Yeh dooriyan (Episode 2)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap: swasan first meet… Swara helping sanskar… Swara gets humiliated in cafe


Sanskar was in his dream land… His dreams broke hearing a phone call… He looked at phone

*swati calling*

He lifts her call in half sleep

“hello sweetheart ”

” kya sanskar u r still sleeping.. U know m going back today”

“so what… Tum jab tak jaogi nahi hamesha ke liye aaogi kaise”

“u r becoming naughty day by day”

“itz only cz of ur company mam”

“stop flirting n get ready… Today I want to spend my whole day with u”

“ok mam.. Or kuch”

“nahi.. Bye luv u sanskar ”

” bye swati”

*call ends*

@swara’s home

“oh ho this slipper fir se toot gai” sumi said with sad tone

“that’s why I hv bought these new slippers for U ” swara said with a big smile

She handed a pack to sumi..

” swara beta y u bought this… I don’t need this” sumi said

“my pyari mamma… Now ur slippers are screaming ki hume fenk do… So I just heard their screem n bought these slippers for u”she said while hugging her

“beta look… U r young girl u need to go to various places… N after ur results u will go for interviews so tum apni ye purani slippers phn ke jaogi ” sumi said with guilt filled eyes

” my shona mummy.. My slippers are osm.. N whenever I will need new I will ask you for that… Now go.. Ur students will be waiting for u”she kissed Her cheek

Sumi left.. Then swara gets ready n left for her cafe…


“hello ma.. Hwz u” swati greets with ap

“m good beta.. But itz very bad that u are going back” ap said

“ma ab jaungi nahi to hamesha ke liye aungi kaise “she looked at sanskar n winks

” hmm this is also correct.. Achha u guys shld leave now.. Enjoy your day.. N sanskar don’t tease my bahu” ap said lovingly

“kya maa. U r my mum or her’s” sanky pouts

“dono ki “ap hits his head playfully

Both left…

Sanskar parked his car aside
” what happened sanskar?? “swati asked him..

” actually I don’t remember the way to mall.. Let me ask someone “he said while scratching his head

” u hv shifted here a month ago n still u don’t know the way “swati said in shock

” are yr.. Ab mai mall mai thodi na ghoomta hoon.. “he defends himself

He came out of car n went to a nearby hawker


She was also on same road… N her slipper ditched her

” shit yr.. ”

She searches for a cobbler n found one at a distance…

” bhaiya plz fix this na” she said

“madam it can’t be fixed.. U should buy new one now” cobbler flatly refus to fix that

“bhaiya plz na.. Attest fix it this much.. That I can reach home” she literally pleaded

Cobbler finally agreed to fix that..
Sanskar was asking way from a nearby hawker he looked at her slipper n thought “oh god.. Is this a slipper.. Our servants also hv better slippers than hers… She shld hv bought a new one”

Both left

@3 pm

“girls come n collect ur salaries… Today I hv to attend a marriage so m closing the cafe” mrs fernandis commands

All came n recieved their respective salaries…

Swara counts her salary “mrs fernandis itz only 5k… My salary is 8k na”

“dear who will compensate my losses that I suffered cz of ur stupidity “mr fernandis said harshly…

Swara left n thought to buy a slipper finally

She went to a patri seller n bought a pair

” bhaiya how much” she asked

“only 300” seller said

“bhaiya show me smthng in 100” swara asked

He showed her pair of slippers n she bought that… She put the packet in her purse n thought “jab tak ye chal rahi hai.. Thik hai.. Y to use new”

@Select city walk

{guys select city is a mall}

“sanskar look at that ” swati said with drooling expressions

” what ” he asked her

” that” she showed a pair of heels to him

“go n buy that if u lyk that” sanskar said

Both went in

“excuse me… Can u plz show that heel to me” swati asked
Salesperson showed her.. N she liked that very much

“hw much… For this. “she asked at payment counter

” 10 k only mam… This is one of limited edition piece” salesperson said

Swati was about to left that but sanskar ask to pack that

“itz ok Pack that ‘ sanskar said

They came out n swati hugged him “thnku so much sanskar… I just luv u”

“ya I know.. Now leave me itz a public place ” he said while breaking the hug


Swara came back home n saw her landlord there “namaste uncle” she greets him

“namaste beta… Achha so now we shld leave sharmishtha ji” landlord left…

Swara bolt the door n saw sumi In extreme tension

“what happened ma u r looking tensed” swara asked

“beta we hv to leave this house… They hv sold this house”sumi replied

“ha to what we can find a new place… Just tell me hw much days we hv” she asked calmly

“a week ” sumi said

” what a week but.. How.. Attest they should infrom us a month or two before “swara was shocked

” beta.. Where we will go.. N hw we can survive.. My salary is just 20 k.. at present we are paying 10 k rent n 3k for bills.. 4 k for my medicines n 3 k for daily expenses… Hw will we manage ” sumi was in extreme tension

” ma relax drink this”she fetch a glass of water for her

She hugs her side ways “don’t worry ma.. Ur shona will definitely find a way out u just relax.. Ok.. ” she tried to calm her down

“ma don’t worry m going to meet a broker n will definitely find a way out u take care.. Don’t take stress.. Ur shona is with you… ” n she left



” sanskar I love you sooooo much ” swati said

” I know swati.. U repeat this twice every hour ” sanskar said

” huh u r soo unromantic ” swati shows fake anger

” dekh lo tumhari he pasand hoon… Lo.. We hv reached ur hotel ” sanskar applies breaks

Swati slowly leans towards him… She was about to kiss him but sanskar resists
” swati plz.. ”

” kya sanskar only one kiss na.. We are getting married”swati said

” swati we are GETTING MARRIED we are not married… There is a huge difference “he said

” no there is not.. Cz we are getting married n we will get married ” she said firmly

” what if in any case our alliance will be called off… Then” he said

“achha ji then whom will you marry ” swati asked

Here sanskar saw swara… N A car was coming towards her so he Said ” pink top”

“what u will marry a pink top” swati laughs..

Sanskar step out of car.. But unfortunately car has already hitted her…

To be continued….

Credit to: Meher

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  1. aahhaan….! he will marry pink top … gud gud epi meher..looking forward for more…

    1. Let’s see whom he will marry ?

  2. Poor swara feeling bad for her condition?????? but anyways she is swara she will fight again all odds and really wanted to see how love will blossom between two.???luv u and ur writing Di????

    1. I too feel bad for her…
      Are u sure they both will luv each other… What If mai story change kar doon..

      Luv u loads ??

    2. Di agar aapne story change kr Di toh mein Delhi me DU pahunch kar waha ke auditorium me jaakr zor se chillaungi “Mugdha Di please unite swasan varna main aapke college me terrace PR she kid jaungi” and u know after that people will call me mad and more than me u will be embarrassed then me then naa change hue bhi aapko storyline change krni padegi.??????see how smart m I. No no please no publicity and no clapping obviously.?????

      1. U can do this.. I won’t be embarrassed… M shameless creature ????

        Vese abhi to colleges band hai… ???

        But u r soo Damn talented mai tareef kie bina kaise ruko ????????

      2. Well Di how much time it generally takes to she ur story on TU after posting it

    3. What I hv observed is if u submit ur article between 7am to 9:30 am.. It will update generally by 12..

      If u submit in evening around 5-7 then it will get updated by 11 pm..

      They don’t publish any article usually from 1 to 3…

      In short 2 se 5 ghante ????

  3. asusual u r awesome meherdi

    1. Aww my Lil sissy ?

  4. Pink top nice. Amaizing part. Update next part soon dr.thank

    1. I will update next tmrw ?
      Keep reading ???

  5. Oh God. u r giving shock pe shock…

    1. Ye to starting hai ????

  6. awesome…………

    1. M glad that you lyk it

  7. awesome yr perfect episode

    1. M glad that you lyk it ??

  8. Awesome

  9. Awesome dear

    1. Thnku so much dear

  10. Superb

  11. Superbbbb meher di… the way u potray ur characterzzz is jst awsom… lovd it … 🙂

    1. Thnku so much sneha… M glad that you lyk it
      Keep writing

  12. Awesome dear

    1. Thnku anu…
      Keep reading

  13. ooommmggg…. accident…
    poor swara… feeling bad fr her..
    plzz post d nxt prt ASAP…

    1. Don’t feel bad.. Sanskar hai na ?

  14. Marvellous

  15. More than awsm!!

  16. Awesome meher di. This is very nice start. Post nxt soon cant wait na what to do ur ff r really gud and it makes me eager. BTW i have a doubt how do get such ideas. I am sure hum sabki sangat ka asar hai na cuz ur stories are getting more interesting and amazing. Hehe love u di and dont worry i will courier u the sweet

    1. Ha ha sangat ka asar hai.. Vo kya hai na.. Apne sath tym zada spend kar rahi hoon aaj kal????
      #self_obsessed ???

      Ya plz do fast m waiting for the sweets

  17. awesome but post regularly di plz plz

    1. Dear m regular… U can check my track record ????

  18. I’m feeling bad seeing sanky with swati only swara has that right na…. But pink top nice name he will marry pink top ?….. Haww swara’s accident poor girl but Snuku will take him to hospital…. ??

    1. Yup sanku n sanku ki sanki dono le ke jynge… Don’t worry ????

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    Sorry, I am late at comment, but comment toh kar kei rahungi. Otherwise, haath mein kujli hoti hein.BTW very nice chap.And you are a good girl,cutie pie(cheesy line, lol).So, don’t change the storyline.

    1. Sure do comment I don’t want ur hand to keep itching…
      Hmm.. Thoda or buttering karo.. Abi kam hai ?????

  24. Please introduce laksh character in swaras life as a best frnd.. To help swara…love story between swara sanskar

    1. Laksh is bzy in helping swara in kuch iss tarah 2… ????

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