Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Watan thanking Lakshya and Nisha for coming and gives gifts. Poorvi comes with Mrigank and Watan gifts them too. Poorvi says Mrigank is behaving so well, even if he is drunk. Nisha says yes, he is so cute and teases her. Gauri tells Arjun that she came here for him, and she did not even see her. He looks at Poorvi and asks Gauri to go home. She asks what happened to him. He says I don’t know what happened to me. Everyone leave for home. Nisha comes home and sees Watan’s gift. She is shocked seeing it and thinks whats this, its very costly, such things are worn in marriage, how can he gift me this and why. She calls Watan.

She talks to him and says she saw his gift, maybe he gifted her bangles by mistake. Watan laughs and says no, its for you. She says

its very costly and I can’t take this. He says when I saw it, I felt only you can wear it and it will suit you, what if its costly, we will be related soon, so its your right to get such gift. She asks what relation. He says Lakshya is my brother type, and don’t argue now. She says fine and ends the call. She thinks she has to tell this to Lakshya, Watan was talking strange, its not good.

Lakshya brings Mrigank to his home. Mrigank says what will your parents think. Lakshya says its fine, you can’t go to hotel room. Mrigank says I will go. Neelima and Dayal come out and see Mrigank drunk. Mrigank greets them and says I will leave. Neelima asks what happened to him.Lakshya says we got him, someone mixed wine in his drink, maybe Arjun did it. Mrigank says sorry, I won’t trouble now, I miss my home and my mum used to wait for me, and my Mama used to explain me to come home early, but I did not go to my home in such state ever. Neelima says come in.

Mrigank says many jokes to them and normalizes with time. Poorvi smiles seeing him. Mrigank says I m sorry to talk so much, elders can slap me too. Neelima says no, we know you are a good man and won’t lose control. Mrigank says he has observed something about Lakshya and Nisha, as they are not good compared to uncle and aunty. Everyone smile. Its morning, Arjun says whats happening with me, why is Poorvi affecting me, she has done a big favor on me, what should I do. Chacha comes to him and says don’t fight with your feelings. He says no man could win over feelings, so it will be good you accept it and lose over to it, as it has your victory in it, love is not in our hands, we can’t say when it happens and how.

Chacha says try to understand and leaves. Arjun says he will control his feelings. Neelima tells Poorvi that Mrigank should have gone after breakfast. Poorvi says he was getting late. Neelima asks do you like him, I saw you looking at him, I always thought my children never hide anything, if you both like each other, we don’t have any problem, but it should not affect studies. Gauri hears this and smiles. Neelima leaves. Gauri hugs Poorvi and says your mum is great, she has permitted you for your love. Poorvi says I don’t know what Mrigank thinks about me. Gauri says he loves you, if you want this to continue, there is one way.

She calls Mrigank and says Poorvi wants to talk to you something imp and gives phone to her. Poorvi says I called to ask did you reach office on time, mum asked me why did you not wait for breakfast, I told her you were getting late, can we go for coffee in evening, if you have time, fine we will meet. Gauri happily hugs her and they smile. Arjun waits for Poorvi in college. Gauri meets him and he avoids her. She asks why are you ignoring me, whats going on. She says I feel you are not my old Arjun. He says even I m feeling this, I did not know I will feel this one day. She asks what, don’t say you will leave me, you know I really love you a lot.

He asks really, do you love me, whats this love. She asks what is he saying, you know I can’t stay for one min, I fought with my and Poorvi, she tried stopping me so many times. He says whatever Poorvi said was right, you should have heard her, I had bet with her that Gauri will come back to me and I won it. She says bet and cries…. She says I was a bet? He says yes, I had a bet and now I decided that I will not play with your heart anymore. She starts pushing him, and says you see you will regret a lot, remember this. She cries and leaves. Arjun thinks will Poorvi understand what I want and why am I doing this, if she does not, then….

Nisha talks to Lakshya and says how can I keep such costly gift. Lakshya says we return it to Watan he will feel bad. She says I know they are rich, why will anyone give such costly gift, come here, then we will talk. She says Poorvi is right, Lakshya does not understand any planning and trap, you are very innocent.

Arjun thinks to talk to Poorvi, as she can’t wait, but Poorvi did not come to college, I will go her home and meet her. He sees Poorvi passing by in auto and follows her. He asks auto driver to stop auto. She says no, keep driving. He says I want to talk to you. She says just go, I don’t want to talk. He sees her meeting Mrigank and stops. They shake hands and he looks at them. Poorvi and Mrigank go in the coffee shop. He says I hope I did not say anything wrong yesterday night, I don’t remember much, but I spent time with you. She says you said sorry so many times, don’t you remember what you said.

Poorvi says I came to know you like me, and I m glad, I m proposing you being a girl, you are the only man with whom I want to spend my life with, I know love is not embarrassing, I always thought about you day and night, I decided this. She asks him can he become hers forever. He is shocked and says I don’t remember what I told you yesterday. She says you can tell me now, I know you love me. Hebsays no, I just like you as you are a nice girl, that’s it. She is shocked.

Poorvi cries and tells Neelima that Mrigank said no to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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