Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun and Poorvi looking at each other. Aag ka darya hai………… yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays………… Lakshya stays between them and stops Arjun from talking to her. Arjun messages Poorvi asking will Lakshya guard her even in washroom. She says no use, all try is waste. Lakshya says Poorvi to come out of class in every 10mins. They all go to class. Arjun dismisses the class and shuts the door to talk to Poorvi. He says he did this to meet her and holds her face. He hugs her. She says Lakshya is outside. She says she will love him till she dies, but can’t be with him. She says our fate has made us apart. He wipes her tears. He says about story end, when hero should get heroine.

He says he will not let his love go. She asks how. He says

he won’t let her go far. She says she won’t go against family. He says you told her, whatever they do will be by elder’s decision. He says I can’t tell Lakshya to let me hug you, so I got you here my way. Lakshya looks for Poorvi. Arjun hugs Poorvi. Lakshya sees other students out and goes to see Poorvi. Poorvi sees Lakshya and slaps Arjun to act. Lakshya sees this and comes inside the class. Poorvi fights with Arjun. Lakshya also scolds Arjun. Poorvi signs Arjun to keep quiet. Lakshya takes Poorvi. Aag ka darya hai………….plays………….

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Neelima says she wants to know about Bachcha Singh and his history. She tells Dayal that she needs a point to catch some wrong doings of him. She says she will not go home till she finds something solid. Dayal says he also wants to teach him a lesson, its their fight, but he promised that he wants to see peace on Lakshya’s face. Bachcha Singh and his friend throw darts on Neelima’s face. He laughs on her saying about Watan and Nisha’s marriage. Neelima and Daya checks some files at home. Arjun and Poorvi chat on phone. Poorvi apologizes for the slap. He says he needs another sorry. She asks what. He switches off the power and comes to meet her dressed as electrician. Arjun says he came to check fuse and Neelima sends him with Poorvi to check fuse box.

Arjun meets Poorvi and says he has cut electricity to connect hearts. He romances her with his sweet lines. She says he is mad. He says everyone will say this in few days that I m mad in Poorvi’s love. She says sorry and asks him to go. He says you said sorry, but I need a kiss on the cheek you slapped. She asks is he joking. He says his cheek needs kiss to lessen slap effect. She gets shy and says no. He stops her locking her in his arms and asks for a sweet kiss.

Aag ka darya hai… reth ka sahra hai……. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………plays…………They smile. She kisses him on his cheek. He says love has won. He says when I came to your house for first time, he saw the meter box. He says he will on meter when he leaves. He says bye and tells Dayal that light will come. Neelima stops him and he hides his face. Poorvi looks on.

Watan’s mum talks to Nisha and asks him to accept Watan. Nisha thinks she will not accept them as her inlaws.

Update Credit to: Amena

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