worriedly

“Sanskar me n swara are alone at home she has fainted here.. bhai n Bhabhi are not lifting my calls .. I tried alot to wake her bt she is not opening her eyes. I don’t know what to do”swati cried

“What!! Don’t worry m coming. You just take care” he said n cuts

” Bhai m also coming with you” laksh said

“Beta keep telling me about her” ap said sanskar nods n left

SanLak left n mouli keeps on thinking who is swara?

Swara was lying unconscious on bed n sanskar was sitting beside her holding her hand

“Doc she is fine na?” Sanskar ask

“Mr. Maheshwari is she talking her medicines properly?” Doc ask

“Ya doc. I myself take care of her medicines. Anything serious?” He ask in tension

“Um. No but if she again faints or headache or anything immediately take her to me don’t delay.okay?” Doc said seriously

“Definitely doc I will” he reassures

As soon as swara gain her senses sanskar blasts on her. Whereas everyone choose to stay back

“12 hours itz not even 12 hours since u came here n u fainted. I told you yesterday also lets go to doctor. But no swara to swara hai. Kisi ki nahi sunni..!! N sunegi bhi Kyu.. she is a superwoman afterall.. n superwoman doesn’t need medicines fir chahe unka kitta bhi bada operation hua ho. Fir chahe vo marte marte bachi ho . But who cares !! Yaha m ek ek pal dar dar k je Raha hoon ke kahi tumhari tabiyat kharab na ho jaye n tum ho ki!! Show me your medicines! M sure u must hv skipped them”he said all in one breath

Swara quietly passed her medicine box to him.

“I knew it! Where is that pink tablet?”he ask

“Vo.. actually.. vo mill nhi Rahi thi ” she said in feeble voice

“What!!! What do you mean by mill ni Rahi thi??” He shouts

Swara didn’t utter any word..

“Now it’s enough..!! You are coming with me now”he said angrily

“But sir itz just a matter of a week” she gathered some courage n spoke

“One week my foot!! I don’t care whether itz a week or an hour!! Dekh Lia tumhe Akela chhor k” he said angrily and drags swara out

“Sanskar where…”swati didn’t complete her sentence as sanskar stares her angrily..

“Send her clothes to my home. N you all are going to stay in mm only “he said n forcefully took swara

“Sanskar sir please leave me”swara resist

“M not gonna leave you”he said angrily

“Sir please!! I will take care of myself. Aap Jao yaha se” she said n released her hand

“M warning u never ever try to do this.. tmrw is cocktail party after that u can come here” he said angrily

Swara can see his fear, his concern,his love for her . She quietly went with him.

Followed by shlok,trisha,sumi n swati


Sanskar bring swara in angrily,n swara was having an innocent,puppy face.

“Sanskar! Ye tum! ” Ap can’t understand anything

“Mum u know the great swara has skipped her medicines” he said angrily

“Mam I didn’t miss that.. that was missing” she said..

“U keep quiet!!” Sanskar scolds her

And she kept a big pout.

Listening to the noise mouli came out of the room n ask

“Why are you shouting shonskar? N who is this girl whose hand you are holding?” She ask pointing towards swara

Sanskar took a deep breath and spoke “she is my would be wife masi ma.. I didn’t marry swati” hesaid

Mouli looked him in shock. Then she gaze swara n check her out from top to bottom.. she gets nervous and hide herself behind sanskar’s back.

“Hmm.. poor middle class girl. I can’t understand sab gareeb ladkian ammero ko Kyu phasati hai.. jo hai usme Khush nhi rah Sakti Kya? Did you feel happy by destroying swati’s life? Ofcouse u will.. afterall now u will get luxurious life” she said rudely

Maheshwari’s knows the reason behind her rude behavior but for swara this was more than enough. She was crying.. she tried to go but sanskar didn’t leave her hand.. she signals him to leave bt he denied

“Mouli sab ek jaise ni Hote” ap said

“Haan masi ma.. swara is a girl with a golden heart” sanskar said while tightening his grip

“Ya that’s why she trap u.. she just needs money.. nothing else. It is the sole mentality of these poor people”mouli said

“N who gave u right to taunt my daughter” sumi shouts angrily from door..

Mouli’s back was visible to sumi.. n as soon as mouli turned , both got shocked.

“Sharmishtha?”she sais

“Mouli Banerjee. ?” Sumi said

“Dassgupta. Mouli dassgupta”she said

“Vo. I m sry”sumi apologized

“Itz okay”mouli said

“U both know each other?”sanskar ask

“We know each other since 22yrs”mouli said

Before mouli could say further.. sumi interrupts “sanskar.. beta u take Shona in.. she must be tired..”

“Ha ma u r right”he said

“Areee bt I wanna stay here” swara said

“U shut up” sanskar scolds her n drags her in..

“But how u know each other?”ap ask

“Hmm.. actually.. vo.. i-i told you about shona’s ma na.. so her mother elope with mouli ‘s hubby”sumi said

“That cheap lady has snatched my husband from me n now her daughter has snatched sanskar from swati” she said

“Mouli itz enough! Swara is my daughter! That lady has to done nothing with swara… She is my daughter.. she has my upbringing.. so please don’t point her” sumi said

“Ha mouli swara is very nice girl”ap said n explains everything to her..

“Okay, but still khoon apna rang kabi na kabi to dikhayega he” mouli said

“I have trust on my swara n my upbringing”sumi said proudly


Sanskar was Angry with swara n she was trying to convince him..

“Sir please Na. M sorry. I won’t be careless pakka” she said

Sanskar ignore her n left.. she felt bad..
Soon he came back with a bowl of soup.
He sat besides her.. n as soon as she open her mouth to say something he put spoon full of soup in her mouth.
She quite finished that with ‘yukk’ expression.. he then make her eat medicines n was about to go when she spoke

“M sorry na”

He ignores her n continue to move

“M sorry sanskar” she shouts

He stopped listening to his name.. without any irritating suffix

“What u said?” He ask while going closer to her..

“Vo.. I.. I.. said.. San.. sanskar… Sir” she manages to say

“No sir. Only sanskar. Okay?” He said

She nods yes.. then no.. then yes.. then again no.
Sanskar held her head with his hands “itta SAR mat hilao toot jyega”

“Sir vo.. m..”she avoids eye contact due to their closeness

The very next moment ragini enters the room n closed her eyes”guyz if u wanna romance be careful . Ma ne dekh Lia to dant pdegi.. here is ur dresses for party.. n don’t worry I haven’t seen anything”she teases them n ran . Leaving swasan embarrassed



Swara got Ready in the gown designed by ragini.. red gown with hop neck.. sanskar got Ready in black formals n both were looking osm ?

“Swara come here guests may arrive at any point” ap calls her

“Coming mam!” She said while wearing earing.. she took the other earing n starts to move while wearing it

She came in hall n was still struggling to wear that. She stopped to wear that.. n just above her head two lightmen were adjusting lights.. sanskar saw that while descending stairs.. the whole scenario of his n swati’s mehndi go through his eyes he shouts”swwaraaa”
. everyone got shocked with this n turns to him .. even swara was confused..

He ran n pulled her in a bone crushing hug..

“Who allowed u to come here.. I don’t want any lights.. get out..!! ” He shouts at those lightmen..

“Sir please calm down.. m fine Kuch ni hua mujhe” she said.

“I don’t want to take any risk.. I nearly lost u..”he said with tears

His love for swara was clearly visible in his eyes.. swara consoles him n guests arrived n party started

Sanskar introduces swara with everyone.. some were happy.. some were not.

Some congratulatesThem some taunts..

“Come swara lemme introduce u to Mrs. Banerjee”he said n took swara towards a lady

Sumi saw that lady n here face become pale… She immediately ran towards them to stop.

“Umm vo beta one min annu Bhabhi was calling you”sumi said

“Ha ma just let me introduce swara with Mrs Banerjee then I will go to mom”he said

“Ni beta it is important”sumi force him n took sanskar aside..

“Beta don’t introduce swara with that lady”she said

“But why ma?”sanskar ask

Meanwhile swara found something suspicious so she tip toe towards them to listen them…

“Beta vo.. that. That lady is .. Kaveri.. swara ‘s real mother..”sumi said

“What!!! Bt? How?” He ask

Then sumi explains that mr Banerjee (mouli ‘s hubby) divorced mouli. just to marry Kaveri.. n there was a clause in the pprs that mouli will never tell anyone her ex hubby’s name.. that’s why neither ap nor anyone else knows about this.. Annapurna Has already told him what has happened when sumi n mouli met yesterday..

Swara was listening to that with tears..

To be continued..

Precap: mehndi n sangeet.. swasan house arrest

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