Yeh dooriyan (Episode 21)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : sanskar and swati’s mehndi n sangeet… Swara saved sanskar.. Sanskar break his marriage with swati… Chooses swara over his family


@ Mm

Dp was talking to someone on call
“yes Dr Mehta… Do whatever you want to… But save that girl swara.. Arrange best treatments for her”

“don’t worry dp ji.. We will try our level best to save her.. But honestly she is very critical “Dr Mehta said

“if needed then arrange foreign doctor for her but save her” dp said

“we will try our level best “Dr Mehta said

*call ends*

” ji what he said “ap ask in tension

” he said she is critical “dp said

” bhagwan kare swara ko kuch na ho.. That girl saved my son.. By risking her life. “ap said

” hmm.. I agree.. ” dp said

” ji.. But why u hv asked sanskar to choose between Us n swara “ap ask

” cz what he has done was wrong… How could he break his marriage just a night before his marriage… He doesn’t even think about swati ” dp said

” but he need us.. He was praying for her… This shows how much he loves her… Swara is struggling for life… Sanskar must be broken now” ap cries

“Annapurna! I agree but think about swati.. “dp said


Swati was still blank.. And dadi was Blabbering about Swasan…

“enough dadi “swati

” beta “dadi got shocked

” ya dadi.. Itz enough!! Stop bad mouthing about my sister and sanskar “she said

Swati doesn’t give a chance to dadi to speak.. She changed her clothes and left…


Sanskar was still praying… Doctor came out after her check up

” doctor she is fine na? ” sanskar said with fake hope

” m sorry but she isn’t “” doc said and left

Sanskar broke down..

“I think we should tell chachi now “trisha said

” hmm.. I also think so.. “shlok agrees

In the mean time shlok got dadi’s call saying that she has left hotel without telling her… Both of them got worried..

” we should go n search her.. But swara “shlok was in utter delima

” shlok u n trisha go n Search swati.. Me n ragini are here “laksh assures him

And both left..

“bhai hv something “laksh offers coffee to him

” laksh please leave me alone “sanskar denied

He went out of hospital.. He was just walking on road without thinking.. At a point he broke down and fell on knees.. He cried Harder..

” Kyu!!!! Kyu!!! Kyu meri zindagi mujhse chheen rahe ho… Mne kabi tum pe bharosa nahi kia par meri swara ne to hamesha kia hai.. Please give her life “he cried

He turn around when he felt a hand on his shoulder” swati ” he said

“swati.. I-i will marry you.. I-i promise… But do something please save swara.. I.. I will die if something happens to her.. Please do something” he breaks

“sanskar nothing will happen to her.. Trust me.. ” she said

Sanskar looked at her in shock

“haan.. Trust me.. Ese kaise kuch ho sakta hai meri behen ko.. “she said with tears

“I will die swati” he cried

“uff sanskar stop crying.. Look at your condition… I don’t want my sister to see her would be hubby in this condition “swati said while controlling her tears

Sanskar looked at him in disbelief

” yaa.. Don’t Stare me.. N get up we have to go her ” she said and took him to hospital again

Raglak gets irritated seeing swati.. She make him sit n went near raglak

” umm.. Vo.. I-i m sorry ragini.. Sorry laksh.. I behaved badly with u both “swati said

” now what’s ur new Plan ” laksh said and ragini nudges him

“this is not my plan.. I hv realised my mistake.. I wanted to kick u both out.. Here sanskar had kicked me out of his life… Well itz kk.. If u don’t forgive me then also” swati said with tears and left..

Here shlok called sumi n told her about swara’s accident..
But due to landslide sumi can’t come as the roads are blocked… She was helpless..
“shlok please take care of her.. I won’t talk to you if something will happen to my daughter ” sumi cries

Shlok can’t say anything in return he was just crying…


It was night n everyone was standing there in tension.. When finally swara gains her senses doctors came n tell this to everyone

” congrats mr maheshwari.. Miss boss is out of danger now.. ” doctor said

“can we meet her” sanskar ask

“not now.. U can meet her after some time.. Till then come with me” doc said

Sanskar was about to go but shlok stopped him “stay away from my sister’s matter”

But swati stopped him”bhai please… Sanskar you go”

Shlok gets angry but controls..

@doctor cabin

“mr maheshwari u needed to take care of her “doc said
” I will definitely.. Just tell me. About precautions “sanskar ask

” she is very weak cz of blood loss.. She has a ligament tear in left foot.. Fracture in right hand… N most importantly.. The head injury.. Take her away from all kind of stress… N don’t take her into direct sunlight for few weeks “doc said

” doctor there is nothing serious na… I mean her head injury “sanskar ask in tension

“umm.. Not now.. Bt bring her for check up every week n m again telling u.. Stress can be dangerous for her.. N yes she may face black outs ” doctor again warns

“thanks doctor… “sanskar thanked him

He came out n told everything to all.. They were waiting impatiently to meet swara..


” now u can meet her “a nurse came n said

Sanskar immediately rush towards her ward but shlok again stopping him ” u r not going to meet her”

“please shlok.. I-i promise just once.. Let me meet her once “sanskar cried

Swati again stopped shlok.. And support sanskar” bhai let him meet her… He has the right.. ”

” he has no right.. “shlok said angrily

” bhai he has right.. He is her would be hubby “swati said

Everyone got shocked with her this statement

” no he is not.. He was supposed to marry you ” shlok roars

Swati took sanskar’s hand n removed his engagement ring from his finger” now u r free to marry anyone “she said

Everyone again got shocked… And sanskar went in

” swara “he said with lots of love

” s.a.n.s.k.a.r … S.i.r” she said with difficulty

He sat beside her and scolds her lovingly “pagal ho gai thi… Kya zaroorat thi super woman banne ki.. What if something happens to you… U r so selfish… U didn’t even think about me once na”

“I think about you that’s why I did that.. What if something will happen to you.. “she said in feeble voice

” now I won’t leave you even for a second… Now we will be together forever “he said and hold her left hand

” what do you mean by this.. N wait u.. What r u doing here.. Today is ur marriage.. Then why are you here ” swara panics

” swara calm down!! I will explain you later.. Now you take rest ” sanskar said n stand to leave.. But swara hold his hand.with Her weak grip..

” sanskar sir tell me ” she said

He turns and saw her trying to sit.. He helped her in sitting n then cups her face” mera bachha.. I love you.. N will always be… I hv broken the alliance “he said

” what!!! How could you… Sir just go.. N marry her.. I don’t want to listen anything just go.. U have promised me . “she shouts

” swara please calm down “sanskar tries to calm her

But she was angry on him.. N continue to shout resulting in unbearable pain in head ” aaahhh”

Listening to her shouts everyone enters the room and saw sanskar trying to calm her down.. Swati immediately ran towards her and said “swara please calm down.. I will explain you everything”

“mam aap.. Ye.. “swara was confused

” ssshh.. Now listen to me.. Firstly don’t call me mam.. Call me di “swati said

Swara was giving confused look .. Then swati explains everything to swara…

“princess just listen to me… Now get ready to be mrs sanskar maheshwari ” she said

“di but “swara was in delima
” I want to talk to her alone ” swati said and everyone left

” swara.. Sanskar loves you.. N u too love him alot.. “she said

” no mam.. Nothing like that “swara avoid eye contact

Swati turns her face” if u don’t love him, then you u risk ur life for him”swati ask softly

She has no answer.. But her tears were explaining her pain
“don’t cry swara… Itz good for all.. IF Me n sanskar got married then also he can’t love me.. N I can’t be happy in such relation that’s why m saying accept his proposal” swati said

After long debate swati makes her agree in fact that swati can’t be happy after marrying him.. But swara was still adamant not to accept marriage proposal..

“so now u r ready to marry sanskar” swati ask

“di.. I agree what you said but I still can’t marry sanskar sir” she denies

“but why”swati ask

“marriage is the biggest decision of my life n only my ma has right to choose life partner for me” she declares

“n what if chachi ne mana kar diya toh? Swati asked seriously

“I will do whatever ma will say”she said determinedly

“now I understand why sanskar has fallen for you ” swati smiled and left

Itz been 5 days since she got admitted in hospital and now she is really pissed off.. Sanskar was taking care of swara but swara never initiate talks with sanskar.. But he was with her 24×7.. Shlok’s heart also melts seeing his love for swara.. But he was still angry with him for breaking his marriage with swati abruptly..

“bhai m missing ma”she said with a pout

“princess cz of landslide all the highways were blocked.. She will come by tomorrow morning probably “shlok said

“bhai n when will I go home… I don’t like this place” she said

“ya as if I am loving this 7 star hotel “sanskar murmurs

” who said u to stay here.. U can go to ur villa.. Vese b I don’t need U ” she said

“ya that I know very well” sanskar smirks

Shlok smile seeing their nok jhok…


Sumi reached hospital n cries seeing swara’s condition..

“beta u got so much hurt.. Bhut dukh raha hai “Sumi ask lovingly seeing the bandages

” nhi ma.. Dukh raha tha but ab nhi.. Afterall u hv came.. Ma please take me from here.. I feel suffocated here” swara said
“beta.. Give me sometime.. We hv no place to live.. N us par se tera treatment… I will search a house to live then I will take you”sumi said with guilt

“itz okay ma.. M sorry.. I will stay here n once I will get discharged I will search job.. N soon we will be happy “swara said

” no.. U will not do anything.. At least look at yourself.. U r weak.. N I will not take any risk with ur condition okay.. Now u take rest.. N I will see u soon ” Sumi said

” where are you going ma.. Sit here na”swara ask

“beta if I hv to take u from here I hv to search house for rent.. So m just going to broker”sumi said n left

Sanskar was listening all this n has tears in his eyes.. Swara stressed herself thinking about their house.. N over that now they hv to pay back the amount of her treatment which has been paid by sanskar.. This affects her health.. Doctor came out after checking her

“I hv clearly told u not to stress her.. But she is stressed n thats the only reason for the detoriation of her condition “doc said and left

Sumi came back to hospital and swati explain everything to her n Sumi agrees for Swasan’s marriage only if ap n dp agrees..


Sanskar enters her ward and Said” swara get ready u got discharged ”

” what!! “swara said in shock

” yes n m going to complete formalities… N Sumi aunty will come here at any point of time.. ” sanskar said n left

Soon nurse came n help swara in changing.. She was sitting on bed when Dadi enters her ward

“dadi aap “swara said smilingly

” don’t be happy.. I just came to see whether you are alive or not “dadi said rudely

Swara looked at her in shock

” u know today m proud of my decision of throwing u out of my house.. U r truly inauspicious.. When u born my janki died.. Then Sumi lost her daughter.. Then ur father.. Then u set fire to my swati’s life.. N now before entering maheshwari family.. U hv separated sanskar from them.. He left his family cz of u… If I were at ur place I would ran away from everyone “dadi taunts n left

Till now no one has told her that sanskar has left his family for her… She gets shattered listening to dadi’s talks n left her ward n then hospital… With utter difficulty…

Sumi enters the ward n found it empty.. Then sanskar enters n Sumi ask
“beta where is swara ”

” aunty I left her here only.. I just went to comply discharge formalities “sanskar panics..

He searches everywhere but could not find swara.. Then he checked security camera ‘s recording n found her going out

” this is security of ur hospital!!! A seriously injured girl left hospital n no one noticed that “he shouts

” beta gussa karne se kuch ni hoga we hv to search swara first “sumi said

Sanskar informed shlok too.. Everyone tried to search her but no one could succeed..

He was searching her madly when he got dp’s call
“sanskar come home right now ”

“dad please not now.. Swara is missing.. Her condition is very delicate” sanskar said in tension

“I said come right now “dp ordered him n cuts the call

” beta if ur dad is calling go home.. They may need u”sumi said

“but aunty.. Swara” sanskar said

“we will search her.. “sumi assures him

Then sumi too got shlok’s call n he ask her to come mm


Ap n dp got shocked to see Sumi.. As they don’t know name of swara’s mother

” bhabhi.. Aap yaha? “ap was happy to see her

” ya shlok called me but ap ji.. Aap.. Mtlb sanskar aapka beta hai? “Sumi ask

Ap nods n ask” u r swara’s mother? ”

Sumi nods..

” it means swara is shonali ? ” dp ask..

Sumi nods no n told them how she lost raghav n then marry to shekhar and then how she lost shonali..

” we thought in that accident u all hv died.. We tried to find u all but all in vian” dp said.

N explains that when that accident happened they were in Canada n when they came back to Kolkata.. It was late as Sumi has shifted to Delhi..

“dad now tell me why you hv called me.. I hv to find swara.. In such delicate condition she is nowhere to be found… Or aapne sabko yaha bula liya hai “sanskar gets irritated

Then they looked at door laksh was standing there with swara.. Sanskaar n shlok ran to her and forwarded their hands to support her… Swara hold shlok’s hand n move.. He make her sit on the sofa…

Sanskar immediately hugs her n she winced in pain
“aaaahhh !! ”

He loosen the hug n says” sorry ”

” bhai besharmi ki hadd yahi paar kar doge kya”laksh teases

Swasan turns Crimson n everyone laughs.. Swara was feeling dizzy as she was still very weak…

“let’s go ma ” she said while standing up.. But she was feeling dizzy n was about to fall when sanskar supports her

” swara r u fine.. Come n sit”he again make her sit

“Sumi bhabhi please stay here na.. Swara needs rest..n proper care” ap suggest

“bt ap ji.. How I mean I agree we hv said yes to their relation.. But still they are not married n I don’t want anyone to speak ill for her”sumi said in tension

Swati felt guilty of her deeds n thought something.. And brought a plate n in that two rings were there

“what’s this swati beta “ap ask..

“solution ma(realizes) I mean aunty.. chachi u hv this problem that they are not married na.. Then lets get them engaged at this point… N once swara recover we can get them married with a bang “swati suggest

Everyone nods n first sanskar make her wear the ring now itz swara ‘s turn.. Her hands were shaking cz of weakness… So he supports her hand n she slides the ring in his finger..

To be continued…

Precap : Swasan moments… Swati’ s confession

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