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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi seeing Lakshya upset. She thinks she can’t forgive Nisha, she loved Lakshya then how can she cheat him. Arjun messages her good night. Poorvi thinks there is so much going on in her life, will her love ever win. Nisha thinks about Sujatha’s words about Watan not leaving her tonight. She gets some pills and adds in the milk glass. Watan comes to her and she gets tensed. He says he felt her crying will stop now, but she is still crying. He says he will not show pity tonight, he did not get anything on his suhaagraat day and no one can come stop to night. He asks whats this. She says milk, your mum told me you drink milk daily at night. He says it has a big reason which I know. He says don’t take tension, it’s a ritual of suhaagraat. He drinks it. He

asks her to come. She says I will remove the jewelry. He says he can also help.

He goes and lies on the bed. He says he can’t wait much, and asks her to come soon. He falls asleep. Its morning, Arjun calls Poorvi and greets good morning. She smiles. She says she is getting ready. He says you are so cute and sweet, will you kill me by more good looks. He says he can’t take bath, as her kiss is stopping him. He says he won’t wash his cheek. He says he is in bathroom since one hour and thinking should he bath or not, but it can get washed and he does not want this. She laughs. She says take bath now. I don’t like untidy guy. He says on one condition, that I want another kiss today on my cheek. She says this is blackmailing. He asks her to think, as he can smell bad when he hugs her. She says he is mad. He says yes, he is very mad because of her. She says fine, take bath now, I will meet you in college and think. He says this is your yes, thanks.

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Watan wakes up in morning and thinks how did he sleep at night. He says it means I did not do anything at night, what happened to me, the girl was infront of me and I slept, it’s a shameful thin. He thinks he will do something today. Arjun comes to college. Poorvi comes with Lakshya and Gauri. Aag ka darya hai…………….plays……….. Lakshya goes to see the notice. He tells Poorvi that some teacher is dead and the college will be off for three days. Gauri says she will meet some aunty who stays nearby. Lakshya says fine and asks Poorvi to come. Poorvi looks at Arjun and goes.

Nisha’s dad comes to meet Nisha and Watan. She hugs him and cries. He says he is lucky to get such family and Watan for her. He says he came to take her for patphere. Watan says he does not believe this thing. Arjun asks Watan to let Nisha go else he will drop her. Watan says I don’t want her to go anywhere. Bachcha Singh comes and talks to Nisha’s dad. Arjun tells about patphere rasam and he came to take Nisha. Bachcha Singh agrees. Nisha’s dad thanks her. Watan gets irked.

Arjun brings Nisha her home. Poorvi thinks Arjun was sad as he can’t meet her for three days, he really loves me. She asks Lakshya where are they going. Lakshya says they have a work and its good she is with him, as it will be easy for him to face her. Nisha’s mum sees Nisha upset and hugs her. She asks is she happy. Arjun looks on. Nisha’s mum likes the costly jewelry. Poorvi asks Lakshya why did we come to Nisha’s house. He says he has work. He brings some gifts and keeps it. He looks at Nisha angrily.

Nisha’s dad asks why did he come. Lakshya says he has come here to return shagun gifts. Nisha says she will also return. He says no need and taunts her calling her a gold digger. Nisha says she does not want anything. He says you love money, so keep jewelry, be happy with rich people. Nisha asks Lakshya to come. Lakshya scolds Nisha. He asks why did she cheat him and insult his family, where did she hide this bad face before. Her dad says what wrong did she do, everyone wants money in today’s world and what did you have, just an ordinary job, Watan offered you job and you said no, and taunts on Neelima. Lakshya taunts him for being so dishonest. He says Nisha has sold herself to a rich man. Arjun says stop it. Arjun comes in between them and says you don’t know anything.

Arjun says I know Nisha has hurt your heart, it does not mean you scold her, she is my Bhabhi. Lakshya says she did what she should have not done and I have no right to say. He says he knows everything, that they have kidnapped him before. Arjun pushes Lakshya and says you don’t know the truth. Nisha stops Arjun from saying anything. Lakshya says he will not be afraid of him. Arjun holds his collar. Poorvi is shocked and asks who is he to talk in between, Lakshya is talking to his 3 year GF and fiancée, he has right to say as Nisha has cheated her. Arjun says he returned gifts, everything is over, now Nisha is my Bhabhi. Poorvi says what about my brother, his pain, you won’t understand what it feels when someone cheats, you will know when you will get cheated by someone. Arjun says whats my mistake. She says you all are same, full of ego, selfish and insensitive. She cries and says Nisha, I did a mistake to regard you my best friend, I did not know you would be so cheap, you married someone for money. She scolds Nisha and blames her for cheating Lakshya, is she happy to marry a rich guy. Arjun shouts Poorvi. Yeh dil sun raha hai………………plays…………..

Arjun apologizes to Poorvi while she is sleeping. She wakes up and says she is not his wife and they are not married. He says he was thinking to take advantage of her, as she was sleeping.

Update Credit to: Amena

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