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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun lying to Lakshya. Lakshya says he will come back to pick Poorvi and asks her not to talk to Arjun. He leaves. Poorvi tells Arjun that he did all this to spend time with her, but she will not break promise to Lakshya. Arjun says whats the need and tells about the play. He says the play will be a love story, Romeo and Juliet. Poorvi smiles. Arjun says only one girl can do Juliet’s role and its Poorvi, and he will do Romeo’s role if they all insist. He tells Poorvi that he will tell romantic dialogues holding her hand and without any interference. Poorvi is stunned as everything is ready. The lights come on them. Arjun gives her the script. They say the lines. He holds her hand and gets romantic, with the play dialogues.

Aaj kal tanha mai kahan ho……………….plays…………………

Arjun and Poorvi dance. She says he found a good way to be with her. Arjun says he is determined and tells his idea of elections, and he is close to her with Lakshya’s permission. Everyone clap for them. Yeh dil dun raha hai……………plays……………..MLA Bhanupratap comes to meet Neelima and says he likes her way to work and talk. He says he kept a small party on his daughter’s birthday party and invites her. Shankar Dayal walks in and he gets invited too. Neelima says fine, we will come. Bhanu says thanks and leaves. Dayal asks Neelima how can they go there, Bachcha Singh will be there, he will insult us. Neelima says we will go to see and understand their relations, maybe we can get some proof there.

The clerk asks Bhanu why is he inviting Neelima, she is after him. Bhanu says I know everything, just do your work. Poorvi says she will leave now. Arjun says he can’t see her again. She says weekend is coming and we can’t meet. Arjun says he loves her a lot, she stays busy, but he can’t focus on anything. She says make me news reader on tv and he can see her all day. He says good idea. She says I was joking. Lakshya comes to take Poorvi. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays………. Poorvi leaves with Lakshya. She tells him that she is worried for him. Lakshya asks why. She says I know you take care of me after what all happened, you feel this can happen with me too, but you lost your life in this, I know its painful, but you have to move on in life and if you stay like this, Nisha will win, I hate Nisha, I m angry as I made you meet her, and blames herself.

Lakshya says its not her mistake. She says yes, but I lost my joyful brother. She asks him to become like before. Arjun smiles and leaves seeing her. Aag ka darya hai…………….plays……………….. Arjun bumps into a car and falls. Poorvi is shocked and tells Lakshya that Arjun met with an accident. Lakshya says many people are there, they will see him, he will be fine, we don’t need to worry for him. She says he has Hemophilia, you are doctor and your duty is…. He says everyone has some duty and no one does it. Poorvi reaches home. Arjun’s friend calls Poorvi and says Arjun is wounded and does not want to go to doctor. She says she will talk to him. He tells Arjun to go to doctor as he has Hemophilia. He asks her to meet him at college else he will die but not go to hospital. She says please go and requests him. He says he won’t go, come fast. She says go to hell and ends the call. She rushes out o meet Arjun.

Poorvi comes to meet Arjun and asks is he fine. He shows a small bandaid. She says your friends said you…. He says he told him and wanted to see does she really love him and will come or not. She beats him and asks is this a joke, she was worried. She scolds him. He says sorry, I did not think this, I just wanted to see you. She says yes, you don’t think always. He holds her and says his life is in her, and asks her to hug him. She says she is very angry. He says give me 5 mins and your anger will go. Aag ka darya hai……………..plays………… Lakshya comes there and sees them together. Poorvi sees Lakshya and is shocked. Arjun gets tensed. Lakshya takes Poorvi with him.

Laksha brings Poorvi home and tells family that Poorvi met Arjun. Neelima gets angry and asks Poorvi does she love Arjun. Before Poorvi can say anything, Gauri comes and says she loves Arjun, and she has sent Poorvi there to talk to Arjun. Neelima pacifies Gauri and asks her to be away from Arjun, as he is not a good guy. Poorvi is shocked.

Tanu hits Arjun by her car. Arjun falls and asks is she blind and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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