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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun seeing Nisha crying. He asks Nisha why did she cheat Lakshya. Nisha says she was helpless to do with the man she loves. She tells in FB how Bachcha Singh and Watan have blackmailed Nisha to marry Watan, else Lakshya will be shot in the mandap. Watan;s madness for Nisha took over him and he showed her true side to her. Watan asks her to do as she says, as he will kill Lakshya. He says he will even kill her parents and Lakshya’s family. He tells that he kidnapped Lakshya, and would have killed him, but he left him because of her. He says if you make me restless, then it will be very bad. He says when he likes something, he gets it. He says if she loves Lakshya, then she should marry him.

Arjun is shocked and asks did she do this for her love. Nisha

says sometimes you have to go away from your love to save your love, this sacrifice is called true love. She says its easy to get love, but sacrificing love is not easy. She says she won’t let Lakshya know this and asks him to promise he won’t tell anything to Poorvi. She asks him to behave normal with Watan, as he knows what can his family do. She says she does not want to put Lakshya in danger, if he knows this, he can’t hate me ever and can’t forget me. She says I want him to get a better girl than me and I will spend my life with Watan. She says she will take revenge from Watan by giving him pain. She says this is love Arjun, people say its easy to spend life, but keep crying for one is very tough. She says when you love someone like this, you will be ready to sacrifice yourself in love. Arjun and Nisha cry.

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Arjun says I have seen no one respects women in this house and everyone says women is weak, but its false. I have seen you, you are stronger than men, and you should have been bahu of Poorvi’s house. Nisha says I know you started liking Poorvi. She says I learnt to adjust, but Poorvi has small beautiful dreams, she should not get injustice. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………..plays……………Arjun thinks this won’t happen ever. He tells Nisha that he knows her pain will not get less if he apologizes, but still he is very ashamed and apologizes to her. He asks her to forgive him, he does not know she trusts him or not, as he is Watan’s brother, but she can still do favor, if she needs any help or have any problem, he will help her, but not let her cry. Nisha nods yes and leaves. Arjun sees his family pic and asks why did you do all do this?

Its morning, Gauri tells Lakshya that her dad came to know everything and wants her back. Poorvi says but your college. Gauri says I will come for exams. Lakshya says he wants even Poorvi to go to Delhi to study. Poorvi says her semester will be incomplete. Lakshya says your friends are not going. Poorvi says nothing will happen. Lakshya says Arjun studies there, I can’t let you near him. Gauri says yes, all of them are same. Poorvi says shall we let our parents get pain alone, we should be united at this time. Lakshya says just one month to complete semester, but till the I will also come along, as I can’t leave you alone in this city. He says he will do night shift for one month, but his family safety is important. Gauri smiles and thinks Poorvi took away her love and now even she won’t get Arjun.

Bachcha Singh’s family sits for breakfast. Watan’s mum asks Nisha to join them. Nisha brings a dish and serves them. Bachcha Singh praises the food which irks Sujatha. Watan likes the food and jokes. Arjun’s sister asks him that will this happen with other children also, did dad change the strict rules for us to choose our life partner, as he allowed Watan to marry his love Nisha. Arjun says its not done for love, Nisha is brought here to show our dad can do anything. She asks can’t they choose their life partner. Arjun says never. He thinks he will do what he wants. Arjun comes to college and waits for Poorvi. He thinks to call her and stops. Poorvi comes and smiles seeing him. Arjun walks towards her. She signs no, go back, and shows Lakshya. Arjun sees Lakshya and turns to his friends. Lakshya sees Arjun and holds Poorvi’s hand to take her inside the college.

Lakshya asks Poorvi not to talk to anyone, as all here are Arjun’s friends. He asks her to attend lecture and he will stand outside. Arjun looks on and goes to talk to Poorvi. Lakshya comes even there and does not give her space. He asks Poorvi to come. They sit in canteen. Arjun comes to them and Lakshya starts scolding him. Arjun apologizes and says he was not involved in all this. He says Poorvi is president of elections and we have to campaign. Lakshya says she is not in these elections now. Arjun says our names are registered now. He says we have to work for one week.

Lakshya says he will talk to principal and not let Poorvi be with him. He talks to principal and he says we can’t do anything now, they have to fight elections together. Lakshya asks him to remove Poorvi’s name. The principal says sorry, we can’t help now. Poorvi says she wants to do something for college girls as she has promised them to bring a change. Arjun smiles. Lakshya says he will not leave Poorvi alone and tales her home.

Its morning, Arjun and Poorvi’s posters are pasted on the college walls. Aag ka darya hai……………yeh dil sun raha hai………….plays…………… Poorvi does campaigning. Lakshya is always between her and Arjun. Lakshya says talk to me and not Poorvi, our home ladies does not speak to strangers. Poorvi looks at Arjun.

Neelima stops Arjun as he changes look to meet Poorvi. He gets tensed and hides his face. Neelima walks to him.

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