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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viraj’s PA asking for leave as his mum is ill. He says I have hired a new secretary and she will join. Viraj gives him money and asks him to serve his mother well. He says get the best treatment for her. His Pa gets glad and leaves. Poorvi comes to meet Viraj and thinks she can’t meet him like this. She says she came from daily news to take Viraj’s interview, she does not have appointment, as he called her. The receptionist says fine, go upstairs. Poorvi thinks I have to lie to meet Viraj, I did not had any way, its fine, when I meet him, I will tell him and apologize.

Lakshya’s boss gets the parcel to deliver to Bachcha Singh, and thinks Nisha will laugh on me if I go there. He tells his boss is there any other parcel. His boss says no, its urgent,

you have to go. Lakshya says fine. Viraj comes and says he knows she has come to join him as secretary, come with me, its imp meeting. She says actually…. He says talk when I ask you, come along. She says yes Sir. Lakshya goes to deliver the parcel and Nisha opens the door. He says its parcel for Watan Singh. Watan comes to them, and is shocked seeing Lakshya.

He laughs and jokes on Lakshya. He asks him to come as they respect such people. Lakshya says sign here and receive the parcel. Watan asks him to come if he needs his sign. Nisha feels sad and cries. Arjun cries visiting Poorvi’s home. He recalls about him and Poorvi and goes inside the home. Viraj attends the meeting and says he wants to make the best hotel. He asks Poorvi to note the imp things. Bachcha Singh and Sujatha make fun of Lakshya. Watan insults Lakshya for being a doctor and becoming a delivery boy. Watan signs on the paper and stops Lakshya.

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He says he has pride, and now this is his real status. Bachcha Singh and Sujatha also taunt him. He says when poverty comes, morals go away. Watan asks him to leave. Poorvi tells her opinion about the land. The board members scold her. Viraj says let her say, why should we not shift old age home. Poorvi says humanity is above money and defends her statement that such people are kicked out from children, we can’t do this. Viraj says business matters. She tells about his goodwill, people trust his company. She says if he breaks the old age home, people will lose trust, and if its necessary, do any other arrangement for them, when you can do this charity, people will think you will treat customers more. She thinks she can lose job.

Viraj says I agree to her, its good idea. The PA brings the new secretary. Viraj says if she is the one, who is she. Poorvi worries and PA says I don’t know, she came to take interview. Viraj says I did not have any such schedule. He asks who are you. Poorvi says I came to meet you for job, I went your home yesterday and wait all day, your guard did not allow me, I did not have any option, so I lied, I m sorry, I wanted ti tell you before coming here, I want to work with you, I will prove I m deserving, give me one chance. The PA asks her to get out as she has come by cheating. She says give me once chance please. Viraj says I know what she has done and Poorvi thanks him. Viraj takes her pic and says take a big print of her pic, and tell security that she should not come here again, I hate liars, I don’t want to see her again. Poorvi leaves.

Nisha cries. Watan comes to her and asks what is she thinking. He says if you married that Lakshya, you would have been poor, you are saved, I was sad to see him doing delivery boy job, you might be thinking you took good decision to marry me, just imagine if you married him, what would you do, washing utensils in other’s home, here you have everything. He says you should thank me every day and laughs. She thinks Watan does not have love and just think about money, Lakshya is helpless, but his heart is rich, he is earning by hardwork, I would be happy to called his wife.

The PA asks Poorvi to leave and not come again. Poorvi thinks Viraj can’t say I m wrong so easily, if he is adamant, I m also adamant, till I get job, I will stay here.

Viraj asks what does she want to prove being here, go home, you won’t get entry in this office. She says you can’t make me leave, this road is public property.

Update Credit to: Amena

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