Yeh dooriyan (Episode 11) (relations)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : sumi left for Kolkata… Sumi meeting golu.. attempt to murder on swara… Sanskar becomes her saviour


” swaraaa!!! Don’t you dare to say like that again…. Samjhi ” sanskar held her shoulder tightly and shouts…

A fear.. A pain is evident in his eyes… But the feeling is still new for both of them….

“leave me sir” she releases herself

“swara if at this point of time u step out of room then u don’t need to come back MM … Not even for Annapurna mam” sanskar said rudely

“what… “swara looks at him with teary eyes

” yes u only told me yesterday that m ur employer.. ur boss… So u hv to follow my orders… Or else u can leave the job.. But I know how badly u need job… Final decision is urs” sanskar said without any expressions

She was numb… She don’t know how to react… She quietly starts walking in

“now where are you going ” sanskar asked

” m going to sleep “she said innocently with teary eyes

Sanskar smirks seeing her…
She was walking but cz of sprain n weakness she tremble n sanskar held her and supports her…

[[Mann yeh saahib ji
Jaane hai sab ji
Phir bhi banaye bahaane
Naina nawaabi ji
Dekhe hain sab ji
Phir bhi na samjhe ishaare
Mann yeh saahib ji haan karta bahaane
Naina nawaabi ji na samjhe ishaare
(na samjhe ishaare)

Dheere dheere, nainon ko dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere dheere, bhaayo re Saibo
Dheere dheere, begaana dheere dheere
Apna sa dheere dheere, laage re Saibo]]

As soon as she fall asleep trio left

——— —————————————————–



“golu… M going.. Today I will talk to her in any condition “sumi said

” chachi… Wait even I will come with you… “he said

Both drove to that villa

“stop right there sharmishtha… Don’t you dare to enter my home” old lady said

“q dadi… Why chachi can’t enter here. Itz her house too… She has full right to come in” man said

“ENOUGH shlok… Stay in your limits… Don’t forget that m ur dadi” lady said

{guys this is same Sholk… Swati’s brother}

“n dadi u too don’t forget that this lady is sharmishtha… Sharmishtha shekhar gadodia… Ur daughter in law… How come u behave like this with her”sholk roars

“she is not my daughter in law… Sholk…”she shouts

“Correct neither she is ur bahu n nor swara is ur grand daughter”shlok said sarcastically

” shlok.. Ask this lady what she wants” Parvati gadodia said uninterestedly

“ma.. I don’t want anything… I just want those bangles which.. Which shekhar had made for swara ” sumi said politely

” u wont get anything from here.. Understand… Now get lost” Parvati said

“m sry ma.. But those bangles belongs to my shona.. I hv never asked anything or any help from you… But I hv right on that… “sumi said with determination

” m nt gonna give anything to u sharmishtha.. “she denies

Meanwhile shlok.. Went in a room n took out a box… And ask sumi…” chachi… U want these bangles na!! ”

Sumi nods

” take this then… N chachi don’t worry… Ur golu will always be with you… No matter what… I will stand beside u n shona.. (turns to Parvati) chahe kisi ko pasand ho ya na ho.. “he said determinedly

Dadi was fuming… With shlok’s Sudden act… But she can’t say anything.. Cz he does nothing wrong…

Both left gadodia house

“beta thanku so much.. I can’t repay u”sumi said

“chachi… Ye kya aap… Now u will say thank you to me… How bad… It means ke aap mujhe apna beta nahi manti na” shlok said with a puppy face

“nhi beta.. Nothing like that… U r my son.. “sumi said

” achha chachi.. I wanna tell u one good news… Ur swati is getting married in 3 months” shlok told her with full on happiness

“oh god… My little swati is getting married… Tym flew… Kal he ki baat thi tum dono chhote chhote kadmo se mere peeche ghoomte the” sumi said nostalgicly

“ya chachi.. Itz just like a dream.. soon my shona will also get married… I will find a prince for my shona too” shlok winks

——— —————————————————–


Swara woke up n found sanskar sitting on the couch n staring her…

“good morning sanskar sir”she wish him

“u r late swara ” he said like a boss

” HUH??” she stares

“u r late swara.. Ur work hours starts at 8… N itz 10 now… “he said

” m.. Sry.. Sir… M really very sorry… I.. Just… No.. First I will make breakfast… No no no… First I will give u ur tea… Uff no… Before that.. I should give Laksh sir his juice… M sry sir.. Just 15 mins ” she panics like hell

Here sanskar was smiling seeing her

” swara sit”he said

Swara stares at him confusingly…

“are u deaf… I said sit”He said..

Swara quietly follows his orders… Then he left and swara was damn confused “why sanskar sir cares too much for me.. Uff swara u are thinking too much.. Sanskar sir is so humble.. N kind… That’s why… Otherwise who will care for servant… But still I should maintain distance from him or else he may fall in danger… I should not forget what he said to me”

****FLASHBACK ****

Previous night

Swara came in n lock the door.. She gets fresh and was about to prepare food… She heard a knock on the door

“whoz there” she ask..

No response

She went towards the window which is adjacent to the door.. N peeps out from that… Suddenly that masked man starts to knock at window pane.. She again gets scared seeing him

“w-what you.. W-want “she hardly manages to say..

The masked man broke the pane with the Handel of the knife but he couldn’t enter the room cz of grill
(that’s what’s it called acctual window… Not like the one in serials.. Damn unsafe.. ???)

He throw a crumpled paper ball in n swara took that n read that out

“stay away from sanskar… Or else it won’t be good for him”

He again starts to knock the door.. She got scare from him n hide herself in the cupboard


Sanskar came in room with a tray..

“sir ye ” she was shocked

” breakfast… For us.. Today I want to hv my breakfast with you.. “he said with a smile

” sir 10 bje breakfast… “she looks at him shockingly

” aree ha so… Now have this cz rats are playing badminton in my stomach “he said in a funny tone

She recalls his previous attempt to prepare breakfast… She gulps in fear and ask” sir did u prepare this ???”

Sanskar was about to tell her truth that ragini has prepared this but seeing Swara’s expression he thought to tease her.. “ofcourse swara… Or kon banayega hv this”.. He passes plate

” bhagwaan ji. Plz save me.. I don’t want to die soon… “she murmures

He Listened to her and continues” swara.. Hv this na.. What are you waiting for ”

” yes sir”she gathers courage n hv itz bite… And thought “itz edible… Wait.. Itz tasty.. But how… ”

“sir u didn’t prepare this na Correct “she asked in curiosity

” na.. Ragini has prepared this…. I thought to tease u” he said while eating without realizing what he said

“how bad sir ” swara shouts

He realised what he said” oh shoot… ”

Swara took a pillow n hits him with that… ONE… TWO… THREE… She continues to hit him… N both laugh wholeheartedly….

RagLak were seeing this scenario And gets happy…

To be continued…

Precap: swati to come mm

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  1. Superb as usual…. Continue soon…..

    1. Thnku so much dear

  2. rats are playing badminton 🙂 Superb 🙂

    1. Hehehehe thank you di

  3. awesome….. want to see what swati reaction by seeing swara… is she knows swara?

    1. Ya she knows swara… She n sanskar drop her at hospital remember

  4. meher dear i was a silent reader of ur ff but today i broke my silence it was amazing superb rocking dear keep it up
    keep smiling

    1. Thnku so much dear

      M glad that you lyk it….

      Keep reading ???

  5. Super?.swati is swaras tho aur bhi maza ayega.buT who is rhat masked man???y is he doing that?????omg these many questions.mera sar phat jayega?????hahahaha. waiting for next episode. post daily if possible

    1. Soon will get to know about that man…

      Dont think too much… Dear

      I will be regular once I set my schedule ??

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    Relations…..bahut shocking hai ???but simultaneously rocking hai ???
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      Thnku so much nanadji

  9. Priya tripathi

    Awesome like always meher

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    1. Hv patience devar ji… Vo b pta chal jyega..

      Nhi gaye yr ????… U know yes I was writing n they literally got into my phn n were like ‘kya h… Kyu h… Kis liye h’

      Sachhi chappy was smal??

  11. wow…..awesome meher… swara s swati’s sis…..but both do no they r sisters…..even swara belongs to rich family…..amazing

    1. Yeah both doesn’t know that they are sisters…

      Swara only belongs to a rich family…. She is not rich

  12. Hi meher di. I am a silent reader. I commented in kuch iss tarah 2 also. Amazing episode. If I am correct in the potrait episode the potrait u mentioned is by swara’s dad. Well shocked by the fact that swati and swara are cousins. We need to see when time comes whom will shlok support swara or swati.

    1. Hello dear….

      M glad that you lyk it…

      Yeah that would be most interesting… That whom will he support..

      1. Meher di thank u so much for replying. First i saw anjali di’s reply to my comment on mr maheshwari and i and my joy knew no bounds. And then when i saw ur reply also i thought this is one of the best days of my life. ☺️☺️☺️☺️??????
        Thank u so much for replying. It means a lot to me

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      There was a ff “that attempt which changed my life” itz was also good

      I dreamt a dream by sindhuja

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      1. Thanks fr the suggestions meher di. I have read the ff by saba.

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  14. Wah kya mast epi tha…… Sanskar aww kyun sab swara ko blackmail karte rehte h…. N OMG swara aur swati cousins h one is so rich and in so good condition and swara… God how much of difference in them and why that dadi was indifferent with shomi OK golu is brother….. Awesome epi

    1. Cz swara protagonist hai…. Isiliye sb uske peeche hai…

      Yup… But still swara is happy….

      Reason for dadi’s behavior will soon get relieved

  15. Hoo…this tym u ended it with a smile.. Tnk goodness! Actually aapki badi pariwaar ek choti bachi hona chahiye! 😛
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    Swath and swara are cousins???

    1. Yup they are…

  22. awesome episode Meherji…… n sorry for so lare comments….. rats pakdam pakdi khelte hai wo suna hai par batminton pahle bar sunna…. btw madamji aap kal kaha the???

    n mein tumhe kya bulau??? sanky n laksh toh mere saale sahab hue… but tum, anjali n eva ko kya bulau??

    1. are i forgot to write….
      it means that swara n swati r cousins….. so when sanky breaks up witg swati for swara then whose side golu will b???? n how will swara react when she comes to know that swati is his fiance.??? but swara know thats swati is her cousin right?

      1. haan bhabhi mujhe baad mein strike hua ke jab swara ka chotu sa accident ho gaya tha tab swati bhi sanky ke saath usko hospital le gai thi. warna tabhi pehchan jaati

        n plz bhabhi try n post today also. if not both then atleast one…

    2. Kal bzy thi… N aaj bhi… Hopefully aaj sab ja re hai.. So kl se I will be regular…

      Hum bhabhi hai aapki???

      That we will se whom golu will support…

      Swara n swati doesn’t know that they are cousin n na he swara ko pta hai ke swati he sanskar ki fiance hai

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