Yeh dooriyan (Episode 14) (Swara’s Realization)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swati insults swara


” no swara I never feel pity for you… my heart is filled with respect for you “he said

” thanku sir, good night “she completely ignore him n left

Sanskar was numb he doesn’t react on swara’s saying but his eyes were reacting… They were showing pain in the form of tears… Laksh came and put a hand on sanskar’s shoulder

“how could she lucky ” sanskar said

” bhai she wasn’t wrong… You help her just cz you feel pity for her.. “laksh said

He turns n looked at him with teary eyes” you too are saying like this..I don’t know How to explain… But I don’t feel pity for her… I respect her.. And what I feel for her I don’t know ” sanskar cries cz of confusion

” bhai come.. Baith ke baat karte hain “laksh took him to the garden

Both sit there

” now tell me bhai… What you feel”laksh asks him calmly

“I don’t know yaar.. Look I know I don’t feel pity for her… She is a strong girl… I have respect for her in my heart “sanskar said

” so you care for her cz u respect her” laksh frowned

“ahh nooo… Its not like that… Look I go crazy whenever I saw her in pain… But I don’t know why… This.. This feeling is new… I haven’t felt this for anyone “sanskar said innocently with confusion

” achha bhai close your eyes and tell me what you can see “laksh said

Sanskar closes his eyes and swara’s Smiling face was visible to him.. He opened his eyes and now a big smile was on his face

“swara “sanskar said with a smile

” so you have seen swara… But bhai you should have seen someone else’s face na… We usually see our loved ones… ” laksh said

Listening to this… Sanskar’s smile fades “ya u… U r correct… I should have seen you, ma, dad or swati… May be I hv seen swara just a few minutes ago so her face was seen”

“if you were not engaged with swati.. Then Whom will you marry?? ” laksh pats his back” think about it bhai”lakah said

“ye bhi puchne ki baat hai obviously swara “sanskar immediately reply

Laksh smiles” now think you u hv choosen swara over swati” he left

Sanskar went to his room n thinks about laksh’s words

@swara’s home

Swara was crying sumi came n she wipes her tears

“swara why are you crying “sumi ask

” nothing ma… Vo bas haath mein jalan ho rahi hai ” swara lied.

” shona u r not that much old to lie to your mum”sumi cares her head

Swara hugs her tightly “ma something is happening with me… M going on wrong path”

“firstly stop crying and tell me what happened cz I know my shona can’t do anything wrong “sumi wipes her tears

” ma.. I don’t know but.. I just want to be with.. To be with sanskar sir”she said in low voice while crying

“mtlb?? ” sumi frowned

” mtlb.. U know ma he cares for me alot… He is very kind and humble… He even took me to his house when I was ill(explains how sanskar And Ragini took her MM) ma I know m doing wrong but I can’t stop myself.. Jitna mai unse door jana chahti hoon utna he kareeb aa jati hoon” swara cries

“beta you are doing nothing wrong… You are in love with him… N its perfectly fine… Its ur age to love”sumi said with a smile

“ma he is engaged and will get married in two months “swara said without any expression

Listening to this sumi’s face became pale

” tell me ma.. I did wrong na”swara ask

“u did nothing wrong.. Loving someone is not wrong… But as u know he is getting married then its ur responsibility to control situation… You hv to be careful so that ur love will not affect his marital life” sumi said with a heavy heart

“ma do I really love him? “swara ask innocently

” yes my child… You love him.. But its ur fate that u can’t get ur first love… But yeh dooriyan tumhe bhut kuch sikhayengi… Now sleep “sumi kisses her forehead and left

” I.. I love him “swara said to herself and blushes then she remembers that he is engaged and her smile faded


RagLak were sleeping peacefully then someone knocks the door…

” laksh check Who is at door “Ragini said in sleep

” uhh.. Let it be na ragu.. Let me sleep “saying this he covers himself with comforter

After a while… The knock sry the bang on door became loud and raglak gets irritated

” laksh dekho na.. “Ragini shouts

” uff okay “laksh get up n opens the door

Sanskar was standing there… As soon as laksh Opens the door sanskar hugs him and kissed him on cheek
Ragini’s eyes pop out of socket seeing this.. And laksh was giving him disgusting look

“bhai u were knocking door at 3 just to kiss me ” laksh said

” lucky u asked me na.. Why I had chosen swara over swati I got answer “sanskar said with excitement

Ragini throw a pillow on them n shouts” sanskar plz take him to ur room n tell him whatever you want to… Please let me sleep ” she said n covers herself and slept

Sanskar drags laksh to his room n said” swara is kind.. Humble.. Innocent… Sweet… Charming… Caring… Mature.. Strong.. Knows how to Handel every situation… Thinks for others first… Respect relations…. “before he could say further laksh spoke” bhai its swara’s qualities I hv asked u why u hv chosen her… I thought you will say that you ‘love’ her bt u r impossible ”

” love!!!!! “sanskar said in a shock

” uff yes bhai love… U r in love with swara.. U can’t feel this cz your brain works all time.. Let your heart speak something “laksh said in irritation

” love!! Really?? How to know whether I love her?? No no u r wrong laksh “sanskar said

” bhai when she will go away from you.. Then you will realise that u love her… Now good night “saying this laksh fall on sanskar’s bed n sleep



Swara reaches MM and swati apologizes her

” swara m so sorry for my behavior… I was too stupid.. Plz Forgive me “swati said

” its okay swati mam… “swara said with a smile

” swara tmrw we have a pooja at our house and for that today swati’s dadi and bhai are coming so please prepare something good “ap said

” sure mam.. Kya banau “swara asked

” prepare some marwadi dishes “dp said

” but papaji I don’t think that swara could prepare marwadi food she is bengali na”swati said

“sorry to interept mam.. But I can prepare marwadi food “swara said

” but if u r Bengali then how could you prepare marwadi?? “Ragini asked in confusion

” vo m half bengali and half marwadi… My dad was marwadi so I know about marwadi culture and dishes “swara said

” oh wow… Love marriage haan” Ragini shouts

Swara nods


Swara was trying to get the jar down but could not reach… Sanskar was passing by and saw her struggling… He smiles and put the jar down..

“thanku sir”swara said

“ur welcome miss bose “he winks

” miss bose!?? What happened sir?? I hope you are fine?? Why are you calling me miss bose” swara frowns

“miss bose nahi toh kya mrs maheshwari bulau”sanskar said jokingly

But his words hurts swara alot… They broke swara’s heart in thousands of pieces.. Soon sanskar realises what he said “m so.. So sorry swara I didn’t mean that”

“its okay sir, I know you didn’t mean that… “swara smile slightly

” swara I am really very sorry… I said that in flow.. I don’t want to hurt you… Trust ME ” sanskar said

” I trust you sir.. Please don’t be sorry… I know okay ” swara said

” swaraaa please arrange the food on table “ap shouts

” okay mam coming” swara revert

“excuse me sir “she said n left

Sanskar curses himself for saying that… But somewhere his heart wants that to be true

Swara arranged the food by the time Shlok n Parvati gadodia has already reached

“lets go kakisa… Food is ready “ap said

Both left for dining table

” umm… Its soo yummy.. Just like the way chachi prepare “Shlok said with watery expression

Maheshwaris, n swati were shocked… Whereas Parvati ‘s face became pale

” chachi?? Konsi chachi bhai!! “? Swati asked

Shlok was speechless

” ya Shlok we never knew that kakisa has another son” ap ask

Shlok was again blank

“vo.. Annapurna ji… Shlok is talking about his friend’s mother “Parvati somehow controls the situation

” mam… Can I go earlier toady!??? ” swara seeks permission

” okay.. Beta but please come on time.. N may be you will get late tmrw so be prepared “ap allows her

” okay mam.. I will thanku “she said n left

**till now neither Shlok nor Parvati knows swara’s name**

**swati doesn’t remember anything about sumi or shekhar as she was very young when both left home same goes with swara she too doesn’t remember anything about them **

**Parvati has hided the fact that she had two sons..**

Precap : swara come to know that swati is her sister… Swara goes missing and sanskar realises his love for her…

Next part on Tuesday..

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    But really loved sanlak scene today..???

    1. Meher

      Sachhi mne dil khush kar diya ????

      Sachhi itta maza aaya.. Koi ni next m or b zada maza aayega… ???

      Next will be swasan ??

      1. Serena

        Well aapne kaha swara is missing…kaha bhej rahe ho aap swara ko…..jyaada dur mat bhejna… Pata hai na petrol mehnga hai….sanskaar dhundne niklega toh bohot petrol waste hoga..??????

      2. Serena

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    2. Meher

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  2. Awesome

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  3. Shilpi99

    Hi meher thanks for posting the episode was amazing and exited for next episode how will sanskar tell his feeling to swara eating for next episode☺

    1. Meher

      Hey shilpi…

      Don’t worry sanskar will not tell her.. Only will realize that he loves swara… His confession would come with a jhataka ?

  4. JANPA

    nice episode.loving it……..please update soon……both the ff…..please…..

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  6. Superb meher..? This is a beautiful story. ??

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  8. Wow super. Tum ne tho mera din bana diya.(u made my day).Swara realised her love ???but this poor sanskar is not realising ???.precap is soooo interesting ??????sanskar will realise his love. Yipeeeee.but next part is on Tuesday ??? .will be waiting for Tuesday

    1. Meher

      Aww… M happy that I made your day…

      What to do.. Sanskar is dumb na.. But will realize finally in next

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    Finally,its here . I was missing it badly???
    U know wt kuch iss tarha is ur best ff but this is beyond best according to me????
    Again swati’s drama????
    Fed up with this swati

    1. Meher

      Aww it means alot to me…

      And personaly this ff is closer to my heart…

      Don’t worry kuch din or jhel lo.. After that I will kick her out..

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    Take care???

    1. Meher

      Hehehe… I too love laksh today ???

      I will try to post asap if possible ???

  13. Aami

    soooooooooo happpy……….. ????
    thnqew for the episode…….
    i lve sanskars dailohgues i todays chappy….. whn his immidiate rply fo laksh….. laksh ko answ dene keliye 3 am ko uska room mein chali…. oyee sansakr plz undrstnd u r in love with her…..
    wytng for tuesdy… ???

    1. Meher

      Yeah bechara laksh.. Neend kharab kar di uski ???

      Don’t worry he will realise his love ??

  14. It’s great

  15. Superb loved it 🙂 🙂

  16. Amazing part dear

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  17. Riya

    It was so good meher.. Swara done.. But y is sanky not realizing …yaar meher thoda wit borrow kar do use.. Laksh ke paas to itne khush ho ke aaya tha ki kal hi SWARA SE shading karne wala ho par sare umeedo pe pani Pher diya par I know unke confession ke baad swati madam Ka drama hoga.. Zaroor kuch locha hai.. Mujhe prologue yaad aa raha hai.. Where sanskaar was preponing swati’ sand his marriage due to swara.. Swara accepted his love but refused to be with him.. Bad.. Well upset thinking about it par happines hai na woh Sab KO overpower karle raha hai..

    How’s ur health .. Hope u r fine.. Kitne din aur u have to jhelo this chicken pox

    1. Meher

      Yeah one down… Now sanskar left… ??

      Yeah bechara… Laksh ki neend b kharab ki or apna b popat kra lia

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      I am also thinking this… That he many more days this bechara chicken pox hv to bear me???

      1. Riya

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        Love u .. Tussi great ho

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    Hehe…Swara’s realisation is top…???
    So cute with innocence ???
    Sanskar is like a baby in love…haha??? But even tht is so adorable ? ? ?
    Laksh is the main man here for sanky I guess and that’s so awesome ???
    Overall perfect blend…???

    1. Meher

      Koi ni I will manage with ‘wow’ ?

      Yeah my sweet sansku baby…. Koi nhi.. Bachha hai der m dimag ki batti jlegi… But it will light

      Yo bro love of sanlak ?

  19. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Outstanding babhiji.Tussi badi kamal ho.Loved it.I must say, meri bro ki choice great hein.Chun chun ke heera laye hein.

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  20. Mugdha I told u na ki my frnds used to call me mukku…n when I used to get ill they used to call me like that ‘alle mela mukku’ n pull my cheeks which irritate me a socha tujhe b thoda pareahan kar lu…
    N sanskar ke dimag ki batti kab jalegi…mintos khila sanky ko…Teri dono ff me sanky iyna bada gadha kyu h re?? I think thode badam b khila use akkal ayegi…n I m confused ap n do know sumi but they don’t know shekhar …kitne suspence ….
    Will.wait for ur next epi …n i know u r problem meri massi b esi hi h …god!! Meri mummy se jyada massi dat ti h mujhe…
    Oye ek baat bata do u like kossan character in sr??

    1. Meher

      Lol… Even my friends pull my cheeks only for time pass… But it hurts oowwchh ?

      Oye Kit2 wala sanskar apne senses m ni h use kuch mt bol… Sara kuch iss wale ko bol le ????

      Yeah baby that’s the secret… That they knew sumi bt not shekhar… Wait kr it will be revealed…

      Kissanwa… M loving him… Aye gajabe banda hai… Sabhau bhains ki pooch hai o k samne ???

      1. Oye Mugdha then write a ff onkissan paleejjj….actually teri last ff swasan revenge full comedy thi plz jyada nhi toh ek kisSwa pe ek OS hi sahi …baaaadiii si?…if only u r alright ntime permits
        N mene KIT2 ke sanky ko gadha isliye bola kyunki woh gadho ki tarah us cavity k
        pichhe pada tha n swara ko ditch kiya who.
        actually loved him
        Ye telly update walo ko patani lya dorye pad rhe h …mera comment hi nhi post kar the…its showing u r commenting too fast plz slow down…I mean seriously man mera 2nd comment h ye is pure din me

    2. Meher

      Idea achha hai.. I will definitely write one..

      Actually vo revenge wala galti se comedy ho gya tha.. Lol.. Ab Na dimag m kuch funny aa nhi raha. But kisSwa pe zaroor likungi.. Next Sunday for sure…

      Telly update k sth hota hai ye.. Koi nhi ?

      Bt srsly ye idesera dimag m q nhi aaya.. Ek dum bhains ki pooch hoi gayi hai ?????

  21. Rey

    finally u came i missed it vry badly dear … nd today episode was awesum swara realization s mind blowing eagerly waitng sanky realization .. plzz upload regularly dear

    1. Meher

      So sorry for the delay.

      I will try to post regularly in coming week ?????

  22. Sumeeta

    Maher its nice.i am hardly missed ur story.ur one of my fav writer.but how i missed it i dont know.i had read whole story just simply awsum.i really connect with swaras character

    1. Meher

      Aww thanku so much dear…

      It really means alot to me…

      If u can connect to swara’s character then.. It my achievement… M really glad you like it ???

  23. Meher I was missing you and your ff’s And the epi is nice.

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      Thank you so much afra

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    awesome dear loved it

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  26. Awesome episode dii really very nice. & how r u ? Miss u & ur ff also

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      Aww my sissy missed me..

      I too Missed you alot??

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    1. Meher

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