Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorrvi standing outside Viraj’s office thinking she won’t go anywhere. Viraj sees her waiting. He goes out and she asks him to give one chance, saying sorry. He leaves in his car. She stands there till night. Viraj comes to office and sees her again. He asks what she wants to prove, that he will forgive her. He asks her to go home, she won’t get entry here. She says you can’t make me leave, as this is road, its public property and I have every right to stand, I won’t go till you listen to me. He says you think you will get job by doing this. She says I did mistake and I apologized, I came to know you don’t meet anyone, if someone wants to meet you, what can she do, so she made excuse.

She says I know you liked my idea, you told me, but when you

came to know I lied, you kicked me out. She says I won’t go till you give me a chance, I know I deserve it, I want to prove it. He says fine, stand here, best of luck. He leaves. She sits there on the chair. Neelima tells Lakshya that he is bearing all this because of her. Lakshya says I don’t care about Bachcha Singh and Watan, but I love Nisha, she was silently seeing everything without saying anything, I m feeling bad. Neelima explains him. Poorvi feels cold and Viraj talks to his new secretary.

She says everyone is gone, won’t you go. Viraj says I need to work more, you can go. She says no, I will go after you leave. She thinks how can she leave him, as it’s a chance to attract him, her life will be set, he is most eligible bachelor. She asks does he want something. She says your work will be stressful, I can give good massage. He says leave me, and scolds her for misbehaving. He says he know what is she saying, and asks her to get out. Virraj talks to his manager Prem and asks him to take care of his mum. He says Prem that he fired the girl as she was not good character. Prem says I will find someone. Viraj says no need, I will manage.

Bachcha Singh asks Arjun where was he. Arjun says I was planning for hotel project. Bachcha Singh says I m glad that you are doing work. Arjun says he will make better hotel than Raichand. Nisha comes and looks on. She says she will serve food. Tanu comes and serves food. Bachcha Singh says he is lucky to get a wife like this. Tanu thinks she will make fun of him today, she will settle all scores. She made the food, but she has put much love in it, and he will cry having it.

Arjun eats it and coughs. Nisha gives him water. Tanu asks is it very spicy. Arjun recalls Poorvi and eats spicy food like normal. Viraj works late. Arjun passes by and sees Poorvi waiting outside Viraj’s office. It rains and she covers herself. Poorvi thinks Lord can test her, but she won’t move back. She recalls Arjun’s love. Arjun also recalls Poorvi and their happy moments. Arjun leaves. Viraj comes to Poorvi and asks her name. She says Poorvi Dayal. He asks her to go home. She says I will go when I get work. He asks can’t she get affected by rain.

She says she is passionate about work, as I do every work by my heart and thinks its Arjun’s line. Viraj says no one showed such determination for a job, I have to think. She says she won’t let him down, he can fire her if she does not work well. He says he will take her interview and give her secretary job. She says take it now, as I know the value of time. He asks does she have pride. She says sorry, there is less difference between pride and self esteem, ad pride comes after doing work, and self esteem is before doing work. He asks her to come for interview at sharp 10am. She thanks him. He leaves.

Lakshya and everyone worry for Poorvi. Poorvi comes home and says she is fine, her phone was off. Neelima asks her to have food. Poorvi keeps alarm and sleeps. Neelima covers Poorvi seeing her sleeping. She sees the alarm and shuts it. Its morning, Poorvi wakes up and sees the time. She says its 9.30, I got late to meet Viraj, he called me at 10am. Neelima says freshen up, I have shut alarm, I did not know you have to go. Poorvi says its my mistake, I did not tell you. She gets ready and leaves. Neelima feels she did Poorvi’s loss not knowing it.

Nisha recalls Lakshya and cries. She thinks she sacrificed her love to save Lakshya, but she was wrong, it was her mistake to think Watan will let Lakshya be happy, he promised me that he will not hurt Lakshya, but he is torturing Lakshya and his family, they have ruined them, and still insulting Lakshya. Watan comes to her with a necklace. He says its surprise and shows the costly necklace. Nisha does not see it. Watan says would Lakshya be able to give you this, this is called good fate. He says you still love him and was thinking about him. She says yes, I love him, as he is better than you.

Lakshya is pure hearted, and you love money, Lakshya is honest, you are always wrong, you hate everyone. Watan raises hand and she asks him to beat him. She says whatever you do, she won’t be afraid of him, he can’t make her love for Lakshya less. He gets angry and leaves.

Viraj takes Poorvi’s interview. She says I want to join your company and says her reason to join him, its personal reason and she wants to join his project.

Update Credit to: Amena

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