Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrigank saying he does not love her, he can spend time with her and then think about her, how can she think so about him, she does not know him, I just like you as a nice girl, I was drunk, so I just said that yesterday. Poorvi is stunned and leaves crying, saying I m sorry, I m stupid. She comes out and thinks of his words, that love does not happen suddenly. Arjun comes to her and says what does he think he is, a big gentleman, I said he is big donkey. She says why do you get involved when something wrong happens with me, please leave me alone, go from here. Arjun says I was mad as I did not understand you, no one can get a girl like you, don’t cry for Mrigank.

She says who are you to tell me this, you are the one who insulted me always, you said

I don’t deserve to get anyone, I can’t attract anyone, I m cold. He apologizes and says give me once chance. She says I don’t want your sympathy, just go. He says he can’t go leaving her. She asks why. He says as I love you a lot, I did not love anyone till now, I did not know love ever. Poorvi is shocked. He says he just saw films where hero sings song and says heroine that he loves her, now I understand what is love, its not filmi, it’s a feelings that reaches heart and does not get less, true love can’t see anything, its blind.

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He says a man bends to pray, and second time in love. He sits on his knees and says he can’t stay without her, he can just die for her, when Mrigank refused you, I could not wait, you saved me risking your life and stayed in cheap hotel without thinking of her image, I know your heart is very clean. He says don’t know what happened, but its in my heart and mind, love, madness or attraction. Aag ka darya hai…………………. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays……………… She looks on stunned and holds his face. She starts laughing on his words which shocks Arjun.

She says you felt I will be trapped, it’s a good joke, you can laugh too as you came to make fun of me. He says no, all this is from heart. She says you keep this to yourself. She says you flirt with three girls together and cheated them, you don’t respect women. She says if someone told this, I would have said its not possible, for you its impossible, I can’t like a man like you. She says she can never like him, whats his identity, he is just staying on dad’s money, fake degree, Casanova, uses girls and throws them, you don’t know when heart breaks, if its all true, its good that your heart break, how it feels when someone refuses you, Mrigank left me, it does not mean I will like you, don’t think so. Arjun says don’t say this.

She says I will like Mrigank’s rejection more than you love proposal. She leaves. . Aag ka darya hai…………………. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays……………… Arjun cries. The pandit asks Bachcha Singh to call her bahu for the puja. Bachcha Singh says its Laxmi puja and praises Arjun, but he does not know he should sit now, its very early. Arjun comes home and thinks about Poorvi’s words. Arjun’s mum asks Sujatha to get the puja plate. Chacha asks Watan about Arjun, as he was not here in Diwali puja also. Watan says did Arjun ever come soon, that he will come today. Arjun walks in and shocks everyone.

Bachcha Singh welcomes him and says you came on good time, I know you came for puja. He asks pandit to make Arjun do the puja in his place. Arjun says he is going to his room. Bachcha Singh says no, you have to agree. Arjun sits in the puja. Bachcha Singh gives gold coins to Arjun. Arjun thinks about Poorvi’s words. Neelima talks to Poorvi and asks did she go to meet Mrigank, as she heard Gauri and Nisha talking. Poorvi says yes, I met him. Neelima says I wanted to stop you as its study time, but I allowed as you are emotional, first know how much Mrigank loves you…… Poorvi says you should have stopped me, I got embarrassed.

Neelima asks did Mrigank tell anything. Poorvi says he made me realize I m a fool and cries. Neelima says you are worried, I know, its strange feeling, you share with me and lighten your heart, all this is part of life, experience it and come out of it. Poorvi says she is feeling strange, not bad, he refused me, I thought my husband will be like Mrigank, its my mistake.

The pandit ji leaves. Bachcha Singh asks Arjun to come and have special party. Chacha thinks how can’t anyone see Arjun’s state, he looks heartless. Nirbhik comes to Sujatha and is happy. Sujatha says she is having pain in her leg. He says he will massage her leg and she scolds him. He asks her to talk with love. She argues and says why did you marry me, if you are so scared of me. He says I will massage your leg, sit. He says calm down, I take care of you, I love you and you don’t respect me. She says come here and he smiles. She says your dad’s dream of becoming grandfather will be a dream only. He laughs.

Bachcha Singh asks Arjun to drink wine, and says he loves all three sons, but Arjun is his pride. He says they both have limit, Nirbhik can agree to him, and Watan’s mind always work in hospital, they can’t work for me, ass its only you who can manage it. He says my work is wrong, and it needs smart mind and courage, which you have. Arjun thinks about Poorvi’s words. Arjun asks you mean I m not useless. Bachcha Singh says useless and you? What are you saying, I m proud of you. He says even if you have fun, its for benefit, you took Neelima’s daughter to hotel, great. He says don’t hide anything from me, Poorvi is not an item to see, what good for our work, then Neelima and she can be in our hands and can do what we want, its called five fingers in ghee and head in Kadai. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………….plays…………….

Gauri hugs Poorvi and cries. She says you were always right, Arjun became a pain for me which is not ending.

Update Credit to: Amena

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