Yeh dooriyan (Episode 10) ( fear)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : laksh sent swara n sanskar to faridabad fir arranging small party for ragini… Sanskar panics seeing swara missing


She starts to walk but each step was difficult for her…. Suddenly a car stopped infront of her n she got shocked…. And starts to sweat… She was afraid of the person sitting in car….

The person step out of car n swara starts to move back.. She wants to scream but couldn’t.. His face was covered with a mask and had a knife in hand

“w-what u want” swara hardly say

Finally she fell on road… That man was about to stab her n she screamed “aaaaaahhhhhhh ???”
But suddenly someone pulled her… And they both roll down the road…
After that both get up n swara said “sanskar sir”

And hugged him tightly..” sshhh don’t cry m here na.. Kuch nhi hua..”

“u know how much I was scared “she said while sobbing

” mera bachha m here stop crying u r safe Now ” sanskar cares her hair n tried to calm her down

After a while she was sound… He shouts” are u crazy who told u to go home alone at this point of time.. U know itz not safe ”

” I want to go home.. “she said innocently

” why… Are we vampires who will suck ur blood if u stayed at our farmhouse for one night ” he continues

” sir a night matters alot.. My mum is not at home… U don’t know our society they will not take even a minute to bad mouth about my Character “she said calmly

Sanskar too found her talks sensible and agreed to drops her at home..


Swara was still scared of that moment she was shivering (like someone has putted her on vibration mode??)

” swara everything is fine Now ” sanskar said

” hmm ” that all she can say

” do u know him”he asked

“obviously yes… He was my hubby “swara said in irritation

” swara “he said Lil bit angrily

” ok fine.. Sir obviously I don’t know who was he and why he wants to kill me… “swara said to him

Sanskar kept on thinking about that incident n soon they reached her home” lo tumhara ghar aa gya ” he said

” thanku sir”she said n left.
“swara ” he shouts

” yes sir”she asked in gesture

“take care… “he said

Swara smile n left




Sumi reached a bungalow… She took a deep breath and rang the bell

” yes whom do u wanna meet” servent asked her

“I wanna meet ur badi malkin “sumi said

” aap kon ” servant again enquired

” tell her that sharmishtha wants to meet Her ” sumi said

Servant went in n inform an old lady about sumi’s arrival
” tell her that I don’t want to meet Her ” that old lady said..

Servant nods n told sumi that she is denieng to meet her

” I am not going anywhere until u meet me… And itz final ” sumi shouts and sat at the door

Itz noon n still no one has came to sumi n she is sitting at door… Then a car stopped infront of her… A tall man of 27 stepped out of the car… And Removes his shades and looked at sumi.. He touched her feet… With his sudden action sumi got shocked

“beta m sry I didn’t recognize you ” sumi said

” aapne aapne golu ko nahi pehchana” he said

“golu.. U r my golu.. U hv grown up smartly “sumi’s eyes welled with tears and she hugged him

” but u r still killing beautiful chachi “he winks

” naughty ” sumi hits him playfully



Sanskar came home in evening as ap n dp are leaving for jaipur to attend a family wedding… His eyes scans the house n found swara no where

” mom where is swara “he asked

” she didn’t come today Beta ” ap said

” what!!! ” sanskar asked in shock.. Then round of bad thoughts go throw his mind

” any problem sanskar “dp asked

” no dad nothing ” sanskar said

Then dp n ap bid goodbye to all and as soon as they left
Sanskar panics” laksh m going to see swara… Something is nt well ”

“are are wait… WHat happened bhai… Y r u so tensed… Hoga koi kaam use.. Don’t worry she will come tmrw “laksh said casually

” no lucky u r not getting me.. Vo ” he explains about that incident

” what!!! ” both raglak were shocked

” sanskar wait.. Even I will come with u” ragini said

Sanskar nods n both left


The door was locked from inside.. Sanskar somehow manages to enter in her room from back window… Then he open the gate n ragini too went in…

“where is swara… Kaha ja sakti hai “ragini said

” no no ragini.. She will be here only Door was locked from in” sanskar said

Both searches the room n kitchen n even bathroom but swara was no where to be found…

“Damn.. Where she is “he bang his fist on cupboard

With the shock the door of cupboard opened n both got shocked to see swara there..

” swara ” sanskar immediately took her in his embrace

” oh god ragini she Is burning in fear “sanskar said in concern

” sanskar we should take her with us.. We can’t leave her here “ragini said

Both with lots of hardwork took swara to the car without get noticed by anyone.


Swara was lying on bed n sanskar was holding her hand…

” it seems she is scared of something… N thats the only reason of this fever ” doc said

” doctor… Nothing is serious na.. She… She is fine na “sanskar asked him

” no.. Nothing is serious but the she will face weakness for few days take care of her and give her proper rest… And these medicines “doctor handed a prescription and left

” bhai i’ll take medicines “laksh said n left…

” ragini plz bring cold water… Putting wet bandages would affect more ” sanskar said to ragini n she left

Ragini give him waters n he puts wet bandages on her forehead…

She got her senses in midnight… N as soon as she open her eyes she got scared seeing new place.. But she found a grip on her hands and found sanskar sleeping peacefully on her hand…. She immediately removes her hand resulting in waking him up

“swara hwz u feeling now… U scared me like Like hell ” he said and put a hand on her forehead to check fever

” sir please “she shove his hand

Sanskar was confused… She immediately get up from bed… ” swara u need rest.. Plz ” he said

” no sir I hv to go to home.. “she said

” swara stop… Whats your problem haan… U were burning in fever so I took u here for ur betterment Only ” sanskar shouts

Listening his voice Raglak to came there

” for god sake.. Please stop thinking about my betterment sir” she fold her hands infront of him.

“swara behave urself… Atlest don’t shout on bhai… U were i’ll that’s why he brought u here” laksh said

“I didn’t ask him to take care of me laksh sir… Sanskar sir ko kya farak padta hai ke main maru ya jiyu or pdta bhi hai toh nahi padna chahiye “she said

” swaraaa!!! Don’t you dare to say like that again…. Samjhi ” sanskar held her shoulder tightly and shouts…

A fear.. A pain is evident in his eyes… But the feeling is still new for both of them….

To be continued…

Sry for short update as I hv relatives at my place…

Credit to: Meher


  1. Nita

    babu its awesome…… i just loved it…… the way sanky is caring for swara n falling for her….. lovely…..
    wase, is swara going away from sanky because of Ap in today’s episode also or some other reason??? n who is this person who wants to kill swara?? usne kisi ka kya bigada hoga??? pase wali bhi nahi hai…
    n that old lady seems to be MIL of sumi….
    n in last episode y did laksh say ke swati ka asli chehra pata jalega????

    omg so many question….. but u have to answer each one of them…..

    • Reason will soon be reviled…

      Kya bigada hai ye bhi jaldi pta chalega…

      Old lady kon hai ye kl pta chalega.. Dhamake ke sath…

      Swati ka bhi scene theek nhi hai ????

  2. Sree

    Bhabhi seems like a new twist . Konsa bhi twist ho agar swasan pas athe hai toh main bohot kush hun. BTW vibrating mood was very nice?? poor sanky apne feelings ko bhi samaj nahi paraha hai?? try to post nxt soon

  3. Shipra

    Hi di. Episode was nice. But I have a question in this FF Ap & Dp is in Positive or Negative role..Love U lots Di and Happy Birthday Eva Di.. May God Bless you. And U write more ff. BTW when is your birthday Di…

  4. Dharsha

    Fear is the only word I am afraid of???
    Ya…but to say truly I am reading this chappy with fear and shivering really?
    I must say it’s a really good good chappy….
    Enjoyed with fear…..the unknown fear?

  5. Hi Meher I m silent reader of ur all ff …..but I can’t stop myself to comment …..I think swara father n dp are friend…..n swara belongs to rich family she don’t have any idea that’s way someone try to kill her bcoz of property…sumi go to meet family members

  6. Serena

    Hi Di,sorry for late comment…actually now days m bit lazy…coming to chappy …I don’t think I need to say….????asUsual AWESOME…

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