Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshya treating Arjun and asking him to take rest. He leaves. Ishq me deewane mar kar bhi jeete hai…………..plays………….. Arjun looks at Poorvi. His friends come and asks him to come. Poorvi asks him to take rest and why did he agree to give blood when he knew he has disease where he can’t donate blood. His friends are shocked. Poorvi says he has ego and he did this. Arjun says not ego, its my style. His friend says we all did not know about this. Arjun says I m a man, and can make anyone lose in race. He leaves. Poorvi asks Gauri to see. Gauri says Arjun is like this only, you think its his male ego. Arjun holds Poorvi’s hand and says he does not care if anyone sees them. Lahu muh lag gaya………….plays…………….

He says he

can do anything for her. She says you are fool to do this for your ego. He says this is called love, not male ego, I heard Gauri telling you this, this is my style, I keep up my image but I have mind too to take the challenge or not. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………..plays………………… He leaves. Gauri says my dad called, he is coming here in evening, I was thinking to meet him, and stay with him. Poorvi says yes, go to receive him. Gauri says she did not spent time with family to spend time with Arjun, she was a fool. He never told me he loves me, he did not do any special thing as people do in love, but now I understand he does not care about me. I have to forget everything and move on. She leaves. Poorvi thinks this is real Arjun which Gauri said, he is not like he looks and I should not forget this.

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Arjun comes to play table tennis. Nisha tells Poorvi is Arjun mad, he was asked to rest and see he is playing here. Poorvi thinks about Lakshya’s words that Arjun has to rest all day. She comes to him and gives him fruit juice. She says its for everyone. Nisha gives the glasses. Poorvi thanks them for making blood donation camp successful. She asks Arjun to drink it, else he will faint again. He asks did you get it for me, and showing as if you got it for everyone. She says have it. He says there should be some relation to take anything from others, you told me this, shall I accept that you are related to me now. She says get related to me when I die, not till I m alive.

He says you think I will be alive if you die, no, I will be with you. Yeh dil sun raha hai………………..plays………… She says you will never change. He smiles. She leaves. Watan is angry as every gift is returned. Nisha’s dad says I can’t say anything, as I work under Neelima in office, you know her, but I promise this won’t happen again, I thought to meet you and talk. Watan says yes, I m glad that someone is there who understands relations, and don’t worry, dad will not know this. He asks was Nisha also worried to return the gifts. Her dad says yes, she was upset. Watan says tell her not to get under pressure, you take this back, Neelima will not know this, so no need to be afraid of her.

Poorvi sees Mrigank and gets upset. Mrigank says Poorvi. The principal asks him to work with Poorvi, as Watan has donated to open a science wing which Mrigank will manage. Poorvi starts leaving. Mrigank stops her and says sorry for hurting her that day. She says its ok, it was not your mistake, don’t talk about it. He says he knows only her in this city and he feels they are similar, so they can be friends and can turn into a good relation too. She smiles and agrees.

Poorvi is on the way back home, and thinks everything was fine in Delhi and now everything changed. Arjun follows her on the cycle. She thinks he was playing table tennis in college and driving cycle now, he is totally mad. She stops the auto and asks Arjun not to drive cycle, what he wants to show, he is big hero, will he impress trees now. Arjun says talk with love. She says she is not interested, but she does not want him to get unwell, else he will have to go to hospital. Arjun says if I faint, it will be before you, so that you get a chance to save me. She says you won’t change and leaves in the auto. Aag ka darya hai……………. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………….plays…………………..

She again stops auto and asks Arjun to get down the cycle and sit in auto. He says will you think everyone is patient, being doctor’s sister. She pushes him and asks him to sit in auto and she will get the cycle.

She rides the cycle and talks to him while he is sitting in auto. She says we both are different, our families, our ethics and our way to live life. Arjun stops the auto and asks her to give the cycle back. He says his home is near, so he will reach. She says you are not fine. He says he is mad and looks at her. He says I know what you think about me, but I promise I will change everything, I will make you fall in love with me, you can’t believe, but this will happen, I love only you and I will make you mine, you hate me right, but see fate brings us together. You saved my life and still care for me. She says she is helping him as he donated blood in her camp, but she will not do anything again.

He says I know it very well that you will think about me 15 times before sleeping. If not, then my name is not Arjun Singh. Ishq me deewane…………………plays…………. She leaves in the auto. He smiles seeing her.

The ladies at Arjun’s home are shopping clothes at home. Sujath asks Arjun’s mum for permission to buy. She gets glad and says Nirbhik is lucky. Bachcha Singh sits with his friend. They talk about their wives. Bachcha Singh says he changed models and laughs. Arjun comes home and sees the bodyguards. Bachcha Singh says my son has come and asks the tailor to make clothes good for Arjun. Arjun shows Poorvi’s and Mrigank’s pic and says I want such suit like him. His dad asks what happened, he looks happy. Arjun says he took challenge, and he feels he will win. He smiles.

Watan scolds Poorvi for coming in his house and insulting her, it was not for her, but for………… She says for my brother’s to be wife. She shouts on him.

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