Yeh dooriyan (Episode 19)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swasan moments… Swara’s care for sanskar… Sumi came to know about sanskar loving swara… Sanskar prepond his marriage.. Sumi n swara thrown out of the house…


Same night swara made Sumi sleep with much difficulty and she went into deep thoughts

“sanskar sir esi giri hui harkat.. Nhi nhi swara what r u thinking ” conflicts between mind n heart

” but I hv never been so much closed to any guy except him.. It would be very easy for him to click the pictures ” hee mind said

” no.. He can’t do this.. He loves me. N his love is pure.. If he wants to do something then he could have done anything else with me.. But he never crossed his limits “her heart said

” but he was so adamant to marry me.. N my infamy would help in this.. As after that it would be next to impossible for me to get married “he brain put another fact

” no he could have marry me forcefully but he ask my permission.. It means he can’t do this” her heart support him

Soon she fall asleep thinking about that…


Laksh storms in sanskar’s room “maan li haar.. Bas itna he tha pyaar”

“itz her decision lucky “he said like lifeless body

” bhai u had time.. U could have convinced her. But no u decide to give up.. The sanskar maheshwari.. Apne Dil ke haathon haar Gya.. So how it feels bhai.. Ur first defeat ” laksh said rudely

” don’t know lucky.. I can’t feel anything now.. My emotions have died the moment my swara left me”he said with unshed tears

“she left u cz of ur stupidity.. She is young but u are mature.. Why the hell u hv prepond ur marriage bhai.. Just to hurt swara.. But bhai she won’t accept her love this way.. She is bound by her morals. “laksh shouts

“atleast if I bear pain now I don’t need to bear it everyday… After marrying her I will get bound by the vow that I can’t be with anyone else except swati.. N itz all ur fault.. Na Tu mujhe ye pyar ka rasta dikhata na ye sab hota.. U got ur love it doesn’t mean that everyone can get their loves” sanskar cried

“bhai u know what.. Ur ideology of an idea son has destroyed this.. If u hv told mom n dad that u don’t want to marry swati this wouldn’t have happened “laksh said

” laksh.. Mom n dad have expectations from me.. How could i” he said

“bhai u love swara then why don’t you tell mom dad about ur love “laksh gets irritated

” cz first I want swara to accept her love for me”sanskar said

“wow bhai wow (laksh claps) .. U want swara to accept ur love first n until that u won’t tell mom n dad.. And ur love swara won’t accept ur love until u r engaged.. U both are unbelievable.. “laksh said

” m going.. I hv to buy clothes for my wedding “he said with tears and left

Ragini came n said in worry” laksh I think we should pack our bags. Swati won’t let us live here.. ”

” Ragini, don’t worry I will do something “laksh consoles her

” how laksh.. Don’t forget what swati n her dadi said to us after engagement.. “Ragini panicks


After swati n sanskar’s engagement raglak has listened swati n her dadi’s conversation

” dekh swati.. U r now engaged with sanskar.. U will be the elder bahu.. N first thing u hv to do is to kick that Ragini n laksh out”her dadi said

“but dadi why to kick them out they are harmless “swati said in confusion

” no no.. Look beta u should be given more priority in the family as we all know that Ragini can’t give hire to the family… But u can.. So u should get more property na” dadi brainwashed her

“but dadi if I don’t throw them out then also it won’t make any difference na”she still resist

“beta, they can harm u.. For property ” dadi said

Laksh entered the room and shouts” I won’t let u destroy my family cz of stupid property ”

” don’t worry swati we won’t let u enter u in our family.. “Ragini said

” lets see devrani ji.. How u stop me.. I thought to let you guys stay in MM but the way u behaved with my dadi.. I won’t let you stay.. The day I enter MM u both will be kicked out.. Mark my words “swati said

” don’t worry swati.. We won’t let this happen “laksh challenges her


” laksh m scared.. I know if swara got married to sanskar then no one will kick us out.. She is nobel” Ragini said

“I know Ragini.. Showing bhai way of love was indeed a selfish act.. But I really want them to be together” laksh said

Soon swara reach n got shocked

“swara beta.. Now u hv to help me more.. U know sanskar has prepond his marriage.. He will get married next week “ap said

This news was enough to break swara… But she can’t show her pain to anyone.. Cz she has chosen this for herself..

” beta u go with Ragini n help her in decorations “ap said

Swara nods with tears n broken heart..

” Ragini mam Tell me what to do.. Ap mam said to help you ” she ask

” no thanks swara “Ragini said rudely

” kuch hua hai kya mam? Aap itta rudely kyu bol rahi ho “she was on the verge of crying

” no swara what will happen.. Haan u have done what u want to.. U r so stubborn that just because of ur stupid morals u r ready to destroy 5 lives ” Ragini shouts

Swara keeps me crying quietly laksh came n calms Ragini down..

” swara compose urself and u go to kitchen ” laksh said

Swara left

” Ragini why are you shouting at her.. She is not at fault “laksh said

” toh kya karu laksh.. Next week swati will come n kick us out.. Then what we will do.. We hv no other house to live.. N ur resturant is facing crisis.. Even my designing is at hold.. We can’t even buy a new house.. Hum kaha jayenge “Ragini cries

” ssshhh.. Don’t cry.. Ragu.. We will find a way our ” laksh consoles her

” laksh we both know this very well that according to dadaji’s will this House will get transferred on the name of sanskar’s wife.. Which is swati.. Then how could I calm” ragini cries harder

“don’t worry m with u na” laksh hugs her tightly

Here swara was decorating MM for the wedding of her own love.. She putting new curtains but she was lost in her own pain… That she don’t even notice that the stool on which she was standing is shaking.. Sanskar was watching her.. She was about to fall.. But she fell in sanskar’s arms and both got lost in each other’s eyes..

((Main teri ankhon mein rahata hoon
Tujhey pata na chale
Tere har pal mein guzra hoon
Tujhey pata na chale

Kare to phir kya kare
Tere bin kaise jiye
Ankhon mein pyar liye
Bolo kahan kahan phire?

Khafa to hum bhi hain tum bhi ho
Humein pata na chale
Judayi ka mujhey ghum bhi hai
Koi aesi khata na kare..

Kare to phir kya kare
Tere bin kaise jiye
Ankhon mein pyar liye
Bolo kahan kahan phire?

Sajni paas bulao na
Ki dil aaj tuta hai aaj tuta hai
Saajan maan jao na
Ke woh aaj rutha hai aaj rutha hai
Koi use manae na
Jaane jaan..
Dil tujhey hi chahe na

Humein dil se bulao na
Yehi ab kehna hai ab kehna hai
Tum paas aao na
Aao naaaaa

Sajni paas bulao na…
Saajan maan jao na…
Sajni paas bulao na…

Sajni paas bulao na
Ki dil aaj rutha hai aaj tuta hai
Saajan maan jao na…

Sajni paas bulao na…
Saajan mana jao na…!))

“are u fine swara?” he ask

She nods and he make her stand.. She was going when Sankar spoke “ek baar phir soch lo swara.. Mat karo esa.. Jeete jee mar jaunga mai”

“sir if I say yes to u.. Then I will die each n every moment.. Vese bhi u hv decided to marry swati mam soon.. So focus on that” she said with tears she again tried to go but sanskar pins her on Wall.

“tumhe koi farak nahi padta mere kisi or ke saath shaadi karne se.. Don’t you feel anything for me”he said

“sir farak to tab padta jab mai zinda hoti.. I died that very moment when I disrespect ur love.. N I don’t feel anything now.. Btw congrats for ur marriage I wish a happy married life to u”she said n left


Swara was passing from sanskar’s room when she listened his conversation with someone on call

“have u sent those photos “sanskar ask

Swara got shocked to listen about the photos n assumes that those pics have been sent by him to defame her

” sir I have been to the address but I found that locked.. I will try this evening again” person on call said

Sanskar hung up the call n swara was still in shock

“swara now lets see whether my n swati’s engagement pics affect u or not “he thought

Yes he has sent his n swati ‘s engagement pics to her so that she broke n confess her love for him…

” now m sure u will marry me swara “he said to himself

Swara enters the room n hold his collar

” how could you!! How could you.. I hv never expect such cheap tactics from u sir ” she
Cried in anger

“swara what happened.. What are you saying.. “sanskar can’t understand

” ohh now u don’t know haan… First u hv clicked my pics with u n then u hv delivered them to my colony.. So that I face humiliation n marry u”swara roars

“wait!! I hvnt done anything swara trust me.. N why would I want to defame u”he said

“kyuki aapko pta tha.. Pta tha ki meri bdnami k baad koi mujhse shadi nhi karega.. Then I hv to marry you ” she cried

” no way swara.. Not even in my dreams.. I can’t even think to defame a girl.. That too u.. My love.. “he explains

” u can do this.. U can!! Cz u desperately want to marry me… I hate you sir.. I hate you “she said

” swara trust me.. I love you.. I hvnt done anything ” he said

” don’t you dare to utter my name from ur cheap mouth.. M ashamed of myself that I loved you.. I HATE YOU MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI ” she said n left

To be continued…

Precap : swati n sanskar’s mehndi n sangeet… An accident.. Sanskar’s decision


  1. Lucky


    |Registered Member

    Amazing… emotinal part.. i want swasan = swara and sanskar not swati and sanskar.. plzzz no mu.. u make me cry… unite them soon dr.. sansky’s decison i am scared plzz don’t give me heart attacks dr

  2. Shanaya

    Aakhir yeh idiot hai kaun.. Kisne deliver kiye pics.. Meher tujhe pata hai na.. Jitni badduae lag sakti hai.. Sab bator ke use de dena.. IDiot kahin ka .. Sabka mood kharab kar diya.. ???

      • Riya


        |Registered Member

        Very good commander.. Don’t get confused.. It’s me shanaya only .. I am just using Riya’s id which I had registered .. Register kar liya tha.. But I wasn’t using so thought of now making use of it.. I didn’t ask .. How’s ur condition now. .. Marks n all gaye ke nahi

    • Meher



      Naahh!! Nhi gya doc said it will take time..

      Uff u know whenever I say to mumma k kuch karo marks hatao mera bday aa ra n bday saal m ek baar ata h..

      She always says k beta mera bday 2 baar ata hai saal m…

      Bta mumma b tease kr ri h

      • Riya


        |Registered Member

        Mumma bhi tease karne lagi.. Par tumhara bday do baar kaise aata hai.. Tithi ke hisaab se kya

    • Meher



      Vo maze m bolti hai… Cz sabhi ka bday ek baar ata h.. To m sply mention q krti hoon ki mera bday ek baar ata h ????

  3. Anika

    Aww meher di nice update son. Love it. Plz updte kuch iss tarah 2. Tomorw I was angry with ur huby. If u dont updte today will angry with u.

  4. Anika

    Aww meher di nice update son. Love it. Plz updte kuch iss tarah 2. Tomorw I was angry with ur huby. If u dont updte today son will angry with u.

  5. Anika

    Aww meher di nice update son. Love it.. Tomorw I was angry with ur huby. If u dont updte son will angry with u.

  6. Nandini

    I am silent reader of ur ff i like ur ff but i am asking u 1 ques. Meher apko ekta kapoor banna accha lagta hai? aap apne ff mein lead pair ko seperate kar dete ho

  7. Nandini

    I am silent reader of ur ff i like ur ff but i am asking u 1 ques. Meher apko ekta kapoor banna accha lagta hai? aap apne ff mein lead pair ko seperate kar dete ho why?

    • Shanaya

      Ya Allah.. Pls kuch logon ko dimag de do.. Arey sisso.. Use ekta kapoor na banne ka shauk ( hope so) .. Na woh banegi.. Abhi tak Ek saath the na.. Kuch dinon ki judai hone do fir pyaar zyada aata hai.. Samjhi..

    • Meher



      Nope nandini m happy to be Meher only ??

      But ek na ek separation to zaroori hai varna kahi ek dusre ko taken forgranted le gye to

  8. Prakriti

    Please clear misunderstanding Di…Why all the property will go to Sanskar’s wife name..I didnt get it Di…Laksh is also the son of Maheshwari s…Then why?So Confusion…Please clear it Di..

  9. Sriya


    |Registered Member

    please clear m/ u between swasan and anyways it was stupenduous fantabulous and outstanding chappy loved it to the core love ur both the ffs and love u too dear can we be frnds stay blessed dear and keep entertaining us with ur ffs dear and please unite swasan soon.

    love u loads
    keep smiling always

  10. Shilpi99


    |Registered Member

    Wow meher such an amazing episode wating for next plc clear the m/u between swasan soon please update next part soon

  11. Isabel


    |Registered Member

    Unexpected and awesome, please make things alright soon, it’s hard to see them in this state, it’s painful… Waiting for your updates..

  12. Serena


    |Registered Member

    Poor swara????
    Cheap swati?????
    Awesome chappy????
    Puntual u??? (only for this chapter)
    Low battery???
    So bye byeβœ‹βœ‹βœ‹βœ‹

  13. Sree


    |Registered Member

    I am feeling very sad for Swasan????
    Now Swara misunderstood Sanskar???? poor Swasan???
    Bohot roliya ab Raglak ke bareme bolungi.
    So Raglak issiliye Swati ko hate karte hai????
    I have an urge to kill dadiji??? kash kar paati ?
    Waiting for nxt . The precap is amazing??
    Take care???

  14. Neha_priya


    |Registered Member

    God it’s way too emotional…. End this emotional +mu drama soon….. My goodness…. This dadi… What is she a human… Destroying a family…. These type of ppl are the reasons of destruction of a happy family….. Seriously and swati… God that’s the reason laksh was so against her….. He isn’t selfish trying to secure his family is not a selfish act…..
    Swara poor girl you are giving very much pain to sanskar and now raising a question on his morals…. Stupid girl ?

    • Meher



      2 episodes only!!

      I have a doubt I think dadi isn’t a human…

      I know swara is damn stupid bt according to her pov anyone would think same.. But she should have asked him instead of blaming him

  15. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode bhabhiji……..sorry i again got late in reading n commenting…..super emotional!!!!
    Btw which is this song???

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