yeh dooriyan (dadi’s truth out) – Episode 35


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : ap, SanLakRag join hands on ghost drama.


Somewhere in a house a girl was sitting on floor surrounded by many pics of a small girl.. and has a locket in her hand…

Then a guy came n spoke “shonali”

That girl said in a cold tone “don’t you dare to call me Shonali again”

She turned her face and was nimisha sanskar’s pa

“Shonali has died 19 years back. M nimisha. You better never call me that Ashish” she said

“M sorry nimi I was just… Umm… voo”Ashish fumbles

“It’s okay for now but never call me Shonali” she said strictly

“Vese nimisha why you hate swara this much? I mean she is your sister na.” Ashish ask with curiosity

“Cz she has snatched everything from me.. my mother.. my life.. everything!!! She isn’t my sister she is Shekhar Baba’s daughter. You know Ashish mom always does partiality between us. For her swara was priority. You know now she has given my name to her.. ma use to call me Shona.. and now.. she calls her Shona. I even tried to kill her in childhood but to my badluck water swept me away instead of swara.. but luckily some fishermen saved me” she said sadly.

Ashish pulls her in a hug

“It’s okay nimi…we will make her life hell.. jitta Tum tadpi ho apno k pyaar ke liye vo bhi tadpegi” Ashish said

“Yes Ashish we will.. we will make her life hell.. she has to pay for all my sleepless night when I was craving for mom’s love.. I will seperate her from her family.. I will snatch her sanskar from her” shonali said wickedly

“And I will snatch sanskar’s new project from him. I don’t care about you n your revenge.. nimisha baby” Ashish thought in mind



SwaSan were sleeping peacefully. Swara’s back was glued to sanskar’s chest. Sanskar has putted one hand on her bare waist as her kurti was hooked up.

She slowly opened her eyes and murmurs “good morning sanskar”

“Good morning”he said n nuzzle his nose in her neck

She tried to get up but he was not allowing her to get up.

“Sanskar leave me! I have to prepare breakfast”she said

“We are on trip swara”he said

“So? people don’t eat breakfast on trip!?”she frowned

“Huh! You are so unromantic “he said and leaves her with a jerk

“Sanskar!!” She rolled her eyes on him

Sanskar covered himself fully with comforter and swara smiled at his childish gesture


Here dadi woke up and found herself sleeping in bathroom.

“Chalo last night I somehow saved myself but today either I will change my room or leave this place”dadi said to herself and gets ready while chanting Hanuman chalisa

She steps out of the room and as soon as she step out ap put a hand on her shoulder and dadi shivered with fear


Dadi somehow turned and sighed to see ap

“Kakisa you are fine na? I mean the ghost doesn’t harm you Na?” Ap ask with fake concern

“Ahh! No!! I know so many ticks that ,that ghost ran head over heels”dadi said

“Head over heels! My foot”Ap mumers

“Let’s go to have breakfast kakisa”ap said with fake smile

“Hmm.. let’s go” dadi said

@breakfast table

Everyone Was having breakfast but someone was angry with food or you can say with the one who has prepared food.

“Sanskar beta what happened why aren’t you eating” sumi ask

“Nothing ma.. it’s just food is not tastey” sanskar said while glaring swara

Swara smiled as she knew it’s his childish anger saying.

This makes him more furious he got up and said “m done!”

Swara got worried but she let it be as it’s his daily routine to tease swara


Everyone was discussing about the further plan to reach dadi a lesson

“So ragini will attack on dadi..”sanskar said

“Yeah and I will make sure to scare the hell out of her”ragini smriks

“Ragu apne asli roop me aa ke dadi ko ese mat darana ke dadi mar var he jaye”laksh said

Ragini Hits him playfully

“But one problem!” Ragini said

“What!! ” SanLak n ap ask in unison

“Vo ma last night while coming out from window my white saree got torn n I haven’t other saree. Do you have?”ragini ask hopefully

“M sorry beta I don’t have any white saree here”ap said

“But swara has” Sanskar spoke immediately

“Really!! But does she have that here?” Ragini ask

“Yeah she has actually I like that saree so I asked her to pack that.. and she looks like angel in that”sanskar said while dreaming

Ap Hits him playfully

“Our plan will get started exactly at 9 sanskar, laksh, ragini don’t forget about your positions okay?” Ap instructs

All nods yes

“Achha achha I will bring that saree ” Sanskar said


Sanskar enters the room n saw swara doing something

“Huh!! Some people don’t have time for their family members”sanskar said with pout

“Hahahaha you look so cute with this expression”swara said

“Huh! I hate you swara.. you are so unromantic.. you never spend time with me.. and even in this trip you make yourself bzy with household works.. I mean when you will join you office what will happen then?” He said in irritation

Swara realised that he is saying correct she doesn’t spend time with family or more particularly with sanskar.

“I have a plan for that.. we will go on long drive tonight”she said hugging him from back

He turned n put his arms on her shoulders ‘hmm… Not bad! You are improving yourself”

“M just following your footsteps Mr maheshwari”she said

“Hmm.. so get ready by 11 Mrs maheshwari”he said and kissed her forehead



Elders were talking in the garden and all the youngsters were getting bored

“Are yaar do something atleast this trip doesn’t looks like a trip” Trisha said

“Haww Trisha what are you saying we can’t do anything here for that we need to go in room” shlok whispers in her ear making her blush

“Shlok!!” She rolled her eyes on him

“Let’s play something” swyam suggests

“What!” All ask in unison

“Hide n seek”swati immediately spoke

“I agree” laksh said

“Me too” sanskar said

“Then let’s all play” sanskar said and the game starts

“Okay so shlok will count 100 till then we all will hide” Trisha said

All nods and run here n there to hide. The game was going on full swing, everyone was bzy in playing that when clock strikes 9 they didn’t notice.

“Okay so this will be final round swati go n count”sanskar said

And the final round begin.

By chance RagLak entered in same room and laksh notice the time

“Ragu! It’s 9 I think we should start our plan” laksh said

“I agree but what about game I don’t wanna loose” she said with a pout

“We won’t loose you go n change and start scaring dadi” he said and she nods

Meanwhile SwaSan were also in same room unaware of eachother’s presence
Suddenly light goes off n it gets dark all around. ?

They didn’t see each other, Swara comes from one side..n Sanskar from the other n both get dashed into eachother?

As soon as it happens, they both shout “aaaaaaa”

Suddenly they both realize they are together.?

“Swara??” Sanskar ask

“Sanskar??” Swara confirms

Swara is about to say something loudly but Sanskar closes her mouth with his hands.

“Uff..swara.. don’t shout. We’ll get caught.?” He said seriously

“Hhmmm…..”she makes some sound

“Arey what? Say clearly na” sanskar said in irritation

Then he realizes his hand is still on her mouth??
He removes it soon. ?

” Ah… you got just this room in the whole house??” She ask angrily

“? even i can say the same. Btw, don’t lie..i know you came after me?” he said teasingly

” Oh please! Rather i think you came after me” she said with attitude

“Really” he frowned

“Yes !.. you don’t leave me anytime..” she continued

Sanskar finds her being a bit Funny, so he gets into that mood too?

“When one has such beautiful wife, why will he leave her?” He smriks

” You are becoming so shameless”she blushes

” I’m not at fault.” He Said

“Oh really… then who is?” She ask innocently

” You.”he said

“me??”. She ask shockingly

” Haan… you’re so cute that i never wish to leave you for a second”he said
N he kisses her cheek suddenly shocking her?

“Sanskar.. we’re playing game.. stop it.. Someone would come…”she said while blushing

“Let them. I don’t care?” he said

” You won’t stop han…ok.. you stay here ..i will only leave…” She said And when she turns to leave, Sanskar holds her hand n pulls her closer

Though it’s dark around but moonlight coming from window side has spread a bit light inside..

When they get close, Swara face glows in moonlight. She looks heavenly beautiful with open hair n big shocking eyes
Sanskar watches her with love…
He tucks her hair strand behind her ear n cups her face..
Swara feels shy n lowers her eyes.They both just get lost in eachother’s eyes. Sanskar gets more closer,Too lost in her charm ?
He’s about to kiss her when they heard dadi’s screem.

“Sanskar dadi” she said worriedly

Sanskar looks at time half past 9 and he thought “oh god kahi ragini ne zada to nahi Dara dia dadi ko?”

“Sanskar let’s go”swara said n drags sanskar

Everyone was gathered in dadi’s room and she was lying unconscious on floor. Ap came in n gave glare to RagLak who were standing with puppy face.. swati was patting dadi’s face.

“What you did?” Sanskar whispers to laksh

“Nothing much.. we just put a few artificial heads and hands on dadi’s bed, then we put fake eye balls in dadi’s Medecins box and she fainted”laksh said with puppy face

“It wasn’t in plan na” he ask

“Na we thought to add more fun” laksh girns

“Tere more fun ke chakkar me dadi upar Nikal Li to Kya Hoga”sanskar scolds him

“Bhai please check na dadi zinda to hai na”laksh said

Sanskar gave him unbelievable look

“Ragini bring water na please”shlok ask

Ragini went n bring a jug full of water. Her leg got stuck in rug and the whole water fell on dadi making her wake up with a jerk..

“Phew!! Zinda hai” laksh sighs

“I think dadi was over stressed let her rest ” sanskar said

Everyone left to their respective works



“Swara come let’s go to long drive”sanskar said while folding his shirt’s sleeves?

“Sanskar I don’t feel like going I mean dadi isn’t well “she said worriedly

“Swara dadi is fine but still if u don’t wanna spend time with me I have no problem” sanskar said with a sad face

“No let’s go. I didn’t mean that”she said as she saw his upset face and kissed his cheek as a token of love.

Finally both gets in car and left to drive.

Soon swara see an icecream seller going back with his cycle

“Sanskar look I want ice cream”she said in excitement

“No way Swara that’s not hygienic I will buy a good hygienic ice cream for u tmrw” he said strictly

She makes faces and keeps a big angry cute pout?

Soon sanskar stopped a car Infront of a big beautiful hotel.

“Look hwz that?” He ask pointing towards the hotel

“Beautiful!!” Her eyes shined seeing such big b beautiful hotel

“If you like this I can buy for you?” He winks

“Happ pagal”she hits him playfully

“Step down! Madam it’s all Yours”he said

She gave him a confused look

“Mrs swara maheshwari. This hotel belongs to your one n only husband” he said

“It’s yours??”she got shocked

He nods

“Now step out. I will make you eat the special icecream here” he said

“How many hotels you have sanskar?” she ask

“Umm 32 hotels acoss India and 17 in abroad and if I get succeed in my new deal then will have 6 new hotels in Dubai,abu Dhabi, Singapore and Malaysia” sanskar said

” No wonder you are so rich”she said in amazement

Sanskar smiles

Both stepped out and Sanskar handed keys to the guard to park his car

“Hello sanskar sir! Aap iss time yaha? Should i open your sweet?” The receptionist ask

“Ahh no need! I just want a table. My wife wants to taste the choco surprise”he said

“Sure sir! And hello mam” she greets with swara


Both were sitting in restaurant of hotel and as soon as the icecream came swara looked at that ice cream lustfully?

She immediately grabbed the bowl and starts to eat ” it’s yummy Sanskar!!”

“Dekha I told you!” He said proudly

“Ha ha okay fine. I just love this icecream.” She said while eating

“Eat as much as you want swara all is yours” he said and adores swΓ ra’s smile

Swara offered him ice cream and he nods no. Then she again gets bzy in eating.

“M full”she said

“Want anything else?” He ask

She nods no

After eating icecream both came out. Swasan were waiting for the guard to come out suddenly she saw something n immediately went in hotel again she said something to the staff. Here Sanskar was seeing her with confused expression. Soon swara came back with a few packets of food in hands

“Swara ye sab?” Sanskar ask in confusion

“Haan Sanskar, just a minute”she said and went towards some poor homeless people who were standing at the main door of hotel. She then handed that food to them. Everyone’s face lighted up seeing food. A small kid hugged swara in happiness. She cares the kid’s hair and smiled.

She came back to sanskar and said “m sorry sanskar I did that without even asking, and sorry for making you embarrassed”

He pulls her in a side hug n said” you need not to say sorry and you didn’t make me embarrassed”

“Really!!?? You don’t get embarrassed? I mean that kid hugged me n..”she got shocked

“Why would I feel embarrassed cz of that? You made me proud instead”he said proudly

“Thank-you sanskar for being so understanding, I know how it feels when you don’t have food” she said with tears

“M proud of you.. today you have gained more respect in my heart” sanskar said proudly

“Chalo let’s go!!” She said



Dadi was perfectly fine but was still in shock. She went in Swara’s room for some work and there she saw a white cloth peeping from her bag. Initially she ignored that but when she saw her mang teeka was also peeping from the bag she immediately opened that and saw her mang teeka hooked into that saree.
She immediately connect everything and in no time she assumes that swara has done the ghost drama to trouble dadi. This makes her furious.

Here Swara was talking with her childhood friend on phone n was recalling their naughty deeds.

On call

“Oh god Reha do you remember the way we use to race from skul to our home” swara said

“Yeah n you always win. And swara do you remember our Sanskrit teacher Sapna mam. How we scare her with that fake lizard toy” Reha said

“Hahahaha oh god.. her face was worth watching. She got hell scared. You know that was the best moment. I was so relieved seeing her scared face” swara said

And here dadi listened swara’s last sentence and confirms that swara has plotted everything for dadi. Swara cuts the call n went downstairs to serve lunch.

“Dad today I made kheer for you”she said

“Finally swara beta! I was craving for your kheer so much! I will have two bowls” dp said

“Haha sure dad u can have even three” she said and passed the bowl to dp

She saw dadi coming, so she pick a bowl and moved towards dadi

“Dadi hwz you felling” she said and forwarded the bowl

As soon as she forwarded the bowl.dadi slaps her hard making her numb and everyone shocked.
She held swara from her arm tightly and shouts “what you think of yourself!! Haan!! You will scare me by fake ghost drama and Mai Darr jaungi. Are I have never seen such cheap girl like you'”

Dadi again raises hand to slap her but sanskar stopped her hand

“Dadi you have no right to slap my wife” sanskar said strongly

“Ma why are you slapping swara! What she did?” Sumi ask taking swara in her embrace

“What she did?? Don’t pretend that you didn’t know anything.. it’s only your morals n values.. your so called daughter was scaring me by acting as a ghost.. Dramebaaz kahin ki… You Bengali people are so much fake, afterall she too has Bengali blood in her veins , her blood should show it’s true color” dadi shouts

“Mmaaa!!! You have no right to say anything about my swara!!” Sumi said angrily

“Ohh just shut up Sharmishtha! Your daughter? Really? She is your daughter? You know swara I hate you from the bottom of my heart. Firstly Shekhar married your mother Kaveri without my consent. Then he married this woman Sharmishtha another Bengali. Your blood is impure. You Bengali are the worst people. You know m proud of my decision of throwing you are good for nothing” dadi continues

“But dadi you said you have accepted me?” Swara ask in while crying

“I lie. Yes I lie to you. I said that so that I can make you understand that how unlucky you are for everyone. Firstly you ate my Janki, then Sharmishtha’s daughter . Still your hunger wasn’t satisfied then you ate my son Shekhar. It’s all because of you. Are what you think whatever I said to you was to make you aware of whatever is happening in sanskar’s life. No. I said all those things to you so that you yourself go away from everyone, leaving sanskar alone so that my swati can marry him. But you are such a shameless girl you didn’t go instead you married sanskar. You are good for nothing you are just an unwanted chlid that’s why your own mother left you!! Isse toh behtar hota us accident ke samay tu mar he jati!! Atleast my swati can marry love of her life” dadi blurt her whole frustration on swara

Her each sentence pierced swΓ ra’s heart. She fell on floor crying. Sumi tried to console her but all in vain.

“It means my doubt was right! You were the one who was brainwashing swara. Only cz if you such idiotic thoughts make home in her mind” sanskar said angrily

Dadi realises what she had said and she search words to answer.

“Why dadi! Why!? Why you did this to swara? Can’t you see her honest n pure heart. Are this girl was ready to sacrifice her love for the sake of her sister whom she knows from a few days only! She was nearly dead in saving sanskar. She is selfless dadi” swati said

“She is a Bengali! She has done some kind of black magic on you swati”dadi said

“So what!! If she is Bengali then how it makes any difference? And ya she has done magic on me. Her selfless nature, her pure heart, her innocent soul has done a magic on me, magic of love” swati said and moved towards swara who was crying pathetically in sanskar’s embrace and wipes her tears

“Princess don’t cry! We all love you. We all are with you. Don’t feel bad for the words of a person who matters nothing in our lives”swati said

“Swati! What are you saying?” Dadi got shocked

“Sach kah Rahi hai swati! You have done lots of cheap tricks dadi, but I never thought you will play disgusting games like this” shlok said

“Tu Kya mujhe lectur de Raha hai. Tune to foreign se bhi apne liye ek bangalan pasand ki ” dadi taunts Trisha

“You know what dadi! Your thinking is pathetic!! How come it matters whether you are Marwadi or Bengali? Now please leave my villa before I say something which I should not!” Sanskar said angrily

“Sanskar take swara in room and just be with her”ap said

Sanskar nods n took lifeless swara in room. She was shattered after knowing dadi’s hatered for her. She never imagined that someone could hate her this much.

She was continusally crying and Sanskar was trying to console her, but all in vain and atlast she slept on his chest aftr crying hard.

To be continued

Precap: no precap?

Okay, I know you all must be ready with tomatoes for your target practice on me?? so sorry for not posting for so long as I had chickengunia so I can’t update.

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