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Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swara and sanskar’s confusion about their feelings for each other…. Swati reaches MM… Dp n ap saw sumi



Sumi has already slept aa she was tried cz of long journey… But swara was busy in gazing the sky… She remember sanskar’s care for her… And smiles… She recalls his affectationate kiss on her eyes n blushes… The very next moment reality hits her… “what u hv u done… U were supposed to maintain distance but u r going closer to him.. Control swara don’t forget he is ENGAGED to swati mam… N vese bhi.. Tujhe sapne dekhne ka koi haq nahi hai…” she thought and tries to sleep


Sanskar was also thinking about blunder done by him… “yaar what’s happening to me… I can’t understand.. What I feel for swara I hvnt felt this for anyone… Whenever I saw her in pain.. I want to be her shield… May be cz she already has faced alot so that’s why I can’t see her in pain… Ya itz true… Itz just humanity.. Nothing much.. ” he thought and tries to sleep
He closes his eyes and recalls the moment when he kissed her a smile appreared on his face but reality hits and guilt took the place of happiness



Sanskar gets ready early as he doesn’t sleep at all…
“sanskar u r ready… Phew.. I should leave soon so that I Don’t need to face swara.. Vese bhi I can’t face her now “he talks with himself and left in hurry

” aree bhai where are you going… That too so early ” laksh asks him

” vo.. I-i have some work at office so m leaving soon.. “he said in nervousness

” but what about breakfast bhai.. Wait for sometime let me ask ragini to pack sandwich for you “laksh tries to stop him

He looks at watch it shows half past 7″ o no… Swara has habit to come half n hour early n to wait outside… What If we meet … No no I can’t take any risk ” he thought

” I will hv something from canteen… U don’t worry.. Bye laksh.. “he said and ran

Then ragini come and told laksh about Swara’s call
” laksh swara has just called me n said that she will come by 11 today ”

” swara told you that she will come late.. “laksh was shocked

Ragini nods

” something happened ragini… Look bhai left for office early where usually he left around 10:30… And swara use to come at 8 n today she will come at 11… It means both are avoiding each other.. But why” laksh said in confusion

“laksh.. M scared.. Marriage date is near.. N sanskar n swara can’t understand their feelings for each other… We should do something “ragini said

Laksh nods and both think of plan..


Swara reached MM
No one was at home except ragini..

” good morning mam “she said

” morning swara”ragini said

“mam koi ghar mein nahi hai kya… I mean ap mam.. Dp sir.. Laksh sir.. N.. M sanskar sir “she Ask hesitantly

“nopes… M All alone “ragini said

Swara felt relieved

” swara wait.. Keep this medicine on his table “ragini passes a strip

” okay mam.. Vese mam this medicine?? “she ask worriedly

” nothing much swara.. He is allergic to mushrooms bas that’s why we always keep this “ragini said


@maheshwari office

As usual his mind was bzy in working but heart keeps on nudging that he has not seen swara today.. Then aayush(PR manager) came

” ayush tell me one thing “sanskar ask

” yes sure “he said

” yr kabi esa hua hai.. That you feel something for someone which you never felt for anyone… You can’t see your someone in pain.. But still you can’t understand that what that someone means to you and over that what you feel for that someone… You can’t face that someone but at the same time you can’t resist without seeing that someone “?he sighs and said all this in one breath

Here ayush was seeing sanskar with” what-was-that”? look

“ayush “sanskar waves hand ?

” sir.. ? Dp sir has called me.. I will be back soon.. ?? Then i will tell u that ur anyone ?no I mean ur something no no.. I mean what ur someone is something for u..?? “he said and ran head over heels

” I think I should go home.. But.. What If swara “he gets confused

He decides to call ragini to know whether she has come or not

” hello ragini ”

” ya sanskar ”

” ragini.. Where are you.. I mean. If I go home then.. Koi hoga ghar pr”

“no sanskar koi nahi hai”

“what!!! I mean swara? ”

” no she hasn’t come today… Mom n BHABHI went on shopping.. I am out n laksh is in resturant… ”

” okay thank you ”

*call ends*

Sanskar felt relieved and left for home


Sanskar enters kitchen first
” oh god I wish kuch khaane ko mil jaye…”

He searches kitchen and found chapati with mix veg… He have that and left for his room..

Ragini n laksh were seeing all his action
*both of them were at home.. Ragini lied to him.. N they hv sent swara out for some work *

He enters his room n got shocked to see everything at itz proper place… “wow.. I must say mom is magical… She just made my room clean lyk hell”

He opens his laptop and starts to work

Meanwhile swara, ap, dp n swati reaches MM

“mom today I will prepare dinner for you all”swati said

“vo.. Swati mam.. I hv already prepared vegetables and dal ” swara said in low tone..

Swati nods n went in kitchen and strictly prohibit swara or any other member to enter kitchen





these sounds were coming from kitchen

Laksh gulps in fear and said” mom should I call fire brigade and ambulance ”

” laksh.. Why u need to call them”dp frowns

“vo dad those sounds which are coming from kitchen it seems we need doctor and fire brigade… And rahi baat khane ki so that swara or ragini can prepare “laksh said

Ap n dp gave him an angry glare

Soon swati came out and Laksh screams and hide himself under table “aaaaaahhhhhh maaa” ????

Then ragini turns to see swati and reason for laksh’s behavior she too screams and hide with laksh “aaaaahhhhhhhhhh lakshhhh??????”

Ap m dp too turns n got shocked.. Umm no.. Scared would sound better ?

“swati beta.. Ye tum”ap said ?

Listening their screams sanskar came downstairs… This time swati’s back was visible for him
“what happened mom.. Why everyone is sha”he couldn’t complete as he has seen swati’s face

“aaahhh!! ??!! Excuse me behenji aap kon hai.. Whom do you wanna meet and that too in this condition ” sanskar said

**swati was covered with flour from head to toe.. Her black dress turns white.. His face is completely masked with flour(shukla ji theek hai na ye?) **

” itz me sanskar… Ur would be wife swati “she said in irritation

Ragini n laksh came out.. Laksh starts to make weird faces.. Swara looks at him n giggles … Swati saw her laughing n misunderstands that she is laughing at her

” come swati let me help you in cleaning yourself “ap said

” no mom.. Swara is here na she can help me”swati said wickedly

Ap nod n swara went in guest room with swati… Swati bolts the door and held her hand tightly… That hand which has burnt yesterday… Swara cries in pain”awwwoo mam.. Please… My hand.. Aahhh”

“shut up swara… Bada shok hai mere upar hasne ka.. Na” swati squeezed her hand

“aaaaaahhhhhhh!! Mam please.. I was not laughing at You trust me… Aaahhh!! “swara continues to cry

Swati left her hand” what you think.. Haan u can be mrs sanskar maheshwari… Remember swara.. People like you should not dream… No rich prince will come for you… You can’t be a maheshwari… Samjhi swara… Sanskar is mine.. M warning you… Stay away from him n ya don’t you dare to laugh at me again… Bl**dy poor girl… U hv seen only my good side.. Now you will see my bad side… Mark my words “swati said and pushed her out

Swara took her bag n left crying bitterly… She blow air on her hand starts to walk..
Someone saw her and tears skips his eyes too… He took an ointment tube n went behind her” swara wait ”

” sanskar sir my work hours are over now “she said while crying

” swara atlest apply me ointment on your hand” he took her hand in his

She release her hand with a jerk.. Resulting more pain for her “aaawwoochh”

“Enough now!!! Sanskar shouts and applies ointment forcefully

“m sry swara.. Whatever swati said to you please ignore that… Don’t get dishearten.. She is a pampered kid… She is a bit impulsive “he said

” sir… Mam has said nothing wrong.. The way u show sympathy… U feel pity for me.. Anyone would feel wrong “she said

” no swara I never feel pity for you… I my heart is filled with respect for you “he said

” thanku sir, good night “she completely ignore him n left

To be continued…

Precap : laksh helps sanskar in understanding his own feelings

Credit to: Meher

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    1. Abi to nhi jyegi shadi tk… U hv to bear her

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    1. I will disclose her Colors Soon….

      Will try to update soon

  3. Late ho nice epi nd pls make him understnd his feeling fr her nd swaras n sumis cum in frnt of dp n ap thn they nly accept swara pls..waiting fr nxt

    1. Thnku
      In 2 episodes he will understand his feelings…

  4. Awesome part dear… Poor swara

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    1. YupYup I will definitely give you a chance… But before that we should find a good lawyer… ???

    2. Lol… Then ok… Let me finalise date tym n venue ?

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      1. Aahhh. U dnt worry. I will manage. 😛

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    1. Feeling guilty is natural yaar… He is already engaged

      Try to update soon

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    1. They will come to know about her in sanskar n swati’s weddings

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      But I will try to post asap

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    1. M very good but health is very bad… M even worse now… But hopefully will be osm soon..

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    2. For that u hv to wait…

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  25. Meher I have posted a comment do for u on kuch iss tarah page and also one super long comment for Nita … Pls read and forward …. From tomorrow ramazan is going to start and tonight I have to pray taraabi … Takes lot of time has 20 movements and processes consisting of many more movements and recitations in it … Well I’ll not be there from tomorrow … Do read the message on previous page..

    1. Yup I hv seen that n messaged Nita too…

      Ramzan mubarak (hope ese he wish krte hai…. If not then pardon me)

      1. Uff meher… That’s only how we wish… And what matters is our feeling not the words na.. U wished me that’s all… Ok… Take care… Taking everyone’s leave… I’ll be there next month… Now need to sleep cause have to wake up at 3 in the morn

    2. hey Shanaya i have replied to u. plz check. it whenever free.

      1. Hey Nita … This is Anu one of riya and shanaya’s mutual friend … I was just going through the chappy and saw the comment… True say I don’t think that shanaya will comment … She is very devoted …. But I have informed her… May be after breaking the fast and praying then at night she will reply u … But chances are really less..

      2. Nita D

        Thank u so much Anu for conveying my msg to her……??

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    1. Hey Navi…

      Lol it means my bad health is beneficial for u… That’s why I couldn’t write more ??? chalo koi achhi news to millii

      That masked person will reviled as story proceeds.

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      Hey Naina,
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