Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The highlighted moment and so beautifully picturised scene of ArjVi in the store…

in search of the Dhol in the store a glass shape heart creation captures the attention of Poorvi mesmerised by it that she is not aware of walking directly in the window pane..Arjun pulls Poorvi by her saree dupatta and directly in his arms..their eyelock so catchy…She shows Arjun the creation saying its like someone has printed it with his hand and it says you will never go from my life..Very touching moment with their hand in each other..Poorvi puts it back and goes away and finally Arjun takes the gift…

Arjun..Mrigank scene..was that an advice to him or severe warning from Arjun?..for me it was typical Arjun style as it was definitely a warning to Mrigank in a very calm

way.. was like you hurt Poorvi you can run for your life as i wont spare you..Next Arjun breaks the heart when he in tears..i was like truly Arjun if you know what stupid thing you are doing breaking Poorvi’s heart and giving pain to yourself..Back inside the hall with ArjVi staring at each other but with a distance between them..Mrigank comes to meet Poorvi but her eyes on Arjun going away..

Mrigank tasted the dose of his own medecine today..he rejected Poorvi on the face and quite rudely.. .Today he has the guts to be angry when Poorvi told him in a kind way that she does not have feeling for him..she wont be able to give him that love he expects from her..This today clearly indicates Poorvi had an infactuation on Mrigank but its Arjun who has taught her the meaning true love..

Finally the scene i was awaiting ..ArjVi confrontation scene..

To say today Gauri..Mrigank indirectly played cupid for ArjVi …Mrigank leaving in anger tellng Arjun to ask Poorvi wat’s the matter.. Gauri in her vamp style rubbing salt in Poorvi’s was like Destiny call as this brings them both together again.Arjun can’t see Poorvi in tears and her outburst towards him leaving Arjun perplexed..One moment i thought Arjun jhansi ki rani will slap him …so much she was in anger when he told her i’m doing this to bring you and Mrigank close..It did not happen as Poorvi is head heels in love with her Arjun…

Tomorrow i think we get that love confession of Poorvi..The Decor is all set and the way Poorvi told Arjun you killed me breaking my heart.. I think it will be a must watch.

Update Credit to: saveeta

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