Yeh dooriyan (Episode 29) (haldi ceremony)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : dadi n masked man’s talks. Mehndi ceremony


“ write swara’s name in my hand this way that she can’t find that out”sanskar said

Everyone burst out to listening to him

“Why you all are laughing” sanskar ask with a puppy face

“Beta! Name is written only in bride’s mehndi “ap explains him

“No way! I also want her name to be written in my hand. When m tolerating this mehndi I want her name in it.. to make it worth “sanskar said

“Mai joru ka gulaam ban ke rahunga” laksh sings

“Laksh!!” Sanskar gave him an angry glare

“Vo.. I was saying this for shlok bhai”laksh covers

“Are yaar! Why are you targeting me. Target sanskar na.”shlok says

“I don’t want to die soon”laksh mumers

After the completion of mehndi ap calls everyone for dinner

“You All please have something and after that we will start sangeet ceremony”ap said

Sanskar gets irritated with the mehndi n removes that as soon as that dries.

Swara was waiting for sumi to bring dinner for her in room.. as she can’t eat by herself. Sanskar grabbed the opportunity n immediately went in.

“Hmm.. so waiting for me”he said

“Hmm.. umm.. noo”she said with absent mind

“What happened swara? You are looking tensed??”he ask

“Sir m scared!I don’t know why! But but I feel like something bad is gonna happen.. “she said with nervousness

“Ya something bad will definitely happen tmrw”sanskar said teasingly and turned around

Tears welled up in her eyes which were unnoticed by sanskar as he was standing facing back to her.

“Tmrw I will get married. My batchelorhood will be ended. Now what can happen worse”he said n turns n got shocked to see tears

“Why are you crying”he cups her face

“Sir something will happen.. I can feel that.. “she cries

“Stop crying swara.. nothing will happen”he said and wipes her tears

She was still scared

“Mera Bachha come here!!” He said n hug her

“Be careful sir don’t spoil my mehndi”she said

“Ohh really!! U were crying like hell n now u r asking me not to spoil ur mehndi!! Wow!! ” He pouts

“M stupid I always makes him tensed, but no I won’t show my restlessness to him it’s very important day for him”she thought while hugging him

“Swara??”he nudge her

“Haan sir!”she immediately replied

He releases the hug n pulls her closer by waist, not even air can cross them now.she shivered with his unexpected action.

“What are you doing sir!”she ask

“Just call me sir once again n I will show you what I can do”he said with a naughty smile

She widens her eyes and can sense his intentions.

“Vo.. I.. I.. mean.. vo..”she fumbles

“Speak up swara”he tightens his grip

“Sir please!”she realised and bites her tongue

“Now you have to pay for calling me sir”he said n leans towards her

She closed her eyes in nervousness . They were just couple of inches away when sumi came n gets embarrassed

“Sanskar!! Swara !! There are tons of guests here n u guys are romancing!!”sumi said

Both gets embarrassed

“Ya mom coming!! “Sanskar shouts n ran.

After the dinner everyone heard someone singing
It was shlok
(“Rab rakha, Rab rakha, Rab rakha..
Rab rakha Rab rakha Rab rakha.. aa…”)

He came forward n put his hand on swara’s head

(“Rab rakha, Rab rakha, Rab rakha..
Rab rakha Rab rakha Rab rakha.. aa…”)

Swara smile. Trisha n swati came n hugs her.

(“Ye khushi, ye khushi ka samaa
Dil me goonji hai shehnaiyaan
Ye khushi, ye.. khushi ka samaa
Dil Me goonji hai shehnaiyaan
Ye Haseen
Ye dil-nasheen
Ik mohabbat ki hai jo daastaan”)

Shlok took sanskar’s hand n put swara’s hand on his hand. And hug both

(“Rab rakha, Rab rakha, Rab rakha..
Rab rakha Rab rakha Rab rakha.. aa…”)

Laksh took ragini in center and starts to dance with her

(“Celebrate the feeling
All the day and evening
Beautiful hearts are beating
Love is in the air “)

Here swara was crimson due to shyness.. Sanskar starts to sing. Holding her Hand tightly

(“Koi poochhe aankhon ne aankhon se 
Kya keh diya aa.. kya sun liya
Reh de na chhup ke se
Dono ne hai chunn liya, ik saathiya”)

Sanskar talks with swara in eyes..Swara sang

(“Ye reshmi se pal ye narm si halchal
Ye sapno ke badal Rab rakha…”)

She saw him with loving eyes. Shlok looks at them n sang

(“O ye Haseen
Ye dil-nasheen
Ik mohabbat ki hai jo daastaan
Rab rakha, Rab rakhan”)

Swara has tears of happiness in her eyes.. sanskar put his hand on her cheek. She put her hands over his on her face

(“Mahi shaguna manaaiya’n haaye
Bajde sang dhol shehnaiyaan
Mainu mill gaya mera ranjheya
Te Rabba kh’air manaiyaaan”)

Laksh came and took swasan to dance. All the family members were dancing and enjoying.. The most beautiful moments of the pre wedding function of two love birds

((Nachle yeh dil mera kahi da
O aaja nachle yeh dil mera kahi da
Saath tera bas chaahida
O goriye saath tera bas chaahida
O mere naal tu aa haaye
O zara taal mila haaye
Nachle yeh dil mera kahi da
O aaja nachle yeh dil mera kahi da))

Swara was going forward but sanskar held her hand and she turned her face

(“Tumko yun jo dekhun Jaane kyun
Mera jiyaa, dhadke piyaa
Mehki si, lehki si, dehki si
Main hoon piya, yeh kya kiya”)

She lowers her gaze due to shyness,he lifts her chin softly

(“Yeh husn aur yeh tu
Yeh aanch yeh khushboo
Yeh roop yeh jaadu, Rab rakha
Yeh haseen
Yeh dilnasheen
Ik mohabbat ki hai jo dastaan
Rab rakha…”)


Next day “WEDDING DAY”



Sanskar was getting ready in white kutra n dhoti. Laksh was helping him

“Lucky! You are sure na that this dhoti won’t get open?”sanskar ask

“Ha ha Bhai it won’t open! Trust me. Still if you have doubt put ur belt on”laksh said

“Are you crazy!! Who put belt on dhoti!”sanskar gave him weird look

“Me.. u know I too had doubt so I putted belt on” laksh chuckles

Sanskar burst out laughing

“No dude I don’t need belt just tie this properly” Sanskar said

Soon sanskar get ready n went downstairs for the ceremony

Ap makes him sit on a wooden plank n rolled his sleeves upto his elbow and starts to apply haldi

Everyone was done now it was laksh’s turn n laksh has a naughty grin on his face

Initially laksh dipped his one finger in haldi n applied that on his face. Sanskar sighs thinking that laksh isn’t planning anything , but the very next moment laksh took the whole bowl n pour that on sanskar’s head.

“Lakkkssshhhh!!!!!!” Sanskar shouts

Laksh showed his tongue to tease him
Sanskar and laksh ran in whole MM, spreading the signs of the wedding everywhere. Everyone laughs seeing the two.



Swara get ready in simple white n yellow anarkali and everyone was waiting for anyone from MM so that they can start the ceremony.

Meanwhile Kaveri message sumi to talk and she went backyard

“What you want!”sumi ask uninterestedly

“Sharmishtha! I just want to attend her haldi ceremony!! I want to apply haldi to my daughter”kaveri pleads

“Swara is my daughter! U r no one to her!”sumi said strongly

“Sharmishtha please!! I know I did wrong to her. Please. I just want to attend her wedding function. I promise I won’t trouble anyone. Please”Kaveri cried

“Fine. U can apply haldi to her but make sure swara can’t see ur face. She will get hurt n I don’t want to hurt my daughter on her special day”sumi said and left

Here dadi was listening to all that with evil smile.

Soon RagLak came with haldi and the ceremony started.
Everyone has applied haldi on swara now it’s turn for Kaveri. She has covered her face with veil.

“Hmm now I should see some action. Let’s see how swara will react to the deed of her lovely ‘mother(sumi’s)” dadi thought

Kaveri was about to apply haldi but dadi spoke “Kaveri you!!”

As soon as swara listen this she held Kaveri’s hand n removes that veil

“Why the hell you came here.. ! Can’t you understand you are no one to me.. ma please ask this lady to go”swara shouts

“Beta only Sharmishtha has allowed Kaveri to come .”dadi said

Swara was shocked with this. Dadi was expecting swara to get angry on sumi.

“Okay. I now u have taken advantage of my ma’s kindness. U r such a disgusting lady. M ashamed that u hv given birth to me” she gets hyper

“Swara beta please. M sorry I will leave. Don’t get hyper. Your health will get affected. Just a month back u had been operated . Please calm down”Kaveri said while sobbing

“You don’t need to care about me!! U left me na then it should not bother you whether I live or die. U just leave I said!!!” Swara shouts

“Shona calm down.. it’s not way to behave with elder. “Sumi said

“Ma please ask this lady to leave. “Swara said while crying

“Princess don’t stress yourself”shlok said

“You are such a shameless person! After listening to this u are standing here.. get lost.. can’t you get me.. Jao yaha se” she screams her lungs out and ran to her room crying

“Kaveri! M sorry whatever She said to you. She didn’t mean to insult you. Don’t mind her rants” sumi said

Kaveri left crying

Here swara looked herself in her room n cries miserably.

Soon her head starts to ache and everything Infront of her eyes starts to rotate. She somehow composes herself and drank some water which has already been spiked by dadi.

Here sumi wants to see swara

“Shlok I should see swara. She is so much hurt only cz of me”sumi said with guilt

“No chachi u did what was correct. Just go n see her she needs her mother”shlok said

Sumi was about to go but dadi stopped her

“Don’t go now. She needs time. Let her cry her heart out.”dadi said

“Ma but!”sumi resist

“U hv already hurted her alot by calling Kaveri here”dadi taunts

Sumi felt bad n agreed

*Meanwhile in swara’s room*

She was crying holding her head tightly.”Aaàhahh!!! Maaa!!!”

That masked person was already hidden in her room.

Swara somehow got up n had a painkiller. Soon she fell unconscious on floor.

That masked person Pats her face and she opened her eyes slightly. And he made swara sign on a paper n write something on that.

Within half n hour dadi n that person took swara out of GM without get noticed by anyone.

“Shlok I am going to see swara. I can sense she is Not well”sumi said in worry

She went n found her room empty with a letter on bed.

U hv hurted me Alot today. I hv never expected this from you. I hate you. I hate sanskar. I hate everyone. I am going away to get peace. For god’s sake don’t find me. If I want I will come back. And about marriage ask sorry to mom n dad on my behalf if sanskar wants he can marry anyone else I don’t care.

Ur swara**

Sumi sat on bed with a thud.

Within an hour all the maheshwaris were in swara’s room

“Huh I have told you! Blood will show it’s true color.. look swara has eloped” mouli taunts

“Masi ma swara Can’t go like this m sure”sanskar said in tension

“Sanskar stop giving urself fake confidence”mouli said

Sanskar was fed up of her allegations on swara. He was pissed off now.

“Enough!! Masi ma enough!! U hv no right to judge my swara.. m sure something has happened to her” he said n again read that letter

“U hv proof in ur hand sanskar.. this letter itself proves that she has left” mouli again said

“No. Yes. Yes .. this letter isn’t written by swara.. she never calls me only sanskar she calls me sanskar sir.. and she always address mom n dad as mam n sir.. she still can’t adjust herself.. now m sure something has happened to her.. “sanskar said

“Where is my daughter”sumi cried

“Ma don’t worry.. it’s 12 n mahurat is at 8 I promise I will search swara by that time. We will get married today”he said with determination

To be continued…

Precap: marriage???

So. Guyz today I need ur help actually i want to know whether u want to read this ff further i mean after their marriage or not.

If u want to read this story after the marriage I will continue. If not then next part will be last part .

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