Yeh dooriyan (Episode 25)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swara’s stupid try to elope succeed.l. Again sanskar found her. Sumi’s slap


“ma m sorry. Sachhi, I won’t go “swara sobs

” no Beta m sorry.. I should have slapped u that day when u Ran for the first time.. “sumi said

“maa m..” she moved towards sumi n starts to feel dizzy

“swara!! “sumi supports her

“maa m sorry” she said in weak Tone

“I don’t want any sorry.. Trisha, swati please take her in.. “sumi avoids her

As soon as swara escapes her sight she spoke” annu bhabhi can I prepare something in ur kitchen ”

” ofcourse sumi bhabhi bt for whom n at this time? “ap ask

” for swara.. I know her.. This girl na.. She didn’t have anything… M sure”saying this sumi ran in kitchen

@guest room

Swara was crying miserably and trisha, swati n Shlok tries to calm her

“swara stop crying.. It will affect your health “trisha said

” bhabhi I know I hv hurted u all.. But I ran cz I don’t want to give you any problem “swara said

” but swara it was mere stupidity.. Cz of ur this act.. Chachi n sanskar were so tensed.. Sanskaar went from home in morning n he was just searching for you ” swati said

” di.. Please help me na.. Neither sir nor ma is talking to me..”she cries

“princess chachi can’t stay angry from you.. So don’t worry.. “Shlok said

But she wasn’t ready to stop crying..

Here sumi gave some food to sanskar “aunty why 2 plates” he ask

“beta I know you too hvnt eaten anything since morning like swara.. N now develop habit of calling me ma “sumi said

” okay aunty, ooops.. Ma” sanskar smiles

Sanskar enters her room n signals everyone to go.. All follows same

Sanskar forwards plate to her
“sorry sir.. Fight with me but please don’t stop talking to me.. I will die “she said crying

” ohh really n when u did that stupidity to leave me.. Then u don’t think even for a second about me.. Haan.. N y would u think.. U don’t trust me na.. U hv trusted those idiotic superstitions.. But u didn’t trust me.. Hai na” sanskar said in frustration

She without wasting any moment she threw herself in his arms.. He too welcomes her decision.. “never ever dare to do this again” he said

“sir I won’t but.. At least listen to me.. I did that only for you m really unlucky I hv proof too”she said

Sanskar gave her “r u serious look”

“okay then, explain me.. Ur so called proves”he said

“sir look it’s been just a week since I engaged to you.. N u got hurt.. (pointing towards his bandage on hand) .. N ur company suffered loss after 25 years.. N moreover only coz of me bhai is not talking to swati di.. “she cries

” hey.. Who told you about that 25years?? N yeah I wanna know who told u that I had choosen u over my family “he ask

She didn’t reply

” tell me swara!! N where is ur locket?”he ask

“I think I hv lost that. Just like I lost ma’s trust” she said n again starts to cry

“ssshhh… Don’t cry.. “he cares her hair

” sir.. Ma is very angry with me na.. N moreover she must be angry from herself cz she slapped me.. U know sir ma never scold me.. Sir please u go n check her na.. Please “she pleads..

” swara don’t worry shlok is with aunty.. U now take rest.. U hv taken too much stress “he said

” but sir ma” she again spoke

“do you trust me “he ask

She nods..

” then stop stressing ur little brain n hurting ur big heart.. Aunty will talk to you just give her some time. okay? Now Sleep ” he said lovingly

” sir may I?? “she ask pointing towards his chest

He immediately open his arms n spoke” ofcourse mera bachha”

She put her head on his chest.. The most relaxing n peaceful place for her.. She slowly fall asleep..

He was caring her hair.. N recalling how he went to temple.. How he told his problem to the priest n how that priest told him that swara is at his home.. Then how he makes her agree to come back by emotional blackmailing… N slept there..

@sumi’s room

She was crying for slapping her own daughter..

“I should not have slapped her.. I can explain everything to her calmly”she cries

“no chachi.. To be honest ur slap was shocking for us but it was indeed needed for swara.. She has done mere stupidity not only once bt thrice.. N kab tak sanskar use dhone me lagega.. She should act mature.. N u r her mother so u hv right to slap her, to love her” shlok consoles

“no shlok.. I never even raised my voice on her n today I slapped her.. My little girl is very emotional.. She must be crying pathetically.. M very bad mother “sumi continues

“chachi.. Sanskaar is with her.. So u don’t worry.. N please don’t feel guilty.. U r world’s best mother.. U know those 3 years which u hv spent with us.. I never feel like my ma is no more.. N again u r giving us same love ” shlok said

” beta u all r my kids n I never wanted to leave u.. Bt ma was adamant in proving swara inauspicious.. N after shonali.. She has crossed all the limits so I hv to go “sumi said

” leave all that chachi.. Now u take rest. The day was too hectic for all. “shlok said

” but beta swara” sumi was worried

“chachi.. Sanskar is with her…don’t worry.. U take rest”shlok said n left

But sumi has tears in her eyes instead of sleep.



Sanskar woke up n saw swara sleeping.. Then he noticed tear marks on her face and his shirt wet.. Which was evident to prove that she has cried.. He planted a lingering kiss on her forehead and makes her lie on pillow..

He was going to his room when ap called him “sanskar”

“yes mum “he said

” beta today pandit ji will come.. To fix ur marriage date.. N match making..” ap said

“ma.. When we all hv accepted her why to make match.. Kundliyan nhi milengi tab bhi mai swara se he shadi karunga” he said with determination

“beta we also want u to get married bt kakisa want this to happen.. So it would be just formality ” ap said n left

” y dadi ask this.. When my alliance was fixed with swati she didn’t do any such things ” he thought


“ma.. M sorry” swara said

Sumi didn’t say anything n left.. Swara has tears in her eyes

Soon pandit ji came n match their kundli

“Itz perfect match.. U both are made for each other “he said

” pandit ji now fix a date for their marriage “dp said

” there is a good date after a month.. “pandit ji suggests

” ha ha m done with that” sanskar immediately agreed

Everyone laughs at his sudden reaction n swara turns crimson..

“ha ha beta.. We will get u both married soon.. Till then hv patience “ap said

Pandit left… And sumi went in to bring sweet

She Feeds everyone n congratulates them.. She feed swara too bud didn’t utter any word…

” ma ab bhi baat nhi kroge” swara ask with tears

Sumi wants to hug swara n wipe her tears.. But she composes herself..

@sumi’s room

She was having tears in her eyes.. But this time these were of mixed feelings.. She was happy for her daughter’s marriage bt at the same time she was sad cz now her daughter was no more her’s..

“ma. “swara called her

Sumi immediately wipes her tears… Swara came in with the help of sanskar.. He make her sit comfortably n left…

“ma.. Please na.. I can’t tolerate ur silence.. If u want u can slap me.. But please don’t do this “she cries

Sumi didn’t say anything.. But her tears were explaining her pain

” ma.. We only have one month n after that u will not get trouble cz of me.. After that we will not live together… I won’t be there to disturb you… To hv fun with you.. To fight with you.. To cry with you.. “she broke

Sumi hugs her and cries” never ever try to do that again… I hv already lost my one daughter… I can’t lost you”

“promise ma.. I won’t do anything like this again.. Sachhi ” swara said

” now stop crying or else sanskar will fight with me”sumi wipes her tears

“ma.. Vo.. I want to tell u something “swara spoke

” ha ha beta.. Tell me.. N one more thing we are best friends first n mother daughter second.. So u can tell me anything “sumi said

” ma.. Vo when I left from car.. I hided. Myself behind a small Hut nearby.. Then someone sprayed something near me n I fell unconscious.. Bt before that.. I can see that, that person has same locket as urs in neck”swara told

Listening to this sumi’s color faded…

“did you tell about this to anyone else ” sumi aak

She nods no..

” beta if u see that person again.. Or u feel anything suspicious tell that to me.. Okay? ” sumi said

Sanskar was listening to their talks n got worried..



“ma.. M taking swara to hospital.. N then we will go to shopping “sanskar shouts

” okay, but beta be careful.. Swara ka plaster aaj he katega” ap said

“annu bhabhi.. When sanskar is with swara u don’t need to worry “sumi said

” correct ma!! “sanskar said n left


“swara u just sit here.. I will come in two minutes.. Next turn is urs.. If they call u then just go in.., okay?” he said

“sir please come back soon “swara said

” definitely “he said n left

Here swara peep into the room n doctor was cutting plaster of a 5yr old kid.. N that kid was crying… Swara got scared by seeing the instruments which are being used to cut plaster

” oh god!! No way I don’t want my plaster to cut.. Yeah m fine with this”she thought n left

Sanskar came back m saw swara missing.. He panics.. He searched everywhere.. At last he went towards his car n saw swara sitting in.. He felt relieved

“what are you doing here… Come next turn is our ” he said

” n-no.. Sir.. I don’t want my plaster to cut “she said

Sanskar give her” are you serious “look

” sir please na.. They are using big big.. Dangerous weapons to cut plaster.. N m scared of them” swara said in nervousness

Sanskar burst out laughing listening to her..

“why are you laughing.. “she ask

” oh god! Mera bachha u r so cute.. ” saying this he pulls her cheeks..

” sir please na.. Lets go back.. M fine with this plaster shell” she said

“nothing will happen.. Trust me.. “he forward his hand

She held his hand and unwillingly went in n finally her plaster is removed..

” hmm.. Her hand is fine bt still don’t strain this.. Okay.. N continue these medicines for 2 more weeks” doc said

“thank you doctor “sanskar thanked him n left



“so lets go to shopping” he ask

“what’s the need of shopping sir.. I hv so many things “swara said

” those things belongs to swara bose n these things will belong to swara maheshwari “he said

” sir, won’t you feel embarrassed cz of me.. As I belong to poor family “she ask

” yeah I will be embarrassed ” he said

These words bring tears in her eyes.. But his continuation makes her smile
” I will be embarrassed cz I don’t hv so much love like u.. M not selfless like u.. M not that much rich by heart like u… In short cz m not swara ” he said

” thank you sir” she said

“ya ya. Love you too “he said

Precap: new entry

Thank you so much guys for ur b’day wishes.. It means alot to me.. For the first time I got bday wishes over the world.. Lol.. But seriously.. I love you all..

When I joined TU some 4 months back.. I never knew that u guys will shower ur love on me..

Luv u all

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    1. Meher

      Thank-you so much dear!!!

      She will call him by name soon…

      Will post next asap..

  2. Nita D

    Awww….Meher baccha…frndship mein no thanks…..we r happy that we could contribute ittu sa to make u happy on your bday….
    N mast chappy…..n i can say simple sa happy happy wala chappy without any twist…but u cant stay long like that…so then waiting for the new entry in next episode…

    1. Meher

      Baby that wasn’t ittu sa… that was huge!!!

      Lol.. yeah I can’t stay without that.. ?

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    Now sumi talked to swara…u did a good thing by not dragging silent treatment drama..
    Its the first time u r giving a episode in which vamp dadi n her deeds r not be honest this was a good episode without any evils..
    Who is that person who sprayed something near swara that made her unconsious??..they didnt harm her but made her unconsious.. But why..feels something that to take the chain from swara..they may know that the chain has microphone n gps.. If it is so then how that person came to knw that.. Is the culprit among themself…sanky u save ur bachha from evils around u..that person has the same chain as that of sumi..who is that..dadi or someone else..will sumi’s daughter return back??.. Will anything happen like that.. Who is that new entry.. Hope that the person is good n will never create mess in swasan’s love life.. Will he share a positive or negative shade??…eagerly waiting to know that..
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      Sumi’s daughter will return or not this we have to see… The new entry will be positive or negative will depend.. I haven’t decided the shade yet…

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