Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

An Epi where the main highlight is Poorvi..her enthusiasm about the sangeet but another reason Arjun presence..Poorvi even asks her mother to receive Arjun nicely this time..Her happiness so visible on her face and conscious what jewellery to wear..Not to say Gauri fuming with anger..Lost in her thought while getting ready in front of the mirror and all smile..first time seeing poorvi shy ..smiling and that too for Arjun..we can say love is knocking at fast speed at her heart’s door..

Baccha singh and family make an entry and Poorvi eyes searches the one she has been waiting Arjun..a bit sad as he he has not come with his family.Dancing with friends but her eyes at the door looking for Arjun..

Her happiness has no bounds seeing Arjun but all her smile disappears as he goes directly to meet Gauri..Something planned by Arjun to fake an act for Poorvi..Her heart hurts seeing Arjun happily talking with Gauri..same thing for Arjun his heart breaks seeing Poorvi and Mrigank together..his tears ..her pain really these two needs a confrontation to clear their misunderstanding..

Then comes the moment when finally realisation dawn on Poorvi that the one who loves her beyond everything is Arjun..This partiicular scene already hint Arjun has already entered her heart now and its love happenning for Poorvi..

Now Arjun is Arjun as jo woh karta hein hein dil laga ke karte hein..he again tries to send Poorvi away from him by saying they are not meant for each other as they are it was like role reversal and this time its Poorvi who felt the pain of Arjun’s words…

Poorvi smile seeing Arjun..her eyes only for him in the sangeet..her pain seeing him with Gauri and tomorrow her tears all this indicates Arjun Ranilaxmibai as he so sweetly calls her is falling in love and with him..

Arjun instead of concluding everything without knowing the truth and breaking Poorvi’s heart just look in her eyes.its you only there also in her mind and heart..

Update Credit to: saveeta

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  1. i like the episode

  2. Please keep updating, from past 2 days there was no updates only nd episode was nice ☆

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