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The Episode starts with Lakshya calling Poorvi and asking her to take Nisha for shopping, as he is busy. She says you got habit to make others do your work, as you always get stuck in work, I hope you don’t do this in marriage, that you get busy in hospital and someone else marries Nisha. She jokes and smiles. She helps Nisha in shopping as they see few clothes by a seller at home. Watan comes and greets Nisha’s mum. He says he came to meet Nisha’s dad. She says he went out, come inside and wait, he will come soon. Poorvi asks Nisha what is he doing. Nisha says don’t know. Watan sits with Nisha and asks can he wait here. Her mum says yes. Poorvi goes to talk to aunty.

Watan asks the seller to show expensive clothes to Nisha. Dayal is worried for children as they got late.

Neelima says don’t worry, Lakshya is at hospital. Dayal says he will call Poorvi. He calls her and talks to her. She sees Watan covering Nisha with the shawl and asking her to see how it suits her. He says its your marriage, take this gift from my side. Poorvi does not talk on phone and her number gets switched off. Dayal says I heard Watan, what is he doing with Poorvi there. Watan says he will pay. Nisha says no, I don’t want. Watan says its your marriage, think its gift, you have to accept as its given by love. He pays the bill and says he will leave, and tell her dad that he came.

Watan leaves smiling. Poorvi says we returned the gifts and they are still here, why did he come, when his land deal is in my mum’s hand. Nisha says I don’t know, but he is after me. Poorvi asks what happened. Nisha tells her everything. Poorvi asks did you say Lakshya. Nisha says yes, he feels Watan is good man and is good friend, so helping him. She says I m worried, as they are being very good friends. Poorvi says don’t worry and asks the man to pack everything. She comes to meet Arjun’s mum or sister.

She meets her and says Watan bought some shawls for you all and forgot at our house, so I got it here. Watan and Arjun come there. Sujatha likes the shawls and praises it. Watan is shocked. Arjun asks Poorvi whats all this. He signs his mum about Poorvi. Watan comes to Poorvi. Poorvi asks Watan nott o buy anything for them, and buy for the women of his house. Watan says you came here without my permission and insulting me, it was not for you, but for…. Poorvi says it was for my brother’s wife, she is part of our family and she does not want this. Watan raises hand on her and Arjun stops him. Watan scolds Poorvi.

Poorvi says stay away from my family from today, and even from my Bhabhi. Watan gets angry on her. Arjun also gets angry and pushes Watan. Watan is shocked and looks at him. Watan says you have pushed me for this girl and beats Arjun. Arjun says listen to me. Watan says come on, beat me. Their mum asks them to stop it. Watan says no, Arjun has fought with me for him, then I will beat him. She says stop it. She asks Arjun to drop Poorvi outside. Watan says I will not leave her. Poorvi leaves with Arjun. Arjun asks whats her problem, what if Watan gifted Nisha then why did she insult him. She scolds him and says everyone is same here.

She says Watan is eyeing Nisha and impressing her. Arjun says don’t make my brother fall so much, he did not see her like this. He says he has pushed Watan for her. Poorvi says you should explain her not to eye Nisha. He says you shut up now, what do you think are you, do I show off, your mum has slapped me and I did not say anyone, I m not showing off, you don’t care whatever good I do, you have decided to regard me wrong, so I will not hit my head on stone. He says don’t blame us that we kidnap anyone’s wife. He asks her to leave. He asks the driver to drop her home and makes her sit in the car. He looks on as she leaves.

Poorvi thinks about his words. She feels Arjun is right and I was wrong, he got angry on my words, he got hurt, maybe he is not so bad as I think about him. Arjun apologizes to Watan and hugs him. Watan says its fine and asks is he mad to apologize, I know why you did it. I was very angry that time. Arjun says forget everything, leave that family now. Watan forgives him and says there should be brotherly love between us, and whoever comes in between us, I will kill them. Nirbhik hears them and says yes, come to me. He hugs his brothers and says even our wives can’t come between us. Arjun thinks he can’t bear his family’s insult. Watan thinks Poorvi was saying about his brother’s wife, what if there is no brother, whose wife will be Nisha.

Poorvi comes home. Ramlal comes and greets everyone. He shows Lakshya’s pic and asks is he her son. Neelima says yes. Ramlal says he has seen few men taking Lakshya in the car and leaving. He says he was worried and came to tell them. Neelima asks who were they, can he identify the men and tell police. Ramlal says no, I can’t go in police, the men can kill me. He leaves. Poorvi gets worried. Dayal says Lakshya is kidnapped. Neelima says lets go to police station. Poorvi says we have to go. Neelima says its 5 hours and you did not find anything inspector. He says I m afraid that they have gone outside the city.

He says I can’t question Bachcha Singh’s family, as he has much contacts. Dayal says now we have one way, to request Bachcha Singh to free Lakshya. Neelima says maybe he did not do this, whats the point to kidnap. Poorvi thinks Watan did this, as he told this. She thinks to tell her parents, but police won’t do anything. She cries. Dayal says who will find our son now.

Arjun talks to his mum and she is shocked seeing him pack bag. He says if you think I m running, its fine. She asks for why are you running. He says he wants to go away from Poorvi, who is responsible for all this. His mum says Poorvi won’t change as far as I know you. Arjun says I don’t exist for her, I want to go, don’t stop me. Poorvi runs on roads to meet him. He comes out and Poorvi runs inside the gate. He is shocked seeing her.

Arjun scolds Poorvi and says he will not help her, go and find your brother yourself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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