Yeh dooriyan (Episode 15) (Sanskar’s Realization)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swara realises her love for sanskar… Sanskar still in deep confusion… Shlok n Parvati gadodia reaches MM



Shlok n swati were talking

“bhai m so… Happy… Finally ma baba’s dream will come true.. And I will be a good wife just the way dadi wants me to be “swati said

” dream?? Which dream swati?? N what dadi want!! “Shlok asked in confusion

” Dadi told me.. That ma n baba always wanted me to get married in a rich family … N dadi said to me that I should hv full control on sanskar.. So that he will do whatever I ask him.. “swati said

” WHAT!! Dadi told this to you”shlok confirms

Swati nods

“WHAT else she said to you”shlok frowned

“she said that I will be the elder daughter in law of this family so I should dominate others n should show to them that m elder “swati said

“swati m just coming.. I remember an urgent work okay “shlok said n left

He entered Parvati ‘s room like a storm

“what’s this ill mannered behavior shlok” she roars

“WHAT rubbish you are teaching my sister “he shouts

” behave urself Shlok.. M ur dadi.. Is this how u behave with elders.. “Parvati said

” elder!? Seriously!! What kitchen politics u were teaching swati… N what u said ma n baba wants her alliance in a rich family
Really!! We both knows that nothing happened like this.. N what was that elder bahu n all”Shlok said

“m teaching her what’s correct.. Iss ghar me Ragini or laksh ko Vese bhi kaafi importance milti hai… Sanskar n swati should get more importance n more share in property uska haq hai yeh ” Parvati smirks

“i won’t let u destroy my sister… U hv to teach her that there is no dominancy in family.. Or haq ki baat aap na he karen to better hoga” Shlok declares

“n do u think I will teach her such things n make her mahan “she again smirks

” What if I will tell dp uncle n ap aunty what u hv said swati about controlling sanskar N.. Over that what u hv done with ur son’s widow.. I don’t think that after that they will continue this relation “Shlok said firmly

” u r blackmailing me.. But it will affect ur sister’s life” Parvati said

“I don’t care.. Cz I know what u hv taught her will destroy her marital life in the long run… So itz better to hurt her now.. Decision is urs”he said n left Parvati fuming with anger

He came out n calls someone n explains the situation


Swara has reached MM n was helping in the arrangements… She was passing by sanskar’s room when he called her “swara one minute”

“yes sir” she said with a smile

Sanskar pulls her in bolt the door swara was shocked “what are you doing sir ”

” sshhh… Keep quiet and help me in wearing tie” sanskar said with puppy face

” but sir today everyone is at home.. So why don’t you ask Laksh sir.. Let
Me call him”saying this she turns towards the door

“aree yaar.. Tumhe koi bhaagne ki beemari hai.. Kya” he said n held her hand

Swara’s heart skips a beat with his touch…

“take his n tie it”he passes tie to her

“but sir”before she could say anything he put a finger on her lips

She closed her eyes and her heart starts to beat like anything

[[ Mann yeh saahib ji
Jaane hai sab ji
Phir bhi banaye bahaane
Naina nawaabi ji
Dekhe hain sab ji
Phir bhi na samjhe ishaare
Mann yeh saahib ji haan karta bahaane
Naina nawaabi ji na samjhe ishaare
Dheere dheere, nainon ko dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere dheere, bhaayo re Saibo
Dheere dheere, begaana dheere dheere
Apna sa dheere dheere, laage re Saibo]]

“m removing my finger.. Don’t utter any word just help me in wearing tie.. Okay? ” he said
She simply nods yes.. And help him in wearing tie

” thanku so much ” saying this he went to balcony and was about to cross the railing when swara shouts” sir what are u doing… Please sir don’t suicide.. N if u want to commit suicide then why u ask me to help u in wearing tie.. U can commit suicide without tie too ” she sighs

” are u crazy m not gonna suicide m going office “he said

” WHAT!! But u can go from door simply “she said in confusion

He came back n said” u know swara.. My family members will never let me go today.. They want me to attend that puja.. But I don’t believe in God” he explains

“huh?? U don’t believe in God but why.. U know he helps u Everytime… He will help you whenever you ask ” swara said with a smile

” really!!?? Well I disagree.. N why u believe in him.. Ur life is full of struggle.. If he is with u.. As u said.. He should lessen the struggle.. But no.. He does not… Well he never fulfill my wishes… So what’s need of believing him ” he said

” sir he is god.. Not a Santa Claus who will fulfill ur demands… N yes my life is full of struggle but he knows what is best for me.. Thus I hv no problem… U too should trust him.. “she said n left

After a while everyone was seated for the puja except sanskar

” swati beta call sanskar please “ap said

” ma what’s the need of this we all know that he must hv left for office… He always went from balcony whenever we hv any Pooja “laksh said

Before anyone could say anything a voice came” but today I will attend this puja ”

” bhai aap”laksh n every one was shocked where as swara smiled

“yup.. For a change I will try to trust ur god”sanskar said n winks at swara

“itz magic of my swati ” Parvati said

The pujari was explaining a story n ask them to give “aahoti” whole time sanskar was gazing swara which was noticed by Raglak n Shlok… Shlok ignores That
Soon Pooja got Completed n ap ask swara to bring prasad
“beta please bring prasad from kitchen “ap said

Swara was about go when Dadi stops her” eerr no.. U stay here.. Swati beta u go n bring prasad… I don’t want this girl to touch prasad ”

Swara felt bad even Maheshwaris n Shlok n swati too felt bad for her

Swati came n serves all…

Everyone was sitting in hall when someone enters MM
A girl wearing jeans n top with a bag says “I hv came.. Did anyone missed me”

Everyone was happy seeing her except Parvati… Swati ran n hugs her “bhabhi I missed you sooooo much.. Itz best surprise for me”

“I too missed you all alot” that girl said

She came n takes blessings from all

“trisha beta.. Shlok has told me that you hv some project in Malaysia so u will come next month “ap said

**trisha gadodia.. Shlok’s wife.. An architect by profession played by anupriya Kapoor **

” aunty.. My project has been done so I thought to surprise you all”trisha said

Soon trisha n Shlok left to meet sumi without telling anyone.. Sanskar too left for some work

“thank god trisha u hv came… Dadi has completely brainwashed swati.. She has availed the opportunity very well.. When we both were not Here ” he said

**Shlok has studied abroad for 3 years n got married to trisha there Both lived there for 5 years n during those (3+5)8 years dadi has moulded swati according to her.. When Shlok met sumi in Kolkata only that day he came back afters years**

” Shlok don’t worry.. I will talk to her.. When trisha is here no fear “she giggles

” accha u know.. I hvnt tell chachi that m married.. It would be a surprise for her “Shlok said..

” m so excited to meet chachi.. Tumhare muh se itti tareef jo suni hai “swati said

@swara’s Home

Sumi was happy meeting trisha n Shlok… The trio gets involved in talks forgetting about time.

Here swara was waiting for bus to go back.. When sanskar saw her… He stops his car n orders her”swara come in”

“no sir.. I can manage you go”she said

“I said come in swara.. NOW! “He said in anger

” no sir I can manage “she resists

This was it for him he immediately step out of car n held her tightly from waist n pulls her closer… Swara was shocked” sir aap ye”

“sshh !! There are some goons just behind u”he whispers

“WHAT!! Now what sir”she got scared

“don’t get scare… M here nothing will happen.. Come with me.. N don’t turn.. Okay”he said

She nods n follows him.. He make her sit n drove away

“thanku sir.. Please Park the car I can go from here “she said

“no way.. I will drop you at ur place.. I can’t risk your safety.. And wait (shouts) WHY U CAN’T BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS HAAN… THOSE GOONS WERE JUST BEHIND YOU… WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO U.. ” he shouts

“sorry “she said innocently

Sanskar drops her near her street n drove to MM

Here swara was at door n listened Shlok n sumi’s talk

” chachi I think u should tell swara about us.. N about shonali ” Shlok said

” beta.. I.. I hvnt that much courage to tell her truth “Sumi denies

” but chachi she should know about her family and her mother.. Okay if not about us.. U can tell her about shonali “trisha said

Before Sumi could speak swara spoke” Shlok sir Aap?? ”

” you” Shlok got shocked

“swara tu aa gai.. Come in na”sumi said

“swara.. She is swara ” Shlok confirms

Sumi nod

” Shlok sir.. Trisha mam.. What are u both doing here.. N ma why r they calling u chachi.. N who is shonali? “swara fire questions

” u know them ” Sumi asked

Swara nods n Shlok explains that swati is getting married to sanskar..

” chachi itz high time.. Tell her everything ” Shlok said

Sumi n nods n finally tell her everything (that I will disclose in next chappy)

Swara got shocked listening to truth.. N she just ran away from her home… ” swara wait.. Where are you going” Sumi said

But swara ignores her n ran.. Shlok follows her but can’t find her..

Here trisha was consoling Sumi.. When sanskar reached her home

“trisha what r u doing at swara’s home.. N why aunty is crying “sanskar has too many questions

” vo sanskar.. Aunty is my mother’s friend to I just came here to see her”trisha conceales

By the time Shlok reached n didn’t notice sanskar n said “chachi.. Swara has gone.. but don’t worry I will find her.. ”

“WHAT!! Swara is missing “sanskar asked in shock

” what r u doing here sanskar “Shlok ask

” leave all n tell me.. What happened to swara.. I hv just dropped her.. N I came here to return her phone.. But where is she.. Hua Kya ” sanskar panics

Shlok finally told truth to sanskar

Sanskar goes near Sumi n said” aunty.. Jab tak mai zinda hoon.. Nothing will happen to swara ”

He immediately left… Shlok got his behavior suspicious but ignores as his priority is swara

Sanskar was driving n round of thoughts were going through his mind… He has become mad as if someone has stolen his precious gem from him..

“WHAT if someone has kidnapped her… This girl is too much.. Who ran from home at 10 in night” he jerked this thought than another occupied the place “what if she met any accident.. She stays lost in herself.. Never cares about her surrounding.. Oh man where I should find her”

He got laksh’s call as itz too late

“bhai where are u come fast ”

” laksh m not coming.. I will get late”

“bhai come now.. Ma is tensed ”

” what the hell laksh.. Here swara is missing n u wants me to come.. M not coming until I found her.. Got this..”

He hung the call

Then laksh’s words came to his mind “bhai when she will go away from u then u will realise ur luv for her”

“it… It.. Means… I-i… L.O.V.E… Her … laksh u were right.. I love her… N now I hv to find my love at any cost… I won’t let anything happen to u swara… M coming.. Ur sanskar is coming ”

To be continued…

Precap : small confession n heartbreak

Hwz Precap ??

Someone has asked link of prologue.. M sorry I forgot about that so here it is

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