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Yeh dooriyan


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Yeh dooriyan (Episode 32)


Recap : sanskar got promotion from sanskar sir to sanskar


It was morning and swara was still sleeping.. sanskar woke and saw swara sleeping while holding sanskar’s hand tightly. He cares her hair with affection”you can’t let anyone affect you like this!! You should be strong” he said to sleeping Swa ra

Soon she got up but still was in shock..

“Swara come let’s have breakfast”he said

“No.. no.. I won’t.. do u even know hua kya tha mere sath”she said

“Tell me Kya hua tha” he ask casually

Sh narrated the whole story but still his face was calm

“You don’t care whatever Happened with me.. u didn’t get affected if they kill me also.. you have changed sanskar..”she said with choking voice

He sat in front of her and held her shoulders tightly.. “close your eyes and tell me who has changed me or you?”

She looked at him confusingly

“Tell me.. once you used to be fearless.. you have earned respect in my heart with ur struggle.. u risked your life without even thinking for a second just to save me.. and now what you do just shedding tears.. even now u are doing that”he said

She realised that she was actually crying she immediately wipes her tears.. like a cute child.. her nose became red

“Promise me you won’t fall weak !! You will be strong just like before! And I will be there to help you!! Okay? Will you promise to be strong mrs maheshwari?”he ask

“Promise me maheshwari.. I will be that old swara once again” she said with determination

He pulls her nose and said “stop crying you little joker..”

“M not joker..”she said

“Yes you are.. look at your nose it’s red”he said and again pulls her nose

“Aahhhaannn “she gets irritated

Then only Sanskar got a slight slap on his head by ap


“Haan mom.. why are you teasing my daughter??”she ask

Ap hugs swara

“Wahh?! Only after two days of marriage.. she becomes ur daughter.. huhhh”he shows fake anger

Ap notice bandaid on her throat

“Swra what happened beta this..this band-aid”ap ask in worry

Swasan looked eachother blankly..

“Mom look at this wild animal.. her nails are so long that she hurt her own self”sanskar said

“Beta be careful na”ap said and got up to leave

Swara spoke”ma”

Ap turns and felt happy.. as soon as she turned swara hugged her tightly

“I love you ma”she said

“Luv you too beta.. now jaldi se come for breakfast”ap said

as soon as ap left swara beat sanskar with pillow..

“M not wild animal.. neither I am joker got it” she said

“Ji.. Madam!!”he said and pulls her nose again to tease her.


It’s been nearly 2 weeks since they got married and now swara has adjusted herself in her new family..

“Mom!!! Where are you come soon or else ur breakfast will be ruined”swara shouts

“Dekha swara.. u have made me so much lazy that I can’t even come on time to have breakfast”ap said while coming

“I agree swara U have made everyone lazy here” dp agrees

“I am wondering what will happen when u won’t be here with us”ap said

“Kyu? Is she going anywhere?”sanskar ask in shock

“Haa.. ab when she will go on job we will miss her na”ragini Said

Sanskar’s color faded listening to this.. his hand stopped..He looked at swara in shock.. but she was unaffected

“Which job?? Why don’t you tell me about your job??”sanskar said

“Job isn’t confirmed yet.. I have just sent my resume there”swara said while serving to dp

“You are not doing any job” sanskar said in a cold tone

Everyone looked at him in shock

“What are you saying beta”ap looks at him in disbelief

“Yes mom.. swara won’t do any job”he said


All got shocked

“And why so?” Swara frowned

“Cz I don’t want you to do any job.. I am capable of earning n m earning quite well then why u want to do job”he said

“I don’t give a damn to money.. I wnat to build my career so this job is important for me.. and I will do this”she said firmly

“U don’t need to make any career.. u r sanskar maheshwari’s wife”he said

“I don’t want a tag of being Mrs maheshwari.!! U were the one who use to encourage me n now u r stopping me!!”she stamps her hand on table

“Exactly beta… Why are you saying like this.. if she want to do something on her own then let her do na”ap said

“If she want then she can join me in my office”he said

“No I won’t! I want to earn everything by hardwork.. so I will do this job .. even ragini is doing business but u have no problem in that”she said

“Ragini is laksh’s wife n u r mine.. so I have right to take decision of ur life”he said

“Sorry sanskar!! M sorry!! You only taught me to take decision for my own self n now I won’t back off.. I will do this job n u can’t stop me”she said with determination

Sanskar left throwing his hand in air in anger.


Here sanskar was talking with someone in car
“What!! U said this to her!! U r impossible”that man said

“Toh kya karta swyam.i didn’t get any other idea at that point of time and I can’t tell anyone why I don’t want her to step out.. u tell me when she isn’t safe in home how could she be safe at an unknown place”Sanskar said in tension

“Dude! Calm down! U did wrong.. u have to tell her so that she can be careful.. and by doing this u r just ruining ur married life nothing else”swyam said

“Yaar even I don’t want to hurt her but.. ahh leave n tell me did u find who was that girl n what she wants frm swara”he ask

“Nopes.. not yet.. I must say they are brilliant.. I can’t find even a single finger print at ur home.. “swyam said

“Please swyam do this as soon as possible.. I can’t risk swara’s safety at any cost”sanskar said

“Don’t worry I u go n talk to her and please tell her truth”swyam said

In the mean time swyam’s phone rang n a smile appeared on his lips.. but seeing sanskar staring at him he immediately cut the call..

“Aree aree pick na.. I know it must be swati.. hain na??”he teases

“Kya yaar Kuch bhi.. why would swati call me”swyam tries to suppress his smile

“She is nice girl.. I will pray for you both”Sanskar said and left


Here swara was sitting in anger on her room just then dadi enters her room

“Howz my grand daughter” dadi shows fake love

“M good dadi.. hwz you?” She ask

“How would I be? Since when you came here Na.. the whole home became silent”dadi sheds fake tears

“Aww dadi.. don’t cry please.. look if u will cry then ur Shona will also cry na”swara said and hugs her tightly

“That only i want.. I want to see you crying whole life.. u have snatched my swati’s love her sanskar from her.. now I will snatch ur happiness from you”dadi thought

“Vese swara beta! When will you go for honeymoon Haan”dadi ask

Swara blushes and then she recall sanskar’s behavior from past 2 weeks..

“What happened beta tell me?”dadi shows fake concern

“Nothing dadi.. it’s just sanskar is very busy in office work so we don’t have time”swara said

“But beta it’s only 2 weeks when u both got married.. it’s not a good sign”dadi said in serious tone

“Matlb??”she looks at her in confusion,

“Beta kahi.. Sanskar isn’t involved with any other woman .. u know na what m saying”dadi said

Dadi was expecting swara to doubt on sanskar but as always dadi’s plan failed and swara supported him

“What rubbish.. I know sanskar.. I am. I was. N I will be the only girl in his life.. so dadi please.. aaj to aapne kah Diya.. aagese sanskar ke bare me eae baten sochiyega bhi mat.. “she said

“Are are beta.. don’t get angry.. I said what I thought”dadi Said

“Nahi dadi.. I know u love me and care for me.. but dadi sanskar can’t cheat me ever.. so esi baaten apne dimag se Nikal dijiye”swara said


Sanskar came back home.. and swara was still angry with him.. he knew he did stupidity.. he saw her putting clothes in wardrobe and hugs her from back..

“M sorry.. I shouldn’t behave like that na”he said

She didn’t say anything.. she part the hug n gave him a letter.. he read that and got worried.. it was her appointment letter

“Swara please don’t do this job..U can join me in office.. or u can join ragini or laksh in their respective business”he said

“I don’t want to join any of you..”she said firmly

“And next time if u want to talk then first tell me truth.. I know you are hiding something from me”she continues and left


It was night everyone was sleeping.. when sanskar entered his room he got shocked to see swara sitting on bed with a knife in her hand

“Swara?? What’s this? “He ask in confusion

“Tell me truth or else I will slit my wrist”she said

“Are you crazy!!! Which truth?? What are you talking about??” He said

“Look sanskar now it’s enough.. just tell me where you went instead of office.. I know you haven’t gone to office.. just tell me Kya hai Jo aapko itta pareshan Kar Raha hai” she becomes soft towards the end

“Nothing like this swara.. trust me”he avoid eye contact

“I trust you… But you don’t trust me that’s the reason you can’t share your problems with me.. so what’s. The benefit of such life.. isse to behtar Mai apni zindagi he khtm Kar loon”saying this she started to cut her wrist slightly

Then sanskar Ran and slaps her this process the knife fell off her hand..He took out hankey and tie that on her wrist

“Have you gone nuts!!! Why the hell you are behaving like this.. !!! Tumari Jaan bachane ke liye sab Kar Raha tha Mai!! Aur tum ho ke Jaan Dene ko taiyar ho… Did you ever think what will happen to me.. if u got hurt??? NO !! you don’t!!! You just want to know truth!! U want to know the truth by stating your life at risk.. is it that much easy..!!! U wanna end ur life na.. then go for it (he took the knife and gave that to her) but first kill me.. so that I don’t need to live without you!!! Swara ke Bina sanskar adhoora hai”he said with teary eyes

Swara too felt bad for her deed and hugs him tightly..

He applied ointment on her hand and went to balcony.. she went behind him and found him sitting on floor taking support of wall.. without disturbing him she went..

Soon she came with two cups of tea and sat beside him..He didn’t look at her..
.She rest her head on his shoulder and spoke “m sorry but I can’t see you in tension.. ”

“You are not safe”he said in cold tone

She lifts her head and saw him in shock

” that girl who has kidnapped you and tried to harm you at our home is still back of you.. that’s why I don’t want you to do job.. I can’t risk ur safety”he said

“Why don’t you tell me?? “She ask

“Tum mujhpar Bharosa karti?? If i told you that someone wants to harm you would you sit at home??.. No na!”he said

“Sanskar m iss baat ko lekar. Sari zindagi Ghar pe nhi baith skti ,but wait, how you know all this??”she ask

“Rember I went somewhere on first day of our marriage?(she nods) actually swyam who has saved you.. he has contacted me n told me whatever he had heard from kidnappers.. he is a CID officer.. since then me n swyam are in continuous touch n trying to find them but still we didn’t have any clue”sanskar said hopelessly

“do you know what is the safest place for me in this whole world?'” she ask

“Gadodia house?”he said

She nods no

“Our house? MM?”he said

She nods..

“Then??”he ask

She threw herself in his arms and spoke”this is the safest place for me!! Whenever you are with me I feel protected.. no one can harm me when my shield I mean when you are with me” she said

He kissed her on hair

“I love you swara”he said

She release herself and said
“But I hate you..U slapped me soo hard..Mai sach me thodi na apna haath katati” she said while rubbing her cheek

“It Hurts alot na?”he ask

She nods cutely.. he kissed her on cheek

“Does it reduce pain”he ask

She nods yes with a blush.. he again kissed her..

“Now ?” He ask..

“Better”she said

Both keeps on talking there..He has wrapped his arms around her shoulders.. swara was feeding cold n he can sense that.. so he went in n took out the blanket and both sat under same blanket.. but for swara the warmth of sanskar’s protective embrace is enough..

“Sanskar , I actually want to do this job please”she said

“But swara…”he gave her a serious look

“Please!!” She said with a puppy face

“When u wanna join?”he ask

“Next week”she said

“Hmm… Done.. “he said

“Sachhhhh!!! Wow!!! Thank-you!! Thank-you!!! Thank-you soooo much”she jumps in happiness

To be continued..

Special credit : little princess and Nita ? Thank-you so much for helping me…

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