Yeh dooriyan (Episode 17) (pain of love)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swara’s life’s reality… Her breakdown.. Sanskar supporting swara… Swara’s rude behavior towards sanskar


Sanskar came back MM with a dull face.. Ap n dp doesn’t know that he has came back in morning ..

Gadodias left soon… But sanskar was still in his room.. He doesn’t bids bye to anyone..

“annu what’s this.. Sanskar didn’t come to say bye” dp said angrily

“don’t know ji.. May be he is still sleeping.. He came late na.. “ap said

” this boy is unbelievable.. ” dp fumes

” dad vo.. At night bhai was with his friend.. His dadi was hospitalised.. So he came at dawn only ” laksh saves him

” beta.. At least he can say bye then continue his rest.. “ap said

” let me go n check bhai.. “laksh left

@sanskar’s room

He was sitting on floor with the support of his bed.. Laksh came n bolt the door” bhai what happened.. Hwz swara.. Did u find her! “laksh ask

” use pa ke kho dia mne” sanskar said

“mtlb “laksh ask

He explains everything.. About her breakdown.. Her unintentional confession… His realisation.. Her rude behavior

” bhai.. Now u hv to walk all alone on the path of love” laksh said

“laksh she is not ready to listen me.. My engagement is making everything complex… If u won’t help me.. Then how come I will get my love… Laksh this.. This feeling is very precious for me… I don’t want to loose this.. Please help me ” sanskar cries

” bhai.. My work was to show you the path of love n help u in realising that… Now u hv to walk all alone to make swara yours… Itz ur battle now.. Go for it “laksh pats his back n left


Itz been a week since both swasan were aware of their own feelings as well as each other’s… Sanskar was trying hard to make swara agree but swara continues her rude behavior with him…

” swara beta.. Come soon tmrw.. Vo tmrw is sanskar’s 29th bday so I need ur help in preparations” ap said

Swara nods n left

Swara was no more happy.. N how could she be happy after hurting her love.. She die each moment whenever she behave rudely with sanskar… Crying for hours after coming back home has now became her daily routine…

She came home and Sumi ask “swara wash your hands.. I hv prepared ur favourite chhole puri”

“no ma m not hungry… Good night “she said in chocked voice.. lye on bed n coveres herself with comforter

Sumi came n removes the comforter.. She cares her hair and said” beta.. Don’t hide ur tears from me.. I can understand ur condition ”

Swara got up n hugs her n cried.” ma.. It hurts.. It hurts to say bad things to him.. Why ma.. Why I feel so much pain when I behave rudely with him..”

“that’s what it called true selfless love beta.. “Sumi consoles her

” ma.. I.. I don’t want this Feeling.. M hating this.. I don’t want to love ma.. Please help me.. I don’t want to hurt him more.. I will die ma” swara cries

“beta leave ur job.. “Sumi said

” ma!! “swara looks at her in shock

” yes beta.. Leave that job.. What’s benefit of such money which hurts my daughter.. We can survive.. I will start home tuitions u don’t need to go there” Sumi said

“ma.. U know we can’t survive now without my job.. We hv to payback loans.. Which would be impossible with one earning”swara said
“so what u want.. I see my daughter crying like this daily.. Love hurts but I hv not given permission even to love to hurt my daughter “Sumi said lovingly

” don’t worry ma.. I will be strong.. I know this idiot feeling is just a phase n it will too pass” swara wipes her tears

“beta u hv to bear this pain… But u will find ur ma beside u in every condition.. Okay.. Now come n have food.. “Sumi said n took her for dinner

In night when Sumi was sleeping swara made a sketch of sanskar… To gift him that on his bday.. she was a perfect artist


Swara reached mm n found it simple without any decoration..

” mam why there is no decoration” swara ask Ragini

“swara actually sanskar doesn’t like.. Decorations n all.. He use to spend time with his family this DAY ” Ragini said

Swara observes that expensive gifts were coming in MM for sanskar… She tried her level best to avoid him

She was passing from corridor when as usual sanskar pulls Her in

“sir!!! ” swara got shocked

“won’t u wish me swara ” sanskar said with teary eyes

” happy Birthday sir “she said without any emotion

She tried to go but he blocks her way by putting hands on either side while maintaining decent distance

” why are you doing this swara… I know you love me.. N so do I.. To fir kyu hai yeh dooriyan.. “he said with tears

” what the hell is ur problem haan.. Why u can’t stay away from me.. U r engaged “she shouts

” but I love you.. Dammit can’t u understand this ” he said

“m sorry bhagwan ji.. Whatever now I will say to him will break him.. Please give me strength to say that.. I don’t want to ruin swati mam’s life”she prays in mind

“are u sure it is love “she frowns

” what do you mean by this “he ask

” I mean.. U are already engaged with a beautiful girl.. N u r drooling over me.. Who are u? a Casanova? “swara said rudely with difficulty

He remove his hands.. He was taken aback with her statement.. His love is questioning him..

” umm no.. Actually what u claim to be love is not love.. That ur lust.. Which can’t be satisfied with one.. That’s why u need two girls “she said but only her heart knows how difficult it was for her to say

He losses his patience n pins her on Wall angrily” swara u hv full right.. Not to accept ur love for me.. Or not to accept my love for you… But U HV NO RIGHT TO QUESTION MY LOVE.. APNE PYAR PAR SAWAL UTHANE KA HAQ MNE APNE PYAR KO BHI NAHI DIA HAI ” he Said in anger.. The pain was evident in their eyes.. He left her in anger n she fell on floor with thud crying

“m sorry sir… M sorry.. I think ma was correct I should leave this job.. I can’t hurt him more”she cried..

Sanskar was on terrace.. Continously dribbling basketball.. It’s his way to release frustration.. Laksh came there”bhai what happened.. ”

” she has insulted my love laksh.. How could she ” he dribbles the ball faster

” bhai what she said “laksh ask

Sanskar told him what swara said to him..” how could she” he threw the ball with full force on Wall which bounce back n hurts sanskar..

Laksh pick that ball n said “Bhai u n swara are just same”
Sanskar looks at him
“bhai Suppose this ball is swara’s word.. That wall is u.. N u r swara.. U hit wall but u ended up in hurting urself only.. Correct.. Now same goes with swara.. When she spoke harsh words to hurt u.. At the end she hurt herself more… She must be in pathetic condition right now “laksh said

” but how could she say that my love is lust ” sanskar says

” bhai.. U know her better.. For her.. Morals are most important.. N u r engaged so itz obvious that she’ll hurt u… So that u won’t break ur Alliance “laksh said

” oh yes.. I hvnt thought of this.. Thanks yaar ” he hugs him

” bhai hug tak he theek hai.. Kissing k lye Ragini he kaafi hai “laksh said with a weird face

” haha.. Ask her to kiss u twice on my behalf.. “saying this he ran downstairs

” wow laksh.. U r becoming love guru day by day.. I should open a love guru suggestion shop… Haha”laksh praises himself

Sanskar came downstairs and watch swara in taking care of ap n dp

“mam ur medicines “she passes some tables to ap

Dp was about to pic a cup but swara stops him” sir no.. Ur tea is in that.. Kam meetha ”

” swara beta tum nahi hoti to kya hota humara” dp blesses her

“umm vo.. Mam.. Sir I want to talk with you “she spoke hesitantly

” ha ha beta tell us na”ap said

“mam.. I.. I can’t continue this job… “she spoke

Here thunder fell on sanskar with her words

” but why swara.. “ap ask

” mam.. Some family problem”swara lied

“beta if itz ur family matter then.. We won’t stop u.. But sanskar’s marriage is in 1 n a half month.. If u can stay till them.. It would be great. ” ap said sadly

” m so sorry mam”swara said sorry

“no.. Swara can’t leave this job.. I won’t let her leave “sanskar become determined


Ap was feeding sanskar with her hands.. The special mother’s made gajar ka halwa… After eating halwa from her mother’s hand.. Ap presents him a gold bracelet” happy birthday beta.. God bless you ” she kissed his forehead

” thanku ma”he touches her feet

Then He went to dp.. N took blessings from him.. He gave him brand new Rolex watch
” happy Birthday sanskar… M proud of you.. Mai ummeed karta hoon aage bhi tum isi tarah humara naam roshan karo”

“don’t worry dad.. I will “sanskar said

Then laksh gifted him Cufflinks… N Ragini gifted him a special sherwani designed by her…

Swara wants to gift him the sketch but she feels inferior “should I give this sketch to him…??.. No.. No.. I can’t.. M an idiot.. Swara can’t u see how expensive gifts he got.. N my paper is nothing infront of them.. U again forgot ur status n his status” she thought n put the sketch again in her bag

Sanskar saw her n understand that she is hesitating in presenting her gift..

“swara!! Beta please take these boxes in sanskar’s room “ap said

Swara nods n took the boxes

Sanskar pretends to be on call n went behind her” ya. Ya mr Chopra.. Ohh.. That contract.. Ya just a min.. I will check that now n post u.. ”

@sanskar’s room

Swara put the gifts in his room and was going out when she bumps into sanskar.. She was about to fall but sanskar held her from waist and both have a painful eye lock

Swara composes herself and was going out when Sankar spoke” gift bhi nahi dogi”

“excuse me? “she frowned

” ya that gift which u were hiding “he said

” w-which.. G-gift” she fumbles

He took her bag and took out the sketch.. He was mesmerised seeing such beautiful sketch of himself
“itz beautiful swara… Thank you so much.. “he said with a bright smile

” please don’t taunt me.. By saying this.. U got so many expensive gifts.. What’s value of my gift.. Itz just a sheet of β‚Ή2″ she said sadly n turns around

He turns her n cups her face “mera bachha this sheet is Priceless for me.. Those gifts are nothing infront of this single piece of paper.. This is full of ur love for me”he said lovingly

“sachhi “she ask innocently with unshed tears in eyes

He nods n hugs her.. She too reciprocate hug with equal love.. Passion… Care.. N need of each other

(( Kismat ka ye khel hai
Milna tha humne kabhi
Hathon ki lakeeron mein
Likha tha ye sabhi

Koi jaane naa maane
Ye saath hain kitna haseen

kash ye pal tham jaaye
Aap ke hum ban jaaye
Jannat bhulake hum teri
Aankhon ke ashq ban jaaye

kash ye pal tham jaaye
Aap ke hum ban jaaye
Jannat bhulake hum teri
Aankhon ke ashq ban jaaye))

“please swara never think that u r any less than anyone.. I don’t like these tears in ur eyes.. I love you “he cares her hair

” I… “she was about to confess in flow but her brain nudged her” what the hell u were trying to do swara.. Control ur emotions ”

She immediately pushed him back” really this paper is precious for u na.. Then wait”

She snach the sketch from his hand n tear that in pieces.. N throw those pieces on his face “now be happy with ur precious paper” he said angrily and left

Swara left MM crying… Sanskar was hurt with her behavior but still he composes himself and went behind her “swara listen to me” he ran out of MM but she has already left..

Raglak were seeing this

“laksh m feeling bad for sanskar “ragini said

” ragu Now bhai hv to walk alone on this path.. He himself has to bear the pain.. We can’t do anything Ball is in his court now” laksh said

Sanskar came back n found his room clean.. He panicked and shout”maaa!!! Maaa!!! ”

” WHAT happen sanskar? “ap ask

” ma.. Vo. There were some torn paper in my room..vo kaha hai” he ask in worry

“beta I went to ur room.. N collect those papers n put them in dustbin ” ap said casually

” WHAT!! Aapne vo dustbin m daal die.. At least ask from me once ma.. “he said

” m sorry beta I don’t know that u need them.. I found them garbage “ap said

” u put them in my room’s Dustbin only na? “he ask

Ap nods

He ran madly n Search the pieces of the sketch.. In the hope as if he got all pieces he will get his swara’s love.. He can’t control himself n cries

(( Ankhiyaan ne ankhiyaan nu
Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley
Rondiyan ne chham chham karke
Teri yaadon mein marke))

Here swara was crying for hurting him. She was juggling between her heart n her brain.. Between right n wrong.

(( Bhul gayi’aan jindri de raaste
Ankhiyan ne ankhiyan nu
Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley))

Sanskar was awake whole night.. In order to connect the sketch n finally got succeed… He left for office before swara’s arrival..
He was surrounded by many people in office but he was all alone

(( Duniya ki bheed mein main tanha si ho gayi
Paakar jo tujhko khoya
Khud hi main kho gayo))

Swara was counting her final days in MM… She was ready to work in MM life long.. Just to see the sun of her life… Without sanskar her days will be dark N nights darker

(( Kya bataun tere bin
Kajal se hai yeh din
Taare bhi bujhe bujhe hain raat mein

Ankhiyan ne ankhiyan nu
Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley))

To be continued…

Precap ‘ sanskar will propone his marriage

No tomatoes or chappals please ???
I hv many chappals I don’t need more… Just 3 to 5 episodes n u will get swasan … Till then rone do inhe…. ????

I hv updated kuch iss tarah 2… Here is the link if u missed that


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      Ghor kalyug hai bhai!!

      • Shanaya

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        Aur ha maine to pehle hi kaha tha ki app chahe kitne bhi maasum ho .. Daya ki umeed na karna.. Na bilkul na..

  2. Sree


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    Yeh ep mein sab kuch tha? Lekin sadness bohot jadha hai??????
    Mein toh sanskar ki halat dekke rorahi hun??????
    Lekin last news ke liye thanks. Atleast 3-5 eps mein toh mil jayenge na issiliye am very happy. Vaise Swasan kon hai ???? Swara and sanky hi hai na?????
    Tusra kuch toh nahi socha na???
    Accha take care of urself. Abhibhi home arrest hai???
    Aur meine KIT2 mein dekha ki ap bhi ma ban gayi hai? ?vaise congrats. ???

    • Meher



      Sadness should be here na tbi to baad m happiness ayegi..

      Swasan = swati n sanskar ???

      Nhi nhi got freedom 4 days backback Ahh finally after 23 days of jail.. I got realsed

      Lol.. Don’t worry tera b bachha hai… Koi na koi?…

      • Sree


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        ??? swati??? Mein apse aur nahi puchunga. Agar pucha toh bhi ap ussike bare mein bologe???
        Aur mera baccha ? uskeliye toh time hai???
        Abhi toh hum minor hai????????

  3. Shilpi99


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    Hi meher thanks for such an amazing episode but feeling?????????????bad
    Bad for sansakar kab khatam hongi in dono ke beech ki ye dooriyan ??????wating for next part please update soon ?????????

  4. sneha

    Hi meher…sorry fr late comment…bt i ws vry busy in completng my assignmentzz which i hv to submit on…actually today is my birthday…so i wanted to b free wrk.. πŸ˜‰ isliye kl hi saare khatm kr diye…
    Nd ya the story is going nice…
    Thnxx fr the update… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    Koi itna rulata hair or tension deta hai.?????…bechare swasan aapke chappy ke chakkar me merit tabiyat or kharab ho gayigayi???
    Already show me dekha nhi jaanu raha hai….air yaha aap bhi wahi dikha rahe ho….but really liked that laksh kissing scene???? Ab jaldi se next update karo…or else chappal n tomato ka toh pata nhi but I have fever right now with me which I will pass to u through private message?????

    Arey nhi nhi???? phir next kaun likhega….koi nhi…..tussi swasan nu milao??…baaki him dekhlengedekhlenge???

    • Meher



      Yr ese tabiyat mat kharab kar…

      Ji nhi m bhut beemar pad chuki ab interested nhi hoon..

      Don’t worry jldi mila dungi

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    Agar swati aur sanky ki shadi ho jayegi toh mujse bura koyi nahi hoga……. Pls don’t separate swasan…….

  7. little princess

    Hey dude…why r u making our swasan suffer much…cant see them so… How could she hurt sanskar like this.. Swara is hurting herself more n more whenever she is insulting his love…then why cant she stop doing such non sense…y is she so selfless..sanskar wont be happy without her…if she want his happiness then its better to be with him forever… But here she is spoiling 3 lives for swathi’s sake…mujhe bhahuth bhura lagh raha hai…why did swara tear that sketch of sanskar which she presented him…she drew it with so much of love and our sanskar loved it..then too she tore it..that was too much..mujhe sumi bhahuth pasanth aaya..then i really loved lucky especially his love guru avatar… He is just rocking…. Wanna see happy episodes…usko ek kar dho…i’m glad that we can see swasan after somedays..but still i’m a little bit sad as i have to seems a long time…but its ok…i will keep patience… But meher will u give us any other shocks within that short period of time..i am feeling that u r upto something..i mean kuch tho bada twist aur shock is waiting for us…whatever it is…i am really excited…waiting for next episode… Love uuu dear…take care

    • Meher



      Yaar it was like judaai k baad he milan h…

      Yr think from her pov… No girl would want to break anyone’s engagement.

      Yes she is hurting him.. N want him to stay away… As if the alliance will break her sister would suffer….

      U can imagine how difficult that would be for her.. She made that sketch with so much love n then torn that into pieces…

      Sumi n laksh will be their support system…

      Yeah one more twist is coming

      Luv u loads

      • little princess

        Yeah… I can understand… She is right at her place…as a girl i too support her..but feeling very bad for our sanskar… Its her this nature which makes everyone love her… I really love the character of swara in ur ff to the core…hats off …
        Will the coming twist be happy one or sad one?? Anyway waiting for it with too much of excitement

    • Meher



      Ab kya kr skte hai… Phla Phla pyar hai.. Thoda to dard dega.. Don’t worry sanskar will soon take his stand…

      That twist will be emotional one… ?

  8. Sumeeta


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    Mere comment post nahi hua .feeling sad ek to tumne swasan ko rulya aur mera comment post nahi hua.?
    Superb part

  9. Prakriti

    Its so emotional Di…Itna rulane ki kya zarrot thi apne pati ko…Di really Swasan means swati nd sanskar….
    Bye Di
    Love you lots…

  10. Priya tripathi

    Awesome like always but u always do bad with swasan i mean such a painfull episode

    • Meher



      Baby don’t call urself fan.. Achha sa nhi lgta… Friend would sound best…

      Don’t worry swasan will be one soon

  11. ( Menaz)

    Very emotional sach me dii aaj aap ne rola diya. But lucky is too good as love guru. Waiting for swasan reunion. Awesome episode. & how r u dii?

  12. Isabel


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    I’m gonna cry any moment now, so emotional yet beautiful part, EAGERLY waiting for more.. Update next asap, or I’ll die without ur story.. Keep smiling πŸ™‚

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    Mumma…I missed many episodes from my trip…..
    I finally read them…
    Again touched my heart..
    I remember that ss ‘our life’
    Miss it…
    Such ffs are really touchy…
    I really loved it..
    Mumma wipe ur child’s nakli yet from heart tears….
    Waiting for kit2… u ll post tmrw nah!!

    • Meher



      Yeah swara is completely inspired from that ss…

      Ask ur papa to wipe ur tears…

      N tmrw I will post one shot probably ?

  14. Rey


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    hey meher dear…. this s nt fair u make to cry i hate swara behaviour towards sanky hw could she insult his luv fr her … nd yeah may b n her point of view its fyn…. bt i cn’t c my sanky lyk dis … i feel soo bad fr sanskar

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