Yeh dooriyan (Episode 18)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swara’s rude behavior… Some emotional swasan moments


Swara came back home just like a lifeless body… Sumi was cooking food swara ran n hugged her tightly…

“swara what happened Beta ” sumi ask

” ma m no more now… I hv died ma.. I hv died”she cried

“drink this first n tell me aaj kya hua ” she passed a Glass of water to her

She drank that n told everything to Sumi.. Today she told her that sanskar also loves her… Till now it was a one sided love for Sumi.. But sanskar’s love was a shock for her

” why u hvnt told this to me earlier swara!! That sanskar also loves u… Now u will not go there “sumi said in shock

” ma.. I hv told mam that I can’t continue my job.. I will just Complete this month “she said

” swara m sorry… Even after knowing about ur love I can’t do anything… My hands are tied… Madhav bhaiya helped me n shekhar alot.. “Sumi said with guilt

” ma trust me.. I won’t come in swati di’s life “she said with determination


Swara reached MM

Raglak n sanskar were present there… Ap n dp had been to relative’s place…

Swara look into sanskar’s eyes… She found a strange determination in that..

” sir, mam… I just bring tea for u”swara said n escape

Ragini went behind her n said “Jhooth bolna galat hota hai na swara”

“huh,?? “she can’t get anything

” I mean.. Lieing is not good.. Haina” Ragini again said

Swara nods

“then if I will ask u something then u will not lie?? “Ragini confirms

” no mam.. Y would I lie” swara said

“do you love sanskar “she ask straightly

” mam.. What are you saying.. I-i.. D-dont.. Love him”she fumbles

“I got my answer swara “she smile n left


Raglak went out for lunch purposely leaving swasan all alone..

Ragini has already prepared lunch.. So swara doesn’t know what she has prepared..

” swara please featch water for me” sanskar said without any expression

Swara went in kitchen n her dupatta got stuck in cupboard.. With lots of struggle she releases her dupatta she came back n got shocked.. Sanskar was breathing heavily…

“sir!!! Sir r u fine ” she panics n saw mushroom in his plate

” I-i… C-can’t… B-br-breathe” he said with difficulty

She immediately ran n bring his medicine… She have that to him.. Then she removes his shoes n socks… Loosen his shirts button.. N rubs his back to n fro with scoldings “r u out of ur mind.. When u know u r allergic to mushrooms.. What’s the need of having them.. U can ask me to prepare.. But no.. N look Ragini mam has prepared dum aalo too.. But no u r stubborn… What if something happens to u… Mujh par to itta gussa kia tha.. Or ab khud.. Esi zid kis baat ki… But no.. U won’t listen to me “she was scolding Him without a gap… Sanskar smiled seeing her care n scolds…

After a while she ask. “feeling better?? ” still she was rubbing his back…

“hmm better “he said n she immediately removes her hand…

” I hv some work in kitchen… “saying this she starts to move but sanskar stopped her by holding hand..” please swara maan jao.. I want ur care for my whole life.. After marrying me u will got many relations… Ur dream of getting a big family will come true.. Please swara.. ”

” m sorry sir “she said with tears

” why u r so selfless swara.. Why.. Swara if I marry swati no one can be happy… Swati or m pati patni to ban jynge par humsafar nahi ban pynge… Please swara try to understand “he said

” sir once u get married to her u will slowly fall for her… Itz not an issue just a matter of time” swara said n left


Ap n dp came back..

“swara u go home.. Weather is not good it could rain anytime.. “dp said

” okay sir.. “she said

” umm wait swara m going out I can drop u half way ” sanskar offers

” no sir I can manage “she denied

” swara itz not safe n look at the weather… I think u should go with bhai”lakah spoke

“but sir “swara resist

” ya swara laksh is correct u should go with sanskar.. He can drop u half way na.. “ap said

” okay mam ” she gave up…


Sanskar drop her half way.. She thank him n starts to move
” if you don’t love me then u will not have Any problem if I die today “sanskar shouts

Swara’s feet jammed listening to this

” then fine.. M dieing today swara.. If u want u can save me.. But I won’t initiate.. I don’t want to live without you.. So itz better to die without you “he said

Swara turned n got shocked to see sanskar standing in middle of the road with closed eyes… She saw a car coming towards him.. She ran n save him in the nick of moment…

” r u crazy.. What the hell u want to prove.. Haan.. Marne ka shok hai to roz maro mere bina jee k.. “she shouts

” swara please.. I would prefer to die once rather than to die daily without u”he cried

“sir please stay away!! “she said

” I can’t swara… I can’t… Please marry me.. I beg u.. The sanskar maheshwari is pleading ” he broke down

” sanskar sir plz.. chale jao… i can’t marry you.. plz..” she said while crying seeing his condition

“tell me that u dont luv me… then i promise i will go frm here… forever..” he said with pain

“i can’t say that to you sir plz…”she said n avoids eye contact

He held her shoulders tightly.. N ask with chocked voice “why not damn it.. why… u want me to go away then just say for once…that u dont luv me”

“i can’t cz mai aapse or jhooth nahi bol sakti…” she shouts

“u luv me … i luv u then why r u behaving lyk this..” he gets irritated now

“sir you are getting married within a few weeks so please stay away… you should spend tym with ur fiance..”she ignores his question n composes herself

“i dont want to marry her … i luv u swara… i want u to become swara sanskar maheshwari…” he cries

” its not possible in this lyf sir..” she said hardly

“yeh dooriyan tumne banai hai swara… U will solely be responsible for destroying 3 lives… I won’t forgive u.. U want Me to marry her na.. Now wait.. I will marry her.. But u have to attend each n every function.. Actually u will prepare everything for my marriage.. Mai bhi to dekhu kitti himmat hai tum me jo tum apne pyar ko apni aankhon ke samne kisi aur ka hote hue dekh sakti ho ” he said n left


Swara came back home… As soon as she entered her colony… She saw ppl gathered outside her home… Some starts gossiping seeing her..

“look hw shameless she is”

“huh… What could u expect from such low class girl”

“haan bina baap ki beti hai… Ma ne zada freedom de rakhi thi.. Now see the result ”

She ignored their rubbish comments… She reached her home n saw ppl forcefully throwing things out.. N sumi was pleading them

“ma!! ” she shouts in worry

She goes towards her..

” beta we are homeless now..” Sumi cries

“what!!” swara got shocked

“ya they hv thrown us out.. They were bad mouthing about u.. But don’t worry.. I trust u.. I know my daughter can’t do anything wrong… Don’t worry we will find a way out..” Sumi said

” ya sure.. Ur daughter may hv many lovers na” a person comments

“kyaa kar sakte hai… Itz not her fault.. Itz her upbringing ” another comment

Swara fumes in anger listening to that n recalls something


This was time when swasan were just friends.. Once she was crying and sanskar asked her reason… She told him that someone has Insulted her then he said
“people will insult u only if u allow them to insult u.. Raise ur voice ”


” enough!!! I don’t know what the hell is ur problem but.. Don’t you dare to utter a word about my upbringing.. My upbringing is much better than urs.. What ur mum taught u.. To forcefully evacuate a home that too in mid night..” she roars

“enough of ur nonsense The girl who doesn’t know hw to speak is now shouting…” one taunts

“itz magic of luv” other person taunts

“don’t force me to insult u.. Lets go ma” she said angrily

Both left


Sanskar reaches MM n said “ma i want my marriage to be prepond..”

” really !! But suddenly.. Oh godd!! m so happy” ap got shocked

” i cant wait to marry her”he said with heavy heart

‘ achha beta look hwz this for my bahu “ap shows him some gifts

” choose what u lyk..” he said lifelessly

“beta you are happy with this marriage na?” ap said dubiously

“i m so happy ma…” he said with fake smile

Ap immediately called Parvati n prepond the marriage on the spot..

Here swara took Sumi to s hotel..

“I want room for a week? Do you have “swara enquired

” yes mam.. We hv.. Which room u want.. Normal, deluxe, Semi deluxe, or luxurious “resp ask

” normal.. How much” swara ask

“only 20 k mam ” she said

” oh god 20 k.. It mean my all savings will be finished.. But itz ok.. Mum needs rest “she thought n pay the money n check in..

@hotel room..

Sumi told swara that her some photos has been delivered in every house in which she was hugging a guy.. N the guy has lifted her in his arms…

She got shocked… As knew she never hugged any guy except sanskar

To be continued….

Precap : marriage arrangements… Misunderstandings..

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    And di has ur illness subsided? Take care of urself di.

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