Yeh dooriyan (Episode 12) (confusion about feelings)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swara n swati are cousins… Swara gets threat to stay away from sanskar… Sanskar n Swara’s candid moment


Swara took a pillow n hits him with that… ONE… TWO… THREE… She continues to hit him… N both laugh wholeheartedly….

RagLak were seeing this scenario And gets happy…

“aww they look so adorable na… “ragini said while putting her head on laksh’s shoulder

” ha ragini.. But we hv to unveil swati soon… “laksh said

” hmm.. Or else that girl will divide our home.. “ragini said seriously

” don’t worry ragini… We will never let that girl succed in her Plan ” laksh said determinedly

Meanwhile swara n sanskar

” aaahhh swara stop it.. “sanskar tries to save himself from her

“no way.. How dare u to tease me..” swara keeps on hitting him with the pillow

“just a main.. Swara then “saying this he stand up and held her hands tightly

His touch makes her numb… He get lost in her eyes… And looses his balance and he fell on swara…. She closes her eyes cz of their closeness
Kitne dafe dil ne kaha
Dil ki suni kitne dafe]]

Sanskar realises his position and immediately gets up… And stand away… Both were surrounded by an awkward silence..

“m.. M sorry swara “he broke the silence and left

” swara control yourself “she thought in mind

[[Waise toh teri na mein bhi
maine dhoond li apni khushi
Tu jo agar haan kahe
toh baat hogi aur hi]]

“sanskar behave yourself… … Swara kya sochegi tere bare me… U r engaged “he hits his head

Here swara wants to go home cz she was still in her night dress but ragini gave her a saree to wear… Which sanskar had bought for swati but she denied to take that

After sometime swara came downstairs and sanskar gets mesmerised seeing her in Orange colored saree…

“bhai hwz she looking “laksh asks

” beautiful “he said without blinking

” sir what you wanna eat “swara ask

” errr… Nothing “he came back to senses

” sir??? “she looks at him confusingly

” ha.. Vo “before he could complete they head someone calling sanskar… All went towards the door… Sanskar got shocked… Whereas RagLak were making weird faces seeing the person..

She came n hug sanskar tightly” sanskar… M back. ”

” ya welcome back “he said n releases the hug…

Whereas swara didn’t like her hugging sanskar.. Then swati notice swara and went towards her” hey hwz you… Hope you are fine… Btw what are you doing here ”

” she is mom’s caretaker swati BHABHI ” Laksh said and stress the last word

Swati ignored him

” hy m swati gadodia.. N future mrs. Sanskar maheshwari “she forwards her hand

” hello mam.. Swara.. Swara bose” she shakes her hand

“swara!! I think I hv heard this name somewhere “swati said

“let it be na swati kaha tum naam ke peeche par gai” sanskar said

“Yup.. U r right… U know what I am so excited for our marriage…. Come I will show u something “swati said n drags sanskar in

” swara don’t u dare to enter in kitchen… We will hv food from laksh’s resturant “sanskar shouts

” yr laksh.. Only I feel negative vibes from her or u too feel the same “ragini wispers

“no ragu… Even I feel negative vibes from her” laksh replied..

“ragini mam.. Can I go back home… m not feeling well… “swara seeks permission

“but swara u will be all alone at home.. Stay here na.. n vese bhi bhai ne kaha tha tumhe rukne k liye ” laksh insists

“nahi sir.. M sorry but I wanna go home.. Please “she ask in crying tone

Both understand that she has felt bad seeing swati with sanskar

” okay.. Swara you can go.. And call me if you need any help ” ragini said

Swara nods and left..

@sanskar’s room

He was sitting with swati as soon as swara step out of MM.. Sanskar’s heart feels an immense pain.. Which can’t be described in words

[[ Milke bhi hum na mile tum se na jaane kyun
Meelon ke hai faasle Tum se na jaane kyun
Anjaane yeh silsale Tum se na jaane kyun
Sapne hai Palkon tale tum se na jaane kyun…]]


Swara enters her home.. N throw purse on floor.. She lie on bed n cries hard

“why I feel bad seeing sanskar sir with swati mam.. It should not affect me.. She is his fiancée…. She has full right on him.. Then why.. I feel pain seeing him with anyone else… Swara.. swara… Control your emotions… What rubbish you are thinking.. Itz a sin even thinking about him ” she cries and nerves herself


@Sanskar’s room

“sanskar look at this.. Howz this dress” she shows him a catalog

“nyc”he said with a fake smile

“u know sanskar m so excited… Finally m getting married… I hv been waiting for this since long..” she put her head on his shoulder and clutches his arm

“umm.. Vo.. Ya m also excited… But swati I hv an urgent work… I will be back in a hour” he releases himself and escapes

“escape as much as you can… You are only mine sanskar… What you think I can’t see that you are falling for that swara.. But don’t worry I won’t let her come near you” she said to herself

Sanskar searches for swara in whole MM but couldn’t find swara… He finally ask laksh about her”lucky where is swara?? ”

” bhai she has left for her home “he said calmly

” what!! Why!! Oh god she was unwell then… I hv instructed her not to go anywhere… But this girl is so stubborn na.. Never listen to me” sanskar said all in one breath

“bhai.. Ghar.. Ghar hota hai… U can’t give her homely touch here… N don’t forget bhai.. She is just a caretaker nothing more “laksh smirks

” no.. I mean.. Ya I know.. But humanity bhi kuch hoti hai “sanskar Search words to answer

“bhai it is high time.. You should understand your feelings For swara… Before itz too late.. Before that termite swati enters our family “laksh thought

” are yar I wanna meet her.. But how.. I should have any reason too.. Soch sanskar soch… Yeah got it… I can take lunch for her… No no no.. Umm.. Ya.. I.. I can.. I can what.. I hv no reason to meet her” sanskar gets irritated

“laksh I think swara has left her wrist watch Here ” ragini said

And sanskar got an idea

” ragini give that to me.. I will return that to her… She must be searching for this.. Thank you ragini ” he grabs the watch n ran from there

” ye sanskar ko kya hua”ragini asked in confusion

“pyaar my dear ragu… Bhai ko pyaar hua hai ” laksh said smilingly

After a while swati came searching for sanskar…

” where is sanskar “she ask rudely

” in my pocket… Nikal ke doon bhai ” laksh said sarcastically

” m seriously asking.. Where is my sanskar “swati shouts..
” go n search him.. Swati” ragini said firmly

“bhabhi… Swati bhabhi.. Don’t forget m sanskar’s fiancée “swati said

” ya.. Ya.. U r sanskar’s fiancee.. But jab tak hum hai.. You can enter our house.. Swati bhabhi” laksh said n emphases on bhabhi word

“I know what you both are planning… U want that girl swara to be sanskar’s wife… But don’t worry I won’t let you guys to get succeed in your nasty plan… Mark my words “swati challenges them

“let’s see swati… Who will win.. Your greed or our faith… We will safeguard our family from you… You know sometimes I thought that you n shlok bhai aren’t real siblings.. “laksh said

” don’t you… Laksh.. M warning you… I will marry him.. N your sanskar will prepond his marriage with me.. Just wait and watch “she said confidently

” let’s see BHABHI “both said in unison


Here sumi came back to Delhi… She has hired an auto..
dp n ap ‘s flight too has landed in Delhi and both hired a cab to go to home..

It was red light and sumi’ s auto n dp’s cab were stopped beside each other…

“sharmishtha “ap said in shock

” what!! where!! “dp asked in total shock…

She points towards the auto and dp too got shocked seeing her… He lowers the window n calls her” sharmishtha bhabhi” but it was late ..

And soon her auto disappeared

“if sharmishtha is alive then.. Shonali.. They are chances that Shonali is also alive ” ap said with hopefull eyes

” I hope.. So.. Itz been years.. “dp said with teary eyes


@swara’s place

Sanskar knocks the door.. And swara open the door… There the moment stopped.. swara was lost in sanskar’s eyes and sanskar was lost in her innocent face..

[[ Meri bechainiyon ko chain mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Mere deewanepan ko sabr mil jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye]]

Swara brokes the gaze “what you want sir”

“you” he said without realizing

“excuse me sir “she frowns

” I.. I mean your watch.. U left this.. At my home.. “he passes watch to her

She took the watch and said” thanku sir “she was about to shut the door but sanskar stopped her” u won’t call me in”

“come in sir” she ask him to come without any interest..

“sir you sit here n I will prepare tea for you”swara said without any expression..
Sanskar sat there and keeps adoring swara.. She too steals the glimpse of sanskar in between…

She by mistake burns her hand.. the whole tea fell on her hand and she cries “aaawwoochh”

Sanskar immediately ran n puts her hand under cold water

“what the hell can’t you even make tea carefully… What If something happens to you… “he scolds her

” sir itz burning.. “she cries

He ask for ointment and applies that on her hand.. And tears were continously brimming from her eyes ” bas.. It will be fine.. Can’t you do anything properly.. U hv hunted urself 3 times in 3 days… Cm’on swara.. Be careful ” he scolds

” m sorry “she said with puppy face and sanskar Melts seeing her expressions

He cups her face and kissed her teary eyes” don’t worry.. I will be with you ”

Soon both feels Odd specially sanskar cz he has kissed her eyes…

” shoot… Man.. Why I can’t control myself whenever I saw her in pain”he thought and left..

“swaraa control yourself… What were you doing “she cursed herself


Swati came running to sanskar and shows her finger To him “look sanskar I got hurt while making food”

“hmm.. Next time be careful “he casually said n left

To be continued….

Precap : swati insulting swara

Credit to: Meher

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      1. Arre dear, meher is my babhi and sanky is my bro.So, babhi se jake nek maango.

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    Ur loyal reader

    1. Thnku so much dear

      Actually swati isn’t possessive lover… U will get to know that as track progress

      Ya I do think same… Dude when he/she doesn’t loves u why u keep on begging… Love isn’t a thing itz a feeling… N those who can sacrifice their love hv the purest feeling

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    1. Thnku so much

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