Yeh dooriyan (Episode 24) (second attempt to elope)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swara’s stupid try to elope… Sanskaar behaves protective….. Masked person


It was morning and swara was sleeping… Sanskaar called raglak, swati, Shlok n trisha in his room..

“what’s so urgent sanskaar “swati ask

” guys I need ur help.. I want any of u to be with swara everytime” sanskar said

“okay, but why u r looking tensed ” Shlok ask.

” actually someone is brainwashing swara.. That of she will be with us it won’t be good for us.. “he explains everything

” what she try to elope ” trisha can’t believe

” yeah.. But I can’t keep eye on her alone… All time.. I need ur help.. N I need to find out that culprit.. Who is using her innocence ” sanskar said

” u don’t need to search bhai.. M sure swati is doing this “laksh said

” laksh.. Stop it” ragini nudges

“no, I agree with laksh.. Swati can do this” Shlok said

Raglak got shocked as they don’t know about that pics n all..

Swati has tears in her eyes

“Shlok please.. Swati can’t do this.. “trisha supports her

*Shlok has told trisha about pics n her deeds*

” ya.. We both know what she can do n what she can’t ” Shlok said

” guys.. Please!! I can’t be with swara everytime.. So please any of u should be with her.. She is still very weak.. N m scared for her health “sanskar said worriedly

” don’t worry sanskar.. Any of us will stay with her every time ” trisha reassures


Soon swara woke up but she feel weak… She tried to get up and as always sanskar came to help her

” hwz my bachha feeling now “he ask.

” sir can you please sit here with me for sometime ” she ask

” ofcourse.. I will but first have something.. U must be hungry ” sanskar said and was about to go

But swara spoke” please sir mat jao.. Pata nahi phir kab apse milungi” her voice cracked

“what do you mean by this ” he frowned

” vo.. I-i mean.. Then u will go to office so we can’t talk na”swara covers

He sat beside her and wrap his arms around her.. “I won’t let you go swara” he thought

“swara tell me one thing ” he ask

” what ” she said

” what if I run away from you.. From my family… Leaving all alone.. How will u feel” he ask

“what rubbish… I will die without you sir” she said

“I too will die without you.. U r my first love… My lucky charm.. Jabse tum meri zindagi mein aayi ho.. Khushiyan bhar di hai.. U make me realize that we hv heart so that we can love anyone” he said

“I hv a small gift for you “he continued

” what “she ask

He showed a simple heart shaped pendant…

” hwz it” he ask

“beautiful “she said

” then may i”he ask

She nods and he make her wear that..
“finally.. Now I can understand who is misguiding u… N over that it has an additional GPS navigation N microphone .. I can’t risk ur safety ” he thought

After that he got call n left for office


” nimisha where were you tmrw “he ask

(nimisha sanskar’s PA played by roop durgpal)

” sir I had an urgent work “she said

” hmm.. Kk n where is file of our new hotel.. Which we are starting in collaboration with Mehta n son’s.. I want that” he said

“sir that file has been kept in record room by mistake n now I cant find that”she said

“uff.. Call Rohan n ask him to open record room… I myself will search that file.. N till then u cancel all my meetings for 3 weeks.. “he said

” but sir 3 weeks.. It would be loss for us” she said

“I don’t care about any loss.. This time someone else needs me more ” he said while coming out..

Nimisha was following him..

” but sir already we hv sufferd loss for the first time after 25 years n if u won’t come then.. It will lead to more losses “she said

” kabi kisi se pyaar kia hai?? ” he ask

She nods no..

” u will understand me.. When you will love anyone.. I don’t care about loss ” he said

” but I do care.. “Shlok said while entering

” Shlok tum?? “he got shocked

” yeah n.. Dude if u suffer loss then m sure princess won’t marry u.. He wants a hardworking man” he said..

“yaar tumhari behen pehli esi ladki hogi jo apni suatan(sanskar’s office work) ko pasand krti hai.. I know she want me to focus on my work but for me she is most important… Saro duniya ek taraf or vo ek taraf” sanskar said

“achha tell me why u came here anything important “sanskar ask

” ha vo.. I need to give you some papers… Actually I bought a home for chachi.. But I know she won’t accept that.. N we know very well that she is searching house so that they can leave mm.. Now u hv to hand over this house to them.. N ya please don’t tell this to anyone “Shlok said

” definitely yaar.. I will.. But I won’t give these papers to them until my swara gets perfectly fine… Till then she have to stay at mm Infront of my eyes “sanskar said

Shlok nods n left… And sanskar started to search file… Suddenly a whole rack full of files fall on him….



Swara n swati were talking when Dadi came..

” swati u go n bring tea for me” dadi orders

Swati nods n left.. Leaving both of them alone..

“how are you now beta “dadi ask

” m good dadi”she said

“beta I know I had done very bad to u n ur mother… But beta mai purane khayalo se bandhi thi… Now I hv no problem with u”she said

“sachhi dadi “she ask happily

” ha beta when ap ji n dp ji has accepted u even after all that happened in maheshwari industries.. why can’t I accept u.. “dadi said

” what happened in maheshwari industries “swara ask

” ohh I think you don’t know.. Actually they have suffered loss after 25 years.. Ab after ur engagement this happens n they hv accepted u then I hv no problem with u beta”dadi said..

Swara was in tears…

“ab humare zamane me to.. Such girls were considered inauspicious.. Either the family threw the girl out or the girl herself ran away from the family.. But this is 21st century everything is changed.. ” dadi said

Swati came with tea n dadi left..


trisha was helping swara in walking when sanskar enters mm

He has bandage on his hand..
” what happened to ur hand beta”ap ask

“nothing ma.. Just small injury “he said casually

Listening about his injury .. Swara left trisha’s support n starts to walk faster towards sanskar… He saw her walking without support n before anyone could reach her she fall

Sanskar immediately run towards her and shouts” r u nuts..!! I think ur head injury has affected u alot.. When u know you can’t walk without anyone’s support then why the hell u try to become super woman.. Konsi train nikal rahi thi tumhari… Kaha bhaag rahi thi ”

She looks at his hand n starts to cry” ur hand sir ”

” are yaar.. nothing happened to me.. Its just a little cut”he said

“how u get Hurt ” she ask while sobbing

” Nothing much.. I was searching a file n a rack fell on me” he said

“what!! Kahi or to nahi lagi”she starts to check his hands n face

“m fine.. Trust me.. Its just a little cut… But now I guess u r more hurt.. Haath phle he tuta hua hai pair bhi tudwana hai kya” he laughs

Everyone laughs at this statement except swara…
“it means.. M unlucky.. For sanskar sir.. “only thought running in her mind

Sanskar lifts her take her to room… N placed her on bed.. He took a pain reliever ointment and said” Now show me ur leg.. Where u got hurt…swara u don’t need to hurry up.. Take care of urself.. N Get well soon so that I can marry you”

But here she stuck on one thought “if I marry sanskar sir his life will be in danger.. Oh god I just became his fiancee few days back.. N he suffered loss after 25 years… N today he got hurt.. Wait.. M with ma from 22 years how much she have suffered cz of me.. No I will go away… Yes I will.. N this time sanskar sir too can’t stop me”she thought

“lo done.. I hv applied ointment n don’t u dare to get up from bed.. Call me if u need anything… ” he said n kissed her forehead and left


It was early morning… Sanskaar was still sleeping.. As he was awake whole night so that swara can’t escape

Swara manages to come out of her room… She was going out when ap ask her” where r u going beta ”

“vo.. Temple” she covers

“beta how could you go in this condition” ap said

” mam Mai bas bahar se darshan kar ke aa jaungi.. Please let me go” she pleads

” ok, wait then I will also come with you ” ap calls driver n both left

when sanskar got up he ask about swara “dad did you see swara she isn’t in her room”

” ha beta she went to temple.. Bt don’t know why she didn’t come back till now..” dp said

“temple!! With whom?? “he panics

” with annu.. ” dp said

” oh.. Then okay.. “he feels relaxed

The very next moment ap came to mm n said” beta swara.. ”

” what happened to her mom” sanskar panics

“she is no where to be seen.. I left her in car n jb mai darshan kar ke aayi vo nhi thi” ap cries

“damn.. Mom atleast u should be with her.. Oh man swara why u did this stupidity “he panics.

” don’t worry beta she must be there in temple only ” sumi said with fake confidence

“aunty, she won’t come.. She has left.. She left us.. She won’t come back “he shouts

Everyone gets shocked listening to his shouts.. Then he explains everything to them.. N also ask trisha Shlok n swati to come..

” but how could she believe this thing.. Its completely superstition “dp said

” dad swara can do anything for her loved ones.. I can’t tell you how kind hearted that girl is.. “sanskar said worriedly

” sanskar u were saying that u hv given her some GPS locket try to search her position “swati said

“oh ya.. How could I forget this..” he said n immediately try to locate her.. But all in vain.. He threw his lappy in anger
“I can’t find her.. Hwz this possible ”

” bhai relax we will find her ” laksh consoles him

” its my mistake… I should not have told her truth.. Na mai use sach batati na uske mann mein ye baat aati” sumi cries

“no.. Aunty.. Its not cz of u.. Its someone else who is taking advantage of my swara’s innocence… Don’t worry I will find her” sanskar said with determination

Here swara was sitting in a temple.. She knew sanskar will search her everywhere except temple.. As he doesn’t believe in God.

“I know sir u must be hurt.. But in the long run u will understand that my decision is beneficial for all” she thought

Here everyone was searching for swara but all in vain.. Sumi’s heart was sinking with each passing moment…

It was night n still no one can find swara… Sanskaar’s frustration was over the world now..

“where to search u swara.. Sara din ho gya or tum.. I don’t know whether u hv eaten anything or not… Where are you mera bachha ” he gets worried

He was driving when he notice a temple

” should I pray..?? Swara trusts you.. Yeah I should afterall u helped me when she was in hospital.. ” he thought n proceed towards the temple

But the temple was closed as it was 1 in morning..

He met the priest there” pandit ji why the temple is closed ” he ask

” haha.. I think u never been to temple.. Thats why u don’t know that all the temples will get closed after 10.. God also needs to sleep” the priest said

“how could he sleep when my swara is missing “he said

” r u searching someone ” priest ask

” my life has lost.. Someone has misguided her.. N I can’t find her” sanskar said


@2 am

There was no trace of sleep in anyone’s eyes.. Their eyes shined seeing sanskar with swara… Everyone was happy to see her.. N felt relieved seeing her safe… Sumi ran towards her… Everyone was accepting her to hug swara.. But she slapped her..

“aunty ye aap ” sanskar got shocked

” ma”swara said with tears

“don’t u dare to call me ma.. M not ur ma.. “sumi said angrily

” chachi what are you saying” Shlok said

“don’t interfere in my n swara’s matter Shlok.. “sumi said

” u wanna go na.. Then go.. Go away.. Why u hv come back.. Jao yaha se”sumi said angrily

“ma m sorry ” swara cries

” ma who is ur ma?? Me no way.. U r not my daughter n today u hv proved this.. U proved this that m not ur mother.. Wanna go na then go.. Sanskaar leave her hand.. Let her go.. Jao beta jaha jana hai jao”sumi said angrily

To be continued…

Precep: sumi’s silent tourcher to swara

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