Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nisha’s dad thanking Arjun. Arjun thinks he has fought with Poorvi and wishes she does not think he is wrong. Nisha cries. Neelima is glad that she got some proof against Bachcha Singh. She says she can find out everything about him and send him to jail before the month end, its her promise and goal. Arjun calls Poorvi and she does no answer it. Arjun gets worried and thinks why is Poorvi not understanding, Yeh dil sun raha hai………….plays………….Poorvi sleeps. Arjun comes to her and gives her explanation. He apologizes to her. She wakes up. Arjun defends Nisha and she says it was Nisha’s mistake, did you see Lakshya’s state, and you pushed him. She pushes him and scolds her. She says she will kill him if he cheats her. He says he won’t cheat her,

and he loves her.

He says he has come to settle scores and asks her to fulfill her promise of giving a kiss on her cheek. She says no, let me sleep, go now. Arjun says he won’t go. She says she is shy and she can’t. He says really? It did not come yesterday. She says you forced me. She kisses him and asks him to go. He teases her. They sit to talk about his childhood. I m in love…………..plays……………. They smile and talk. Lakshya knocks the door. Arjun and Poorvi fall asleep. Poorvi wakes him up and asks him to hide. Lakshya and Gauri come to her room and check for Arjun. Poorvi says she will find him, and asks Arjun to hide behind the bed. Gauri says he is not here. Gauri says she is sure he is here. Poorvi says he will come to steal my notes and checks.

Arjun gets worried. Poorvi asks him to just go fast. Gauri looks outside. Lakshya asks did you get him. Gauri says no. Lakshya says where did he go. Gauri thinks sorry Lakshya, I will use it in better way later and smiles. Tanu gets ready. Badi mushkil…………….plays…………….. She gets a gift for her from her dad and calls him best dad. Her mum says she forgets that I m also something for her. Tanu leaves in her new bike. He says be careful, its automatic. He asks his wife to be in her limits. He says be happy in whatever you have.

Arjun comes to college. He meets his friends and is in bad mood that he can’t meet Poorvi. He says he got his love and he us unable to spend time with her, what should I do. His friend asks him to take part in drama. Arjun likes the idea, and says her family should not know this. Lakshya brings Poorvi to college. He says he is happy as her reputation with teachers is good. Arjun is there and Poorvi understands its his plan. Lakshya says he will talk to teachers. Arjun says fine, but such activities are good to take part in, as this is imp. Lakshya asks what was he doing at his home in morning, as he has seen his bike outside. Arjun is shocked.

Poorvi confesses her love to Arjun, and he reciprocates. They get romantic and smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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