Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bachcha Singh talking ti Nirbhiv about getting the file passed. Nirbhik says I spoke to Nisha’s dad, he will get the work done. Bachcha Singh says give anything to Neelima if she wants. Lakshya asks Nisha not to get annoyed, Watan is not bad by heart, he is my friend and wants to help me. Nisha says she does not want anything from Watan. Lakshya says you should not insult him. She says friendship with Watan is bad like being his enemy. Arjun comes home. Bachcha Singh asks him to go and give the sweets to Neelima. Arjun says send by some servant. Bachcha Singh says no, ots big work, you can do it better than Nirbhik, as you know Poorvi well.

Arjun says fine, but I m going to meet a friend. Bachcha Singh says it’s a small work, do it and go. Arjun says his

car is not working, how will I go. Nirbhik says I will drop you. He gives the sweet box. Arjun comes to meet Neelima and wishes Poorvi and Gauri should not open the door, else they will think I came for them. Poorvi opens the door and scolds him. Neelima comes and he says dad gave this sweets, I don’t know why. She takes the box and sees the money and the note to get his file passed. Arjun is shocked seeing the money.

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Neelima slaps Arjun. Gauri is shocked seeing this. Arjun gets angry. Neelima says how dare you bribe me, now I get it, why everyone was being helpful all the time, Bachcha Singh’s family can’t even talk well without any benefit. Arjun says talk in low tone, else it will be a problem. Nirbhik waits for Arjun in the car. Neelima says you are threatening me now, did your family teach you this, get out of my house. She gives back the box. Poorvi looks at Arjun. Aag ya darya hai………………….yeh dil sun raha hai………………plays…………………..

Poorvi shuts the door and he leaves. He keeps the money with him and throws the box. Nirbhik asks did he do the work. Arjun says yes. Gauri asks Poorvi what did aunty do, why did she slap Arjun, if everyone know this, this can be a problem, every officer works for Bachcha Singh. She says I m shocked that Arjun did not react, he controlled himself. He says I know Arjun, he is not like this. Neelima throws all the gifts and says its all a bribe given to us in engagement function. Poorvi says its not your mistake, we are not wrong. Neelima says we will return everything and calculate the estimate of the expenses, we are going to Nisha’s house now, and Gauri call Lakshya to come there.

Neelima tells everything to Nisha and her parents. She asks Nisha to get all the gifts. Nisha says she did not like taking it, I will get it. Her dad asks Neelima to calm down, they have to solve the matter. Lakshya comes and hears them. Neelima says wrong is wrong. Nisha tells about the Diwali gift included and they should send it back. Nisha’s dad explains Lakshya to sort the matter and be practical as Watan is his friend, maybe he wants to help you and this file matter is coincidence. Lakshya says I m not sure, his dad gave us the hall and did arrangements, we should return the gifts.

Arjun comes to his room. Gauri comes to meet him through the window. Gauri asks why did he do this. She says I m talking what happened at Poorvi’s place, why did he keep quiet when Neelima slapped him, how. She asks him about the changes, attending classed, and giving exams himself, why did he change, that he made her away from himself. He says you are smart, you are right, something has changed.

Gauri asks will he not tell her. She says fine, I will leave from here. He apologizes to her for what he did, and he did not realize any pain before, but now I have this feeling, if I have made you smile, then don’t tell anyone that Neelima has slapped me, as I don’t want them to be in problem. Gauri says you are thinking good for them even now, after being insulted. He says he will drop her now. She says I will go as I came. He says don’t come like this from next time, as I don’t want to put you in problem, as I have already given you much pain. She leaves.

Nisha’s dad scolds her for bringing the gifts out. Even her mum scolds her. He says you are marrying in family who are Bachcha Singh’s enemy, but you should not be their enemy. Her mum tells about Poorvi not thinking about her image. Arjun says now Poorvi will hate me a lot. His mum comes and says I heard everything, you are bearing this for Poorvi, be strong, you are not allowed to fall in love, this house has rules, and explains him. Arjun says dad and my brothers love me a lot, they won’t say no. She says you are changing, and I m worried, as pandit ji told this.

He says he has to kill himself to get a new life. He leaves. She cries and prays. Poorvi asks Gauri to come to college, as she has blood donation camp. Gauri says I m coming, don’t think I m afraid to face Arjun. Poorvi says good, I m going early to do preparations, its good I will get your help, as he will try to spoil this. Gauri says no, I don’t think so, he is changing, I don’t know what happened. Poorvi says nothing, such people can’t change. Gauri thinks she knows Arjun well and what she saw in his eyes, she never saw.

Arjun asks Poorvi to stop talking else he will kiss her infront of everyone. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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