Yeh dooriyan (Episode 16) (swara’s life’s reality)


Yeh dooriyan


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Yeh dooriyan (Episode 15) (Sanskar’s Realization)


Recap : swara come to know that swati is her sister… Sanskar realises his love for swara… Swara goes missing


Sanskar was driving madly…
“sanskar relax n think.. Where she can go… Think think.. She must be broken now.. So where she can go.. She.. Yes.. She can go there “he looks determined n drove faster

Here swara was crying miserably… She was just walking.. As now she is tired of running… she recalls what Sumi told her…

” chachi itz high time.. Tell her everything ” Shlok said

Sumi n nods

“ma what’s this.. N why they are calling u chachi.. Whats happening here”swara said in confusion

Sumi came ahead n took her hand n said”swara they are calling me chachi cz m their chachi”

” matlab”swara frowned

“matlab k.. M ur brother “Shlok hugs her sideways

” n m ur bhabhi” trisha continues n hugs swara from other side

“ma.. Bt u said baba was orphan.. So Shlok sir?! … N who is shonali “swara was damn confused

” beta I lied to you.. ur dadi has thrown us out.. N shonali was my daughter “Sumi said with teary eyes

” one sec… Dadi has thrown us out but why??.. N I hv a sibling too.. I never knew that… Ye kya ho raha hai” swara cries

“beta now what I will tell u please listen That carefully.. Okay? N I love you alot.. U r my daughter.. Haan.. Relations are not made with blood correct.. M ur mother n will always be.. Okay? ” Sumi cups her face n said

“ma what r u saying I can’t understand anything.. Please tell me clearly.. N ya m ur daughter.. But why are you saying this” swara was in utter confusion

” When u were 3 months old.. ur.. (sighs) Ur mother left u n ur father cz she got a rich businessman… “sumi’s voice cracked..

“n-no.. T-this… C-can’t… Happen.. U r my mother .. I don’t know anything.. I just know that m ur daughter” swara shouts

“haan swara u r my daughter.. N will always be.. Don’t cry” Sumi hugs her

“n shonali? N how?? I mean.. Vo”swara asked

” shonali was my daughter… Me n my hubby raghav were happy we were coming to Kolkata to meet shekhar n ur mother as we all were best friends.. But Raghav died in rail accident… I n shonali smhow manage to survive… When shekhar came to know about raghav’s death.. He put proposal of marriage for ur n shonali’s sake.. N I agreed “Sumi said
” why.D-Dadi thrown us out”swara ask lifelessly

“The day u were born my mother died in an accident.. Thus ur dadi consider u inauspicious… ” Shlok said

Swara was feelingless” n shonali”she said in weak voice

” u were 3 n shonali n sholk were 8 n swati was 6.. We all went to Mumbai on trip on ur bday… All four of u Were enjoying alot… U went near the sea.. Sonali tried to stop u bt a big wave swept u both away… shekhar n madhav bhaiya tried alot but we can only save u.. Shonali had been swept away “Sumi brokes

” then dadi thrown chacha chachi out.. By saying that u are unlucky “Shlok said in cold tone

” u lost ur daughter cz of me.. “swara said with broken heart

” no swara.. It was my failure as a mother… That I can’t take care of my all children.. It was my fault”Sumi cries

” no.. M truly inauspicious… Baba lost his family.. U lost ur daughter.. My mother left me.. Itz only cz m inauspicious.. I-i I should stay away from you all” swara said while moving backwards

And ran away from home crying..


She fell on knees crying… She was in miserable condition… Then a drunkard came n starts to miss behave with her.. But before he could cross his limit he got a heating slap on his face by none other than sanskar maheshwari..

He looks at swara who was still sitting on road like a lifeless body tears were continuesly flowing from her eyes… He held her arm tight in anger n made her stand.. Then he shouts “r u in ur senses !! Well I don’t think so… What’s the need of running from home at 10.!! Did u know how ur mother was crying… She was tensed cz of u… It 12’o clock.. Itz been 2 hours since m searching u.. What if something happens to u… MERA KYA HOTA TUMHARE BINA… Ye socha hai”

“Sir please stay away.. I don’t want to talk with anyone right now” she said n releases her hand n starts to move again

“swara come back home.. Ur mother is worried about you “he said n pulls

” sir please.. U will not understand my condition.. Just go”she said while crying

“I can swara.. I know about ur mother “sanskar said

” WHAT? “she looks at him in shock

” ya I hd been to ur house n they told me everything “sanskar said

**still Shlok has concealed the fact that swara is his sister.. **

” so what.. U can’t understand how m feeling right now… So please leave me sir… N stay away m inauspicious “swara said

” mere bachhe ese nahi hota.. These all are superstition.. U r my lucky Charm ” he said softly

“sir please I want to stay alone” she said.

“u can stay alone at ur home also.. Now come”he said

“u r not getting me sir.. M unlucky… M inauspicious.. Everything happened cz of me Only ” she cries

” no swara.. Those both incidents were accident… That had to happen… Ur god had pre-planned That ” he said

” sir.. My baba lost his family cz of me… My ma lost her daughter cz of me… Sab kuch meri vajah se “swara said crying

” swara u r simply talking nonsense… U r not in ur senses come with me.. Let’s go”he tried

“u can’t understand how it feels when after 22 yrs u come to know that ur mum is actually not ur mum “she shouts

” swara come with me.. This much stress is not good for you.. “he said out of concern

“who are you to decide what’s good n what’s wrong for me.. Just go away.. ” swara said harshly

Sanskar was hurt with her statement but he knew her condition..

” no way.. M not going anywhere.. Itz not safe for u.. N I can’t risk ur safety “sanskar said firmly

” WHAT the hell is ur problem… Why u can’t leave me.. Ur this care is making me crazy… “swara shouts n push him away

” I can’t leave u”he held her hand ” ye haath chhorne k liye nhi pkda hai maine”

She released her hand n shouts harshly “only cz of ur this care m falling more n more for u. Can’t u stay away from me.. Meri zindagi se door q nhi rehte aap.. Jabse aaye ho meri zindagi me complexity badha di hai aapne”

“swara.. What did u say u hv fallen for me?? “he puts hand on her shoulder… N ignores her other words

She realises what she said n immediately tried to cover” I hv fallen for ur care doesn’t mean that I love you”

“mne kb kaha k tum mujhse pyar krti ho “sanskar frowns

Swara was blank. She has nothing To say.. Then his phone drops.. He bend down to pick his phone n when he stand he found swara missing again… He scans the area n found her on road between reckless traffic
” oh shoot!! ” he ran n saves her

” swara itz enough now come ur ma is waiting for u”he said

” she is not my mother sir!!! M her daughter’s killer… She is a kind lady who has brought up her own daughter’s kill.. “before she could complete sanskar raises his hand but he controls himself

He held her shoulders tightly n shouts” what u think of urself… vo aurat jise tum aaj apni ma manne se mana kr rahi ho.. Sabse zada Tumhe pyr krti h.. She has sacrificed alot for ur sake.. I never expect such cheap thinking from u… Are u same swara? jis swara ko mai janta hoon vo sensible hai.. Iss swara ki trh pagal nhi… What u said.. U r her daughter’s killer.. Okay so.. A 3yr old child can kill someone.. Hmm.. Interesting na”

Swara keeps on crying

“if u think u hv killed her daughter then itz ur responsibility to be her daughter… Samjhi “he shouts..

” u r her daughter n she is ur mother.. Relations are made from feelings not from blood… That was just an accident “he said softly n cups her face

“m sry.. I.. I.. Don’t know.. What happened to me” she cried n hugs him

He too cares her hair and tries to calm her down… “swara cry as much as u can now.. After this I don’t want to see tears in ur eyes.. I love you ”

“I love….” she stops in between.He felt that she is not moving… He releases the hug n found her unconscious… He lifts n took her to his car… Someone was watching this n clicking picture of them


” doctor hwz she? “he ask

“she is fine.. It was a nervous breakdown.. Put her away from stress else.. Nothing to worry” doc said

After some time swara gains her senses n found sanskar sitting beside her holding her hand…she stares at him lovingly n recalls his I love you… Again reality hits her n this time itz itz bit harsh… As now she knows that sanskar is her jiju..

“swara what the hell u were about to say… U can’t love sanskar sir.. He is ur sister’s fiancee… Control yourself.. M sorry sanskar sir.. What I will say now will definitely hurt you but itz important m sorry sir “she thought

. She immediately shove his hand and shouts “stay away… Can’t u understand.. Two simple words STAY AWAY ”

Sanskar was confused with her behavior” swara calm down.. Please.. Taking stress is not good for you.. M with u don’t worry.. ”

” I don’t need u.. Sir”she said coldly

“swara I know you need me cz u love me”he said

“r u crazy… Neither I need you.. N-nor.. Nor.. I-i love you.. U r irritating who will love u then.. At least not me.. But yeah swati mam loves u alot.. N I still wonder why… Well I want to go home.. “she said with unshead tears

He was deeply hurt with her words bt somewhere he knows that she is saying this cz he is engaged… He got up n kissed her forehead she too doesn’t protest” I love you” he said n left..

@swara’s home

Sanskar came with a pale swara with puffy red eyes..

“swara “Sumi ran n hugs her

” m sorry ma”she said.

“no beta.. Don’t be sorry.. “Sumi kissed her forehead

” now I should leave.. Ma must be waiting for me.. Vese b itz dawn nearly “sanskar said

” sanskar beta thanku so much for finding my swara “Sumi said

” ya sanskar thanku.. Cha.. I mean aunty was really very worried “trisha said

” aunty it was my duty.. Take care… N swara u need not to come today take rest here.. Okay? ” sanskar bids bye

“I love you sanskar sir” swara’s heart screams

He stops n turns around and said “did you say something”

Swara nods no.. But her heart screams “yes I said.. I said I love you”

“I love you too swara “his heart admits

Again Shlok observes something strange in his behavior..

To be continued

Precap : swara to leave her job

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    1. Meher


      N about swati u hv to wait?

  6. Jiya

    Meher! Its short but awsm♥♥♥
    And who’s that person clicking their photos? Twist in tale haan!
    Feeling sad for swara as she has gone through too much in her life.
    Yar nowadays u writers are portraying a Sadie swara nd making me cry
    First Anu nd now u’re?????

    1. Meher

      Short ????? seriously ?????

      Really Esa h kya.. Ti next m bold swara dikhaungi ?

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    2. Meher

      Aree yaar.

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