Yeh dooriyan (Episode 22)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swasan engagement..


“swara beta now u take rest.. Sanskar take swara to guest room ” dp said

“come swara” sanskar forward his hand to support her

“umm… Vo.. B-but.. Sir.. How.. Come I.. I-I mean.. Vo.. ” she hesitates

” beta don’t hesitate.. Itz ur home too now.. “ap said

Swara was still feeling awkward, but sanskaar lifts her in her arms..

” sir ye aap!! “swara panics

” shut up swara.. ” he ignores her n took her to guest room and gentlely placed her on bed

” sir please.. I can’t stay here.. How can I stay here.. I mean.. Vo.. U r my boss.. N “she was feeling awkward

” shhh.. Listen to me.. I WAS ur boss.. Now m ur fiancรฉe.. So don’t feel awkward and stop calling me sir”he said

“correct!! Now you are officially our family member “ragini said while entering with soup for her

“swara have this” sanskar feed her with his hands

Her expressions changed into weired one..
“yukkkk m not gonna eat this… ” swara said

” u hv to eat this until u get perfectly fine “sanskar said n feed her

With lots of weird expression she finally finished that..

” u take rest now.. N don’t u dare to think to run away.. Samjhi ” sanskar said firmly

She nods yes.. N he make her lye comfortably..

@ap n dp’s room

Both were recalling how swati covenced them for swasan..

****FLASHBACK ****

“mom, dad please trust me.. Swara is best for sanskar “swati said

” no way beta.. He should marry u.. How could he break his marriage “dp roars

” dad, if we got married then I can’t be happy.. N just give one chance to swara.. U will love her”swati tries to convince

“beta we know her.. N we r thankful that she has saved our sanskar but marriage.. N she is too young, she is just 22″ap said

“mom.. She saved sanskar is itself is proof of her love for him.. N rahi baat age ki.. So she is much more mature than her age”swati said

Then ragini came running n said “swati vo.. Swara..”

“what happened to swara”swati panics

“I got laksh ‘s call n he said he found swara on road… All alone crying ” ragini said
” what!! “everyone got shocked

Swati thought something n said” ragini ask laksh to bring swara here… N dad u please call sanskar to come here immediately.. N I will call bhai n ask him to bring chachi here.. ”

” but what’s the benefit of this beta”ap ask

“I can show you how swara deserves to be a maheshwari ” swati said with determination

Soon sumi, sanskar, shlok n trisha reached

Ap n dp got shocked to see sumi n they talk (conversation mentioned in previous chapter)

Laksh came with swara.. Shlok n sanskar ran towards her n forward their hands to support her.. She hold shloks’s hand.. He make her sit on couch..

“where were u shona” Sumi ask

Swara has no answer she bow down her head with tears..

“bhai I got ur love on road.. A car was about to hit her.. Vo to mne time se bacha liya ise”lakah said..

“have u gone mad.. Haan!! Halat dekhi hai apni.. Ek kadam to chal nhi skati.. Ja kaha rahi thi.. Vese u know what.. U r idiot.. Just a week ago u were operated.. Uff this girl is unbelievable.. Tell me kaha ja rahi thi “sanskar scolds her

” sir, M not liable to answer you.. U r no one to me”she said

” ya n for this no one u hv risked ur life.. U were nearly dead for this no one..”sanskar said sarcastically

“sanskar propose her” swati whispers

“r u crazy “sanskar got shocked

” do as I said if u wanna marry her “swati said

Till now Swasan doesn’t know that Sumi has agreed

“will u be mine forever.. Will u allow me to take care of urself forever.. Will u help me in wearing tie.. Will u? ” he ask

” no I will not.. “she said with tears

Everyone got shocked

” why swara “swati ask

” mam.. I will marry the guy selected by ma only”she said

Ap n dp feels proud of sanskar’s choice..

“mom dad.. I think this proof is enough to show that swara is perfect “swati whispers

“are u sure swara.. U will marry that guy only.. Whom I will choose” sumi ask

“yes ma.. I will cz I know what you will choose will be best for me “swara said with confidence

Sumi looks at ap n dp n both give her positive sign n sumi said” m choosing sanskar for you beta”

“ma,!!! Ma I can’t marry him “she said

Everyone got shocked again

” but you love him dammit.. N now ur mom has selected him.. Then? ” swati ask

” mam. I can’t break any family cz of my love… Sanskar sir has committed a mistake by selecting me over his family.. Now I can’t let him commit other by marrying me” she said with tears

“but u will not break any family beta.. We are happy to hv u… “ap said

She looked at her in shock .. Then she turned to Sumi..

” I also have no problems with sanskar.. As I said “Sumi said..

” now swara u are saying yes or I should repeat all that” sanskar ask

She nods no..

Sanskar Immediately hugs her tightly and she winced in pain


“I hv full trust on swara afterall she is sumi bhabhi ‘s daughter ” ap said

” hmm.. That girl is high on her morals “dp said..


Its been an hour n only one thing was revolving in sanskar’s mind that how swara come to know that he has chosen her over his family.. As no one had told her about this.. He thought to ask swara..

He went to her room n saw her lying with an uneasiness on her face..

“what happened swara “he ask

” n-nothing sir”she said.

He went n sat on bed beside her “don’t lie n tell me.. Having head ache?? ” he ask.

She nods no..

“then?? “he ask

” I don’t know sir.. Sab kuch itna jaldi.. Mujhe darr lag raha hai sir”she said with tears

“hey! Don’t let them cross the boundaries of ur eyes.. N kyu darr lag raha hai.. Now everything is perfect.. We are together.. Ur families are together “he said

” but swati mam.. I hv ruined her life.. For my own sake.. Mne apni behen ki zindagi mein aag laga di” she cries

“nahi.. Swara.. Who said this to you.. U hv done nothing… Balki u hv saved 3 lives.. Now leave All this n sleep.. “he said n wipes her tears

“I can’t.. m not getting sleep.” she said.

“u Will ” he said n place her head on his chest gently.. N slowly she fall asleep

” I have to find out.. Kon swara k dimag m ye bate bhar raha hai.. I need to find out why she ran away from hospital , and who told her about my decision “he thought with determination

Here sumi n swati were talking suddenly sumi’s eye fall on a portrait n tears welled in her eyes

” chachi what happened,? Why are you crying? ” swati ask

” look at that portrait “sumi points..

” ya this has been made by uncle na”swati said

“my hubby raghav and dp bhaisa made same portrait in their college days.. U know sanskar use to play with shonali both were like cat n dog… “sumi became nostalgic

*so here it is dp n raghav were friends… Thats why he didn’t react after knowing about shekhar.. Ap n dp then shifted to Canada n they were not then not in touch with sumi.. When they came back they came to know about that train accident n assume that everyone died in that*

“chachi.. If u don’t mind may I ask you something “swati ask

” why not beta.. Ask me anything ” sumi said

” u must hv some property from ur first hubby also na? “swati ask.

” beta actually.. After raghav’s death when I marry shekhar and my in laws came to know about that.. They set fire to our bungalow… N everything turned into ashes.. Raghav ki ek b nishaani nahi bachi “sumi cries

” m sorry chachi.. I should not have asked this “swati feels guilty

” nhi beta.. Its okay.. “sumi reassures


Ap enters guest room in evening.. To talk swara.. She saw swara sleep peacefully on sanskar’s chest.. ” kitne pyaare LG rahe hain mere bachhe.. God please save them from evil eyes ” ap prays n left..

After some time swati knocks the door n swasan woke up..

“feeling better “sanskar ask

She nods..

” m going, now take care ” sanskar kissed her forehead and swati enters

” swara hwz u feeling now “she ask.

” fine mam ” swara said

Swati stares at her angrily

” I mean di ” swara said

” it’s better “swati said

” swara vo.. I.. I want to tell you something “swati hesitates

” ha di.. Tell me na” swara said

“swara (she sighs) swara those pics which had been sent to ur colony.. That.. That had been done by me.. I-I want to defame u.. I was mad for sanskar.. I didn’t realize when my love turns into madness.. M sorry “swati said with tears.

Swara too has tears in her eyes.. She put her hand on swati’s n said “its okay di.. N don’t tell this to anyone else”

3 people were also listing to this.. Before swati could reply anything she got a tight slap from someone.. While one has slapped her.. the other two were standing at door in shock..

To be continued…

Precap : detective sanskar ?

Sorry guys.. I know I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I couldn’t sorry to make u wait… Now I will post my ffs in coming week.. But when I don’t know..

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    Glad to see swathi in good shade..she confessed her deed to swara..done good thing… Even after knowing all these,she forgave her n asked her not to disclose this to anyone… She indeed have a big beautiful heart for doing all those things that no one does for anyone in this world… Each n everyone is selfish n only bother abt their own lives but this girl is selfless n can do anything for her beloved ones…
    Who were the 3 people who heard their conversation… Who slapped swathi???…i think shlok is the one who slapped swathi n the other 2 people who were left shocked by that act may be ap n dp… All these r just my guesses… Bcoz no one have more right to slap swathi than shlok…even i dont thnk that shomi will do that as she is so soft at her heart n cant hurt swathi… Whoever it is she really deserves that bcoz she has done a mistake by trying to defame girl..bcoz of her this act many of them raised their hands upon swara’s character as well as her upbringing..
    Dadi deserves much more punishments for what she has done with swara n sumi..also for filling swathi’s ears against swara n raglak and for trying to break their family by making her evil…
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    1. I agree with u little princess….only shlok slap swati
      & may be sumi lost child is ragini

      1. Meher

        May be may be not ???.

    2. Meher

      Thanks dear…

      Yeah who can ignore our swara.. Actually this was that para which had been left in last part…

      Yeah he was raghav’s friend… That’s why they knew sumo n shonali…

      Yup.. Now she will remain in positive shade till end… N about swara… Yes she is indeed selfless but her selflessness will hurt her in the long run…

      I agree only sholk has right to raise hand in swati… Lets see usi ne mara h ya kisi or ne… Yeah she had done a big mistake by trying to defame a girl. That too being a girl…

      As u said swara won’t say anything… N fir sanskar’s bhayankar roop for dadi… We hv to wait…

      I had written this in half sleep just sply for u as I said I will upload.. Thank you for your wishes ..

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      1. little princess

        Thanks alot my dear…its really sweet of u ..waiting to see sanskar’s bhayankar roop for dadi…uss chudail should be taught a lesson so that she will never hurt anyone…even i strongly believe that its shlok who slapped her but still cant predict it…as u r my twist queen, u can change everyone’s guess upside down…so it may be a unexpected person will be the one who slapped her..but probability is more for shlok….
        Eagerly waiting to see detective sanskar…many things had changed in sanskar’s life after swara’s arrival…at first he had much respect for her…then he started falling for certain situations he was her saviour..
        And now detective that too for her…vow…swara keliye voh kya kuch kar rahe ho..u r showing many shades of our sanskar.. Now i am wondering that what will be next??
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      Thanks dear

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      Yup everyone will come to know her real intentions soon…

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    Kitna wait karaya yaar tumne….. But at last chalo post toh kiya….. Dadi has created a havoc and an illusion of ruining others life in swara’s mind….. I seriously don’t like that character….too diplomatic person… Well flashback was awesome…. So raghav and dp are friends but… Shekhar is raghav’s brother right??… Sorry I’m really confused here…. I’ve read but I forgot and I don’t remember the no in which it was clarified….

    Three persons…. Who shlok trisha sanskar. Or dp ap shomi….. No idea…. Anyways detective sanskar ??…that would be fun… Mr Greek god would turn Sherlock Holmes ??

    1. Meher

      Yup!! Dadi ne fayda uthaya h swara ki maasomiyat ka.. Dadi will create more problems for swara by brainwashing her….

      Nopes raghav is not realeted to shekhar… While writing I realised that mmne bhut same name choose kie shekhar k bhai (madhav) n sumi k hubby (raghav) k lye ???

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      1. Haa samajh gayi teri sorry ka matlab.. Himmat nahi aadat… Riya ne dilwayi hai.. Subah ke chaar baje bhi aayengi na ghar , kahin se toh sabse pehle apna bed sahi karegi.. Sab use tease karne ke liye “miss perfectionist gooji” bulate hai.. And then she pouts keeping an angry face..

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    Hey Meher bhabhi….i read this episode yesterday only but was too sleepy to comment….
    Nice chappy…..when u had first mentioned ant the painting then i thought it must be dp n shekhar….but as usual u always surprise me…so it was dp n raghav….
    Dadi can slap Swati…but she hated swara so because of swara, Dadi will not slap swati…n heart change n all is not possible in such a small time, sanskar also i don’t think. He can be one of other 2 persons though….so i think shook has that much right n maybe Trisha can also be…..but as i have said many times, u always surprise me, so I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter….

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    1. Meher

      Thanks yaar…

      Don’t worry dadi won’t change till the end.. . She will be negative throughout the ff…

      N sorry no kit2
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      1. Nita D

        Meher i cant wait till Monday yaar….at least write a weekend os….as u used to write before…..

    2. Meher

      I have written one os for tmrw..

      Hope you will like that. Itz lak_swa_san

      1. Fanficoholic

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      2. Fanficoholic

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      3. Nita D

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    1. Meher

      Thank you so much dear

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      Let’s see who has slapped her

      Keep reading

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      But I can’t live without kohl…

      But ur liner is perfect ?

      1. Really.. Thank u so much.. Again credit goes to riya.. She has very nice skills as an artist and makeup.. Baap re .. She is crazy about Mac lipsticks.. She won’t use it but she will keep a big collection of it and generally, she gifts it to her bhabi.. Hhehe.. And her bhaiya says ki woh apni shaadi ki tayyari abhi SE kar rahi hi kyuki agar dulha chudail ko dekhega to shaadi SE bhaag jayega… Lol.. We tease her like hell and she makes an angry face with a pout.. But she looks adorable

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