Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelima stopping Arjun. He hides his face and Poorvi gets tensed. She says there is a paper under your foot, I will take it. Arjun takes her blessings saying she is like her mum and gives her the paper. He leaves. Poorvi signs relief. Neelima gets the politician pic on the property agreement and shows it to Dayal. She says this is the key and he is the man who is dealing with Bachcha Singh. The politician locks the safe and says if Neelima wants to catch me, she can’t get through any point. His wife says their daughter is not well and they have to show it to doctor. He gets angry on her. She complains about her. He says don’t tell anything against her, as he can’t bear any complaint against her. He says he can manage the world and she takes care of his world,

she is his heart and controls him.

A girl is shown with tons of attitude and everyone eyes her. The man says she is Bhanu Pratap’s daughter Tanushree. She takes the ticket from him, by scaring him of his dad. She gives him some money and taunts him. Her friends say she might be feeling good that everyone is scared of her dad. She says no man can say me now and love is fun when there is fight, wait and I want he does not love me and I make him helpless to love me. Arjun comes there. He bumps into her and acts rude. She is shocked. He asks her to do her work and leaves. Tanu smiles seeing him, and feels he did not give me any respect and he was not afraid, he is solid. She thinks who is he.

Arjun comes home holding his cheek as Poorvi has kissed him. The servant says what happened to Arjun. His sister talks to someone and says she also wants to meet and tells about home rules. She sees Arjun and lies about computer classes. He goes. She says what happened to him. Arjun bumps into the door. Gauri sees Poorvi smiling and is angry. She says you can smile after all this, how. Watan’s mum talks to Nisha. She asks her to tell her everything what happened. Nisha thinks about Watan’s words how he has threatened her about Lakshya. She says she knows Watan loves her a lot and will keep her happy, she was not feeling safe with Lakshya so she has married Watan. Watan’s mum says she knows her husband and son very well and she does not need to lie to her. She says you should accept this lie and Watan, as you don’t have any option.

She says everything will be fine, and this lie will look truth. Nisha thinks she will not accept this house as her inlaws and will not accept Watan as her husband, and will ruin his happiness. Sujatha asks Nisha what happened with Watan. Nisha says she was tired. Sujatha asks about her suhaagraat. Nisha says she slept. Sujatha says he left you that night, but he will not leave you. She teases her and says Watan is mad about you. Arjun does not wash his face to keep up the kiss effect. Aaj kal tanha mai kahan hun……………plays………. Arjun and Poorvi imagine each other and smile. Poorvi kisses the mirror and smiles.

Arjun tells Poorvi that he is not taking bath as her kiss has stopped him. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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