Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun thinking about Poorvi’s words. He parks his car and sees a cycle. He keeps a note in the milkman’s barrel and takes his cycle. The man asks where are you taking my cycle. Hua Chokra Jawaan re……………plays…………. He sees its Arjun and gets scared. The man reads the note and money in it. He says great, its more than I earn, this is called good family people, they steal in style. Arjun comes on signal and stops. His friends ask why did he come on cycle. Arjun says so what, its good exercise. They says we will give you lift, we can’t come on bike, we will also come on cycle. Poorvi sees him. Aag ka darya hai…………….. plays…………

He asks his friends to stop it. The guy says maybe he is following Poorvi on cycle. He asks the

rickshaw driver to stop. Poorvi asks him to keep driving. The man gets scared. Poorvi gets down and scolds Arjun again thinking he is taking revenge. His friend ask what is she saying, what happened tomorrow. Arjun says nothing, and asks Poorvi to stop saying. She says she is not scared. He says stop else. She asks why. He shuts her mouth and says I will kiss you infront of everyone, if you stay quiet, I won’t touch you. Lahu muh lag gaya………….plays………….. Arjun asks his friends to go to college and he will meet them there.

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He says he will solve matter and come. She asks what matter, I can file case on you that you are teasing me. Arjun takes Poorvi near the tree and asks her to get angry now, else not tell anything infront of family and friends. She asks why, are you afraid to lose respect. He says no, I m scared of your family, as they will harm you if they know your mum slapped me, I want to protect you. She says no need. He says I want to change, as I love you. He says my family does not like you and will get angry knowing I got slapped, try to understand. She says you trust this drama, you feel my heart will melt, don’t waste time and efforts on me.

He says he is not wasting time, he is loving her, he will win her challenge and it will affect her before today’s evening. Nisha waits for Poorvi. Arjun and Poorvi come to college. His friends see them and gossip. Arjun parks the cycle. Arjun tells them about the challenge given by Poorvi. Nitin says do you have any affair with her, shall I kidnap her. Arjun says no, don’t talk about her. He leaves. Nisha and Gauri talk about the camp and no one came for blood donation. Gauri says I hope few students come. Arjun’s friends ask the students not to go. The man asks Poorvi to talk to Arjun, and he can help her as the college works by him.

Poorvi says she won’t take help. Arjun hears the students talking about Poorvi should take Arjun’s help. Arjun sits in class and reads book. He talks to a studious student and asks for help. He says we all are following your orders, we are not donating blood in Poorvi’s camp. Poorvi says she will request everyone again and announces. She sees Arjun and his friends coming there. Nisha asks her to talk to Arjun. Aag ka darya hai…………………. Plays……….. Arjun smiles seeing Poorvi. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………….plays……….. He brings many people to donate blood and says he got whole college today for her and he won’t let her fail. He says he wants to win in one thing.

She says you feel I will be impressed, you think I m fool, your friends boycott my camp and you got everyone, plan was good, but failed. She asks him to donate blood. He says no, I won’t, my friend will give. She asks why, is it very valuable or not strong to save anyone, is it red or any other color. She asks the nurse to start with Arjun.

Gauri tells Poorvi that Arjun fainted. Poorvi runs to see him and sees the blood not stopping. The nurse says she did not see such case and he is Bachcha Singh’s son. Poorvi asks her to stop the bleeding. The nurse says there is no doctor. Poorvi says she will call Lakshya. She calls him and come to her college fast, as Arjun is not well, its emergency. Arjun’s friends ask Nisha about him. Nisha asks them to stop, as its rule. Poorvi asks them to calm down and have food first. They say fine and leave. Dayal tells Neelima how can she slap Arjun and now return gifts to slap Bachcha Singh, they can do anything to harm them. Neelima says she has always taught their children to be courageous and honest.

He says he won’t let her do this. She says she won’t agree to him. He says I don’t want my children to face any danger. Nisha’s dad comes to them and says I m sorry to hear you. He says Dayal is right, Neelima is risking the family. Dayal says yes, it will affect everyone. Neelima says I m a mum, Bachcha Singh is trying to reach us by our children, we should break relations with them, else our children will go in their limits, we have to return this gifts. Nisha’s dad says I will go and return the gifts. Dayal says you are right. Nisha’s dad takes the gifts and leaves. Dayal says he has let this happen as he felt she is right, that our children can get away from us. I don’t want to be related to them.

Poorvi gets worried as Arjun’s BP gets low. Poorvi calls Lakshya and he comes there. He checks Arjun and gives him the injection. He says Arjun will be conscious in 15mins. She asks why did he bleed so much, any reason, did they make any mistake. He says its Arjun’s mistake, he has disease where his blood can’t get clot soon, I know this as Watan had this disease, its genetic and Watan is careful. Gauri says why did he donate blood. Lakshya says I m sure he knows, but why did he do this foolishness. Poorvi thinks she has made Arjun give blood.

Arjun tells Poorvi that she can know what he can do for her. She says you are fool to do this for your ego. He says this is called love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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