Yeh dooriyan (Episode 20)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : reason for raglak’s haterad for swati.. Swasan painful moments… Swara misunderstood sanskar


“swara, please bring ur dress to get ready u know na tmrw is sanskar’s mehndi n sangeet ceremony “ap said

” sure mam “swara said n left

She was going back to hotel and was in deep thoughts” today is our last day in hotel either I have to pay more or I should check out.. If I have to do something ”

Suddenly she looked at her watch n phone n got an idea.. Firstly she called Sumi n told her that her phone’s battery is about to die n she is on the way.. She then reached a shop n sell her phone n watch..


When she entered she bumps into into trisha

“swara what are you doing here “trisha hugs her

” nothing bhabhi.. But u are here? “she ask..

” no only me but Shlok n everyone else are also here.. I think u don’t know this hotel is sanskar’s n we will stay here until his marriage “trisha said

Swara got shocked” achha bhabhi I came here to meet someone will meet u n bhai tmrw “she escapes

Trisha noticed her nervousness but ignores.. She entered her room n saw Sumi packing her bags

“ma u r going somewhere” swara ask

“ha beta, ur dida is unwell so m pack if I could arrange money then I would leave for nainital tmrw ” sumi said

Swara got an idea “ma.. I hv money u just pack ur bags n we will check out from hotel.. N Vese b itz sanskar sir’s marriage so I can stay at MM by this we can save money.. N when u will come back we will arrange new home” she said
“Beta tu MM mai rah payegi.. I mean I know itz very difficult for u to see him getting married ” sumi worries

” ma don’t worry trust me.. I will manage.. N staying here is risky actually bhai n bhabhi are staying here.. This hotel belongs to sanskar sir” she said

Sumi too agrees n packed her bags..

“ma where is my suite “swara ask

” which suite beta ” sumi counter questioned her

” that which I use to wear in parties “swara said

” beta that dress has been left in our home! Do one thing take some money from this n buy a new one.. I can go from normal bus ” sumi said n took out some money n give to swara

” ma.. I don’t need this.. U r going from ac bus n this is final.. Now no more argue.. I will manage “swara said n hugs her sideways


Sumi left for nainital.. And swara came to MM


Swara was doing the small small tasks without any expression.. Sanskar tries alot to talk to her but she wasn’t ready to listen to him

” swara atleast listen to me once “he said

” sir please.. I hv lots of work so please don’t disturb me” swara said

“enough is enough swara “sanskar angrily took swara to a room n bolts the door

” what you want sir “she said angrily

” 2 mins? Only”he ask

“I don’t want to listen any explanation “she said

” trust me I won’t explain “he said

She nods.. He went closer to her and placed her hand on his chest.. N put his one hand on her’s… She was giving him confused look.. He closed her eyes with his another hand and said” now tell me do u think I can stoop so low that I will try to defame u just to marry you.. Take ur time n answer me”

Swara nods no.. N tears starts to brimm from her closed eyes.. He immediately cups her face “then why u think I hv done that” he ask

“u were talking abt pics with someone on call”she said innocently

“mera bachha.. I was talking about my n swati’s engagement pics.. I hv asked someone to deliver that to ur home so that u broke n accept to marry me.. But he said that ur home is locked “he said

Swara felt guilty” m sorry sir.. “she said

” itz okay.. N wait.. Why ur home is locked since a week.. N u were talking about what photos “he ask

” vo sir… “she explains about her n sanskar’s pic

” what!! N till now u hvnt told me why ur home is locked “he got socked n concerned

” vo.. Umm. Vo w-we.. Hv shifted “swara fumbles

” really!! Where.. ? Tell me ur new address. “he said strongly

” sir. We hv shifted to our relative’s place so I don’t know address “she gets nervous

” swara don’t lie”he caught her red handed

“why would I lie sir”she again lie

He hold her shoulders firmly assuring her that he is with her ” tell me swara what are you hiding.. U hv my swear.. Now if you don’t tell me then you will see me d..” she put her hand on his mouth before he could complete… And told him everything.. From that pics to Sumi leaving for nainital

“m so sorry swara.. U were facing all this alone m sorry… Now u will stay in MM only.. I won’t let you go “he said n engulf her in a bone crushing hug

She broke the hug and said” sir do you love me” she ask

“is it a question to ask swara.. U r my life”he said

“then if I ask you something u will gives that to me “she confirms

He nods..

” then promise me.. U will forget me.. U will forget that I hv ever came in ur life… U will remove my name.. From ur life.. U will only love swati mam”she said n with each n every word her heart breaks into millions of pieces

“ye kaisa vada hai swara… Tum mere dil ko dhadakne se mana kar rahi ho… My heart always beats for u.. But for the first time u hv asked something from me.. So I will fulfill that ” he said with broken heart

” can I hug u for the last time”she ask..

Without wasting any moment he hugged her tightly.. The final hug. Full of love, full of need for each other.. Both broke the hug and sanskar kissed her forehead

It was evening and gadodia’s have reached MM for the ceremony.. Swara was still in simple clothes as she has nothing to wear..

Shlok n trisha somehow took swara alone..

“hwz my little princess ” Shlok hugs her

” perfect ” she said with a smile

” swara why u didn’t get ready till now.. Afterall itz ur sister’s sangeet ” trisha ask

” vo.. Bhabhi.. Mai ready ho ke kya karungi.. I don’t like heavy clothes.. M happy this way” she lied

“u don’t have anything to wear na.. “Shlok said with tears

” nhi bhai.. Nothing like that “she covers

” then wear this.. “trisha passed a packet to her

” what’s this bhabhi “she ask

” a small gift from our side.. N no ifs n buts.. U r wearing this ” trisha ordered

” shona where is chachi.. She won’t come “Shlok ask..

She too him about her departure to nainital..


Swati was getting ready in room n dadi was helping her..

” well done swati m proud of you “dadi said

” thnx dadi.. U know it was so difficult for me to deliver those pics to her colony but finally I did.. Now i will see who will marry her “she said wickedly

Someone over heard their conversation and got furious with this..

@raglak’s room

Ragini has packed their bags.. And she was getting ready…

” Ragini help me naa.. I can’t button this sherwani “laksh said while struggling with his clothes

She got up and help him out.. But she was sad n that can be seen clearly on her face

” my baby is sad haan “laksh hugs her from back

“it means u r not sad.. Laksh I don’t want to go from here.. ” she cries

“ohh god.. Itte saare aansu.. Ragini we have to go.. We know this very well.. That termite won’t let us stay here.. But we should be happy… This would be our last function here so let’s enjoy na” laksh tries to cheer her up

“hmm.. U r right.. Swati hates us but she loves sanskar alot.. So no need to worry.. But fir bhi… If swara hoti to achha hota ” Ragini said

” may be itz their as well as our destiney “laksh said

Soon guests start to come.. Ap n dp were welcomeing them.. Swati came downstairs and greets everyone.. After her sanskar came.. And ceremony started

Swati was sitting in the middle and two girls were Appling mehndi on her either hands…

“swara go and dance na” Shlok said

“nhi bhai.. “she resist

” uff don’t be shy and come with me.. “trisha said n drags her to dance

*( Mehandi hai rachne waali
Haathon mein gehri laali
Kahein sakhiyaan ab kaliyan
Haathon mein khilne waali hain
Tere man ko, jeevan ko
Nayi kushiyaan milne waali hain) *

Both swasan saw each other and recall the day when swara burnt her hand n he cared for her..

*( Ho hariyali banno..
Le jaane tujh ko guiyaan
Aane waale hain saiyaan
Thaamenge aa ke bahiyan
Goonjegi shehnaai angnaai.. angnaai..)*

Both recalls the last moment when swara ask sanskar to forget her..

*( Gaayein maiya aur mausi
Gaayein behna aur bhabhi
Ki mehandi khil jaaye
Rang laaye hariyali banni
Gaayein phoophi aur chachi
Gaayein naani aur dadi
Ki mehandi man bhaaye
Saj jaaye hariyali banni
Mehandi roop sanvare
Ho mehandi rang nikhare
Ho hariyali banni ke
Aanchal mein utarenge taare)*

Both recalls their unspoken confession… All the moments which they have spent together.. From Their first meet to their last hug..

*( Gaaje baaje baraati ghoda gaadi aur haathi ko
Laayenge saajan tere aangan hariyali banni
Teri mehandi woh dekhenge
To apna dil rakh denge
Woh pairon mein tere chupke se hariyali banni
Mehandi roop sanwaare
O mehandi rang nikhaare
O hariyali banni ke aanchal mein utrenge taare) *

Some girls drags swati and she too dance there.. After some time when swara can’t see this.. She escapes and cries.. Sanskar knows that she must be crying and this makes his eyes teary..

Now the ceremony was over and guests started to leave already… Sanskar swara n swati were in the center of hall… Lightmen were dismantling the light stand.. Suddenly one light stand.. Went out of their grip n start to fell… Swara n swati both saw that.. It was about to fall on him.. But swara pushed him on time n that stand fell on her.. Swati too wants to save sanskar but she was numb.. Within a fraction of seconds sanskar’s life was under that heavy metallic light stand..

“sswwaraaaaaaaa” sanskar screams.. He tried to lift that stand but it was way too heavy for him he was crying and swati was numb..

“help please!! Someone help!! ” sanskar cries..

Some people came listening to his voice and took swara out.. All maheshwaris n gadodias got shocked..
Sanskar lift her and ran towards the car.. Laksh drove to hospital..

” swara.. Nothing will happen to you.. M with u.. I won’t let anything happen to you “sanskar cries


Swara was in operation theater..

Sanskar was lifeless… Shlok n trisha were tensed.. Swati was not able to react.. Dadi still don’t care.. Ragini, Ap n dp were also shocked as well as tensed

” beta did you infrom her family “ap ask

” her ma is out of town ” Shlok n sanskar said together

Before ap could ask further a nurse came n ask” we need blood does anyone have o+ blood group.. Just arrange that quickly she is critical ”

” my blood group is O+ ” Shlok said

“okay u go in room no 5..”saying this nurse left

” u r not going anywhere “dadi stops her

” n who are u to decide this ” Shlok said angrily

” ur dadi.. U r my grandson so u hv to listen me”she roars

“that girl who is struggling for life is also ur granddaughter dadi”trisha said

Everyone got shocked to listen this.. Shlok left and trisha told them everything

“kakisa how could you do this with ur own bahu”ap said

Everyone was saying something or the other but sanskar went towards the small idol of God in hospital n prays for the well-being of swara “please save her.. I don’t want anything just give me my swara.. If u want u can take my life ” he fall on knees crying.. Everyone was shocked to see him praying.. laksh sat beside him and said”she will be alright bhai”

“if something happens to her I will die lucky”sanskar said

By the time Shlok too came back

“sanskar beta u go n take rest tmrw is ur wedding “ap said

” konsi shadi ma”he said lifelessly

“sanskar what are u saying “dp said

” I won’t marry swati.. I love swara “he declares

” sanskar what are you saying.. I know u r joking.. Come lets go “dadi panics

” m not joking.. That girl swara has saved my life now I can’t loose her.. “he said

” how could u do this sanskar… U hv played with my both sisters “Shlok hlod his collar in rage

” I just love swara.. N m marring swati only cz she wants this ” he said

” I knew it.. That cheap girl.. Sanskar u don’t know how characterless she is.. U should go in her colony n ask.. They all hv proof of her characterlessness” dadi said in flow

“don’t u utter a single word against her or else I will kill u “Sanskar ignores her last words as his life is struggling right now

“sanskar tum.. U hv to decide between swara and us” dp roars

“swara” he said

“chalo apnnapurna..”dp orders

Soon everyone left except sanskar raglak n Shlok trisha…

Here in naninital Sumi was feeling restless… She tries alot to call swara but she hasn’t phone.. Then finally she called Shlok

“ha chachi ”

” beta.. Hwz shona her phone is out of reach ”

” she is sleeping chachi… Bhut thak gayi hai ”

” take care of her ”

*call ends*

After hours doctor came out n sanskar rush to him..” hwz she doctor ”

” I won’t give you any false hope.. She is critical.. Let’s hope for the best” doc said n left..

To be continued…

Precap : swasan union

Phew!! Finally done with last sad part.. Now I won’t write sad. Bas bhut ho gya… ??

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  5. Good to know swara trusts sanskar. Mindblowing sorry sorry heart wrenching I’m in d verge to cry yaar. But don’t worry I’ll not cry for it. Just love u. N ha 1 more IMPORTANT thing to note for u I MAY NOT COMMENT IN THE UPCOMING EPISODES(for some reasons)BUT I’LL DEFINITELY READ IT.
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    Abi app kaise ho?? Weakness ne chod diya na?? Ya abhibhi pakadke ruka hai??

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      Mummy perfectly fine. But idiot doctor gave me a biggggggg list of do’s n don’t ‘s for 6 months!!!!

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    Voh dadi tho bahut irritating hai…i was feeling like killing her..most worst character of ur ff is this dadi…i dont feel like calling her a human…
    So whatever drama that was held in swara’s residency was all planned by dadi n swati… Never thought that they will stoop so low…how could they spoil a girl’s life by showing her characterless infront of all…what a narrow minded evil woman…sanskar did good by accepting his love towards swara infront of everyone… Moreover he choosed swara over his own family… Today he proved his love for her is genuine…
    Sumi could feel something wrong whenever her daughter is in any trouble… This showed that their mother-daughter relationship is far beyond the blood relations… So divine…
    Today i could see shlok’s brotherly love towards his little sis swara…
    I was shocked by shlok’s reaction towards sanskar but no one can blame him..bcoz each n every brother will react so in such a situation in which his one sis is critical n someone broken the alliance with his another sis…
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    1. Meher

      That’s what it called as selfless love… She prefer to die rather than seeing him dieing

      But somewhere dadi is the character which now a days very commonly can be seen.. People doesn’t care about others…

      Yes all things were done by them but still one thing is concealed that I will tell in next…
      He sacrificed his family for swara… Relations are made from heart.. Blood does nothing in that…

      For shlok it was double trouble one side his sister’s marriage was called off just a day before the event.. N one side his lil sissy is critical

      Yeah swara always have faith in him.. That was just dust on misunderstanding…

      Luv u loads ?

      1. little princess

        Meher…once in ur earlier episode u mentioned about a painting which dp have…dp said that its done by his frnd (i thnk so).. Even swara said that she has seen that painting somewhere…is that drawn by her father?..
        Once when ap saw sumi in a auto..she was so excited to know that sumi is alive…
        I could see some special love for shekar n sumi for dp n ap…dp n shekar were good frnds…is that only reason for his love for shekar… U didnt disclose abt them..
        Is there any twist behind that too..
        Even when they came to knw that swara’s real identify, they behaved in some other way..i didnt see any love for her as shekhar’s daughter… Bcoz they asked sanskar to choose b/w them..and left him n swara in that condition without paying any concern..
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    2. Meher

      Ya ya I remember… N I will clear everything in the next episode… That why dp n ap doesn’t show any special love for swara

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    1. Meher

      Hehe bach gayi!!

      Dadi hates swara n reason will be told soon…

      Don’t worry dp n ap aren’t bad… N swati umm u will see her I won’t tell anything

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      Yeah bechara Swasan n raglak… Ha swati k dimag m kya kya aya ye next me pta chlegachlega

      He will be with his family

      Yup family support is indeed moat important… By God’s grace I hv a mummy who understands me well.. But I hv seen my best friend suffering cz her family don’t support her…

      N which hair cut u hv done?

      1. Riya

        Galti se wrong number to pad gaya.. Sahi number Kab padega re.. Dekhte is swati manhoos ke dimaag ME kya kya chalega..

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    1. Meher

      Not only swara but we all should do this for our parents… Afterall they are the only people in this whole world who loves u selflessly…

      Whatever you will do for them will fall short…

      Maks ni gye.. Doctor said will take time… ????

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