Yeh dooriyan (Episode 23)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swasan sweet moments… Swati’s confession.. Someone slapped her


Swati n swara both were shocked with the sudden slap “how could you stoop so low swati” shlok shouts

“bhai m sorry “swati said while crying

Sumi immediately came in n took swati in her embrace.. ” chachi M sorry ” swati cries

” its, okay beta.. Don’t cry.. U hv accepted ur mistake itz enough “Sumi said

” how could she.. Chachi.. M ashamed that u r my sister.. Forget that swara is our sister.. How could you do this to a girl.. Tune ek baar bhi nahi socha… Think for a while after ur N sanskar’s marriage who will marry swara!!, our society would make her life hell n you”shlok again raise his hand to slap her but sanskar stops him.. And Swati hugs sumi tightly

“shlok.. Calm down please “sanskar said

” shlok.. Stop ur hands before they reach my daughter… M sure bhaiya would never taught u to raise hand on girl” sumi said angrily

“chachi.. This girl has done this much n u r still supporting her “shlok said

“m saying what u did was wrong.. U hv no right to raise ur hand in any condition… ” sumi said

“bhai let it be na.. Kya fayda ab in sab ka.. Please don’t tell this to anyone “swara said

” ha I agree with shona… If anyone else come to know about this.. It won’t be good for swati’s future” sumi said

Shlok apart her from sumi angrily and hold her arm tightly “u know swati why I call swara as princess… Dad had given this name to her.. She was his princess and look what u hv done… Look at both of them they are supporting you even after ur such deeds.. On ur sangeet when I heard dadi prasing u I can understand that u hv done something wrong but u hv done this cheap thing I can’t imagine.. U were spying on swara ” Shlok’s anger was on peak

” Shlok leave her hand right now.. Isne jo bhi kiya anjane me kia… Bachhi hai.. ” sumi said n release her hand

Swati hugs her n cries miserably” chachi I swear, I hv sent those pics but I wasn’t spying on swara.. Someone has sent me those pics on mail” she said

“what?? Can I see those mails” sanskar ask

Swati nods… Sanskaar brought his laptop and swati showed him mail… Sanskaar looked at one pic.. In which swara was in sanskar ‘s arms

“wait this pic.. Is of my farmhouse.. When swara’ s leg got twisted.. It means someone was spying on us.. Swati can’t do this” sanskar said

Sanskar was about to say something when he saw an angel sleeping..

“I think we should go out n let swara rest ” he points towards swara who has already slept cz of heavy medication

Sumi was about to make her lye when sanskar spoke” aunty!! Vo.. Can.. Umm.. I”

Sumi passed smile to him n nods, everyone left

Sanskar was just looking at his jaan.. He make her lye and sat beside her

“mera bachha.. how do u manage to have such a big heart.. Swati does so much to you still.. U forgive her.. U r so much innocent tht people are taking advantage of ur innocence… But now I won’t let anyone use ur innocence.. Firstly I hv to find out who is brainwashing you… N secondly who was spying on us” he cares her hair and left


Sanskar was entering her room with breakfast when he heard sumi n swara taking

“ma.. M really sorry “she said with tears

” its okay beta” sumi wipes her tears

“but ma cz of u hv to do all this alone… But ma u r understanding me na.. We can’t stay here.. “swara said

” beta m proud of you.. If u don’t ask me to search a house then also I would have searched house today… But beta today u hv to go to hospital for check up”sumi said

“ma house is important.. We can go hospital tmrw “swara said

” I will ask Shlok or sanskar to take u”sumi said

“ma ni.. Sanskaar sir ne vese bhi meri vajah se apna office ka sara kaam chhor dia tha now I don’t want to disturb him… N bhai must be upset whatever happened yesterday “swara said n starts to cough

Sanskar ran in n make her drink water… Sumi was feeling blessed to have a son in law like sanskar

” aunty u can go to ur job.. M here na.. I will take her to hospital.. M free today ” sanskar said

Sumi left and again swara’s expression changes into weird ones

“swara now hv ur breakfast” he said and forward the spoon

“sir please ye sab dekh ke bhookh he maar jati hai ” swara said

” itz a matter of few days beta after that I will feed u with whatever you want “ap said while entering

” mam.. Aap.. “swara said

” mam nhi beta ma.. But itz okay.. Take ur time haan”ap said

“ma, where is ragini? “sanskar ask

” she is just coming till then swara hv ur breakfast “ap said

Sanskar feed her n then ragini helped her in changing… Soon swasan left.


Doctor was cutting her stitches and sanskar was waiting outside .. Suddenly he got an idea n he went to security room.. N ask for footage.. They searched alot but couldn’t find yesterday’s cd

“what the hell.. How can u lost such cd” sanskar shouts

“don’t know sir where that cd went.. We will search for that n call u as soon as we found that” security manager said n sanskar came out..

Here at a dark room in hospital.. A masked person was breaking a cd in pieces

Here swara’s dressing has been changed… And swara was waiting for sanskar to come when she heard two ladies talking

“huh.. My grand daughter was manhoos.. N I threw her out.. I mean I got her married soon.. So that we could live peacefully “lady 1 said

” then.. Could you live peacefully?? ” lady 2 ask

” nah.. Just in a month after marriage.. Her husband’s business suffered huge loss… N within 6 months Her hubby died” lady 1 said

“ohh. Then what u did with her” lady 2 ask

“we don’t let her enter our house n now we are living peacefully” lady 1 said

“are such girls.. Should leave their family so that they can live safely and peacefully “lady 2 said

Swara was having tears in her eyes” it means if I-I stay with sanskar sir his life would be in danger ”

” come swara.. “sanskar took her

When they left that masked person gave handsome amount to both the ladies

” what did doctor said sanskar… Till when swara will be fine ” dp ask

” 3 weeks minimum.. After that they will cut plaster “he said

Swara was still in that one thought which she heard in hospital… And she fainted in sanskar’s arms due to stress..

” swara!! “ap panics

” don’t worry ma.. Doc has told me that this will happen with her “sanskar said and took her in room.

” why m feeling something is bothering you swara ” sanskar thought

Sanskar was just sitting beside her she was slowly gaining her senses.. Then only sanskar got call..

” what!! Loss…. (pause).. Kitne ka contract khoya hai humne… (pause).. 3 crore.. (pause).. Done no worries we will work hard in next ” saying this he cut the call

Swara was listening to all this
” sanskar sir has suffered loss.. Before our marriage he is facing loss.. Now what if I marry him.. No no… No.. I can’t… I will run away from everyone… Yes.. It would be good for all.. Tonight I will run away from all.. Forever ” swara thought…

Sanskar dialed another number n left..

On call

” ya anuj.. Sanskaar here”

“sanskar Jis email id ke bare tune pta lgane ko bola tha.. That has been deleted ”

” what??!! ”

” yeah that has been made n deleted from a secured private ip address.. But don’t worry I will find that asap ”

” ya please… Yr”

*call ends*

@raglak room

“laksh look at this design.. Hwz this” ragini showed him a sketch of bridal lehngha

“ragu I don’t know about this.. U r expert in this… But make sure that bhai n swara’s dress complement each other’s “laksh said

” uff.. Laksh when they r complementing each other in life then why wouldn’t their dress compliment each other’s “ragini said

” yeah.. N wait.. Ragu what should be in sweet dish.. I mean I was trying for a new sweet dish.. Bengali n marwadi mix.. What say” laksh ask

“osm… Omg m soo happy… N excited.. M just waiting swara to recover n then their marriage… U know swara is very sweet… But there is one problem ” ragini pouts

” n what’s that”laksh ask while putting his hand on her shoulder

“look swara is 22 n m 25 it means m 3 year elder to her… But she would be my jethani so I should call her bhabhi “ragini pouts

” hahaha.. But ragu I must say She is such a sweet girl.. So much innocent… Only her innocence can make bhai fall in love… Otherwise he will be sadu only “Laksh said..

” hahaaha.. I found a sister in her n now swati has also changed “ragini said

” sorry but I can’t trust swati so soon… Uff leave this n lets prepare more for bhai’s wedding ” laksh said


Everyone was sleeping except swara.. She was having bad head ache as she didn’t have medicine.. Cz she wants to run away.. But her medicine would make her sleep so she skip that…


Sumi was in deep sleep when swara tried to get up… With much difficulty she managed to get up… She just walk a step or two n her leg hits the table… She wants to scream but she somehow controls.. She turned around and looked at sumi for one last time..

“m sorry ma.. I love you.. Thats why m going away from you ” swara whispers

She was crying in pain.. She was feeling physical as well as emotional pain..

She came to hall.. She was now trying to ascend the stairs.. (hope u all hv seen mm’s exit) It was huge task for her… She was about to fall when two strong hands pulled her “where are you going swara”

“sir.. I-i.. Vo.. P-pani.. I want water “she fumbles

” I think we hv kitchen in mm not outside the gate “he frowned

” ya.. Vo.. I.. Want fresh air “swara covers

” first u decide whether you want air or water” sanskar ask

Before she could reply her headache become unbearable “ahhh”

“what happened swara ” he worries

” my head… Aaahhh!!!! “she control her scream

” u didn’t have yr medicine na”he said angrily

She nods no… He take her down.. N brought her medicine… After a while when she got stable.. She notices that sanskar was sleeping in hall only

“damn I can’t go out if sir is sleeping here”she thought

“sir why are you sleeping here in Hall ” swara ask seeing his blanket n pillow

” for a change.. N to keep an eye on you”he said

“huh?? ” she got confused

” arre I mean.. To keep a check if in any case you need me.. I can reach u earlier “he said

“don’t worry swara.. I know you very well… I was right that u will try to elope.. But don’t worry swara.. I won’t let you go… Tmrw I will fit a microphone in ur room so that I can understand who is brainwashing you ” he thought

To be continued…

Precap: swara ‘s second attempt to run…

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