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The Episode starts with Gauri coming home looking upset. Poorvi asks what happened. Gauri hugs her and cries. Poorvi asks did Arjun do anything. Gauri says no, you were right about him, he became a pain in my life, which is not getting less, he did not change. Poorvi asks what did he say. Gauri says he broke up with me, he said he is not good for me. Poorvi says he said right, don’t cry for him. Gauri says I will go back to my city. Poorvi says why will you run, you will stay here in this college and show him you don’t care if he rejects you. Gauri asks can I do this. Poorvi says yes, don’t worry. Arjun comes home and messes the room in anger. He says you can’t break me Poorvi. I m Arjun Singh…… He sits to play video games and talks to some girl.

She asks can’t everything

be as before. He thinks he can manage 20 girls at one time. He says yes, we can be together. He drinks wine and spends time with girls. He says Poorvi Dayal, any girl can come to meet me in 10 mins, what do you think, I m useless, my name is Arjun Singh. To phir aao…………………plays……………..Many days passes like this. He sees Poorvi’s pic and misses her. He goes and meet a girl. She hugs him and he pushes her away. He comes to meet Poorvi. He drags her and makes her sit in his car. She asks what is he doing.

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He holds her closer and takes her somewhere. She says you are not deserving that I talk to you. He says I told my heart talk honesty, you think I m fool, you think I m trapping you, you know this place and what anyone else would have done here. He says we stayed in hotel before, but now I m mad to get you, you know when madness is there, what happens. He asks why Poorvi, do you find me so bad, I did not bend infront of anyone, and you ruined my life. He says no girl did this to me, what you did, I broke up with many girls and you affected me, you realized me that I m bad, but I want to talk to you.

He says I don’t see anyone now, as I felt feelings with you. She says I m not affected by this, whats this for, any bet, if not, then if you really think this, its still its not possible. He asks why. She says I m not greedy for your money, I want to be happy after marriage, but I don’t run after money, you don’t care about anyone’s feelings, I want an educated guy, who is independent, so we can’t unite. She says girls are after you as you are rich and they know you will spend money on them, then you leave them, you break their hearts.

She says this is the difference between Arjun Singh and Poorvi Dayal, you can’t change. He says what if I change. She says you can’t change so easily, anyone else will come more beautiful than me, and you will do what you are doing with me, when she says yes, you will not even remember this, and you will make fun of me, saying she did not get any girl. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………..plays………….. She asks will you drop me home, or shall I go.

Arjun comes home and thinks about Poorvi’s words. Awarapan banjarapan………………..plays………………Arjun starts reading and does not get meaning. He thinks to check in dictionary. He thinks I can do this, if anyone can study, why can’t me, whatever I do, I do it well. Poorvi and Nisha have a talk in the class. Poorvi thinks she can’t say what Arjun told her, if Gauri knows Arjun left her for me, Gauri won’t like to see my face. Arjun comes in the class and shocks everyone. Hua Chokra Jawaan re…………….plays…………….

The lecture starts about British Poetry romance time. He asks about romantic poetry name. Arjun raises hand and says Javed Akhtar. Everyone laugh. The teacher says I mean form 19th century. Javed is new. His friend says but he is also poet. His friends support him. The teacher says I mean English poet. They say Honey Singh. The teacher starts sweating. They bang the benches. Arjun stops them and asks them to listen to teacher like good kids. He says teacher uncle, tell me. The bell rings and class ends.

Arjun tells Poorvi that he came to study here and he wants to pass by giving his exam. She says why, did I tell you, remember we won’t have anything, don’t do this drama, I m not interested in talking to you, I can’t bear my name to be linked to a goon like you. She leaves.

Poorvi hears Arjun talking to the teacher about right answer. The teacher says you were right. Arjun says I was wrong, please explain. The teacher explains him. Arjun asks about books. The teacher says get books from library and meet me if you have any doubt. Arjun thanks him. Lakshya asks Nisha where will she come, Shimla or Kerela. She says Shimla, I love to see ice. Watan comes to them and says its coincidence that Lakshya and Nisha are in same coffee shop. Lakshya asks him to join them. Watan asks whats going on, honeymoon planning. Lakshya says yes, I have her two options, I knew Nisha wil like Shimla.

Watan says then take her to Switzerland. Lakshya says no, my budget is less. Watan says don’t joke of her dreams, I can make this city Shimla if you say. Lakshya says you are mad Watan. Nisha says if you are so dependent on Watan, why did you choose me without his help. She leaves angrily. Lakshya goes after her. Arjun talks to his friends and thinks he will study now and show everyone. Satish says he will give his exam. Arjun says Satish will give his exam, I will show Poorvi that I m not fool, my dad calls me smart, I will study now.

Arjun comes to meet Poorvi. Neelima slaps him. Gauri is shocked seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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