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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 15th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi being shocked to see Arjun lying on his car being drunk. She wakes him up. He opens his eyes and sees her. He says you here. She says yes, I have to talk to you. Is that all true what happened at your house? He says yes, my dad insulted your family, its all true. He says we are such people, we are bad, you know this, and tell your mum that she should not challenge my dad, else I can’t save her. She says what, you were protecting my mum. He says yes, I saved your family, you can’t see it, and always did wrong with me. He says do you think I m your guard, to use me and throw me, you also do something, I have put my life to save your brother, and you did not care, but I will save your family.

He says not even you and falls on her. She says stay away

from me, you are drunk, my mum is right, no need to protect me and my family. She says what will you protect, you can’t even stand, you said you are changing, you can never change. She says all this was your drama, and I felt that you have really changed, I have fought with my mum, and came to talk to you. He asks really? He says you can’t see anything, I changed myself for you, you want a man to be good from outside, you don’t care about heart, how a man is by his heart, I m drunk, so I m mad, if I had tea, then I was good.

He says change should be in mind, habits spoil oneself, but thinking spoils other’s life. He says I changed even my mentality, I have lost myself to get you, even then you did not come to me, I can’t even find myself now. He cries and says you always give me lecture, first you obey it, you have scolded me, but I heard it, as I love you. He says you made fun of my love. She asks what do you mean? She says you can’t blame me. He says yes, you made fun of my love, true love, you know this, I did so much for you and…… She asks what did you do for me. He says leave me, go from here, I don’t need you.

She says fine, I will go away and never come back. She says she won’t die if he is not there, as Lord is there, she won’t see his face from today. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays…………….She says she is a fool, she is feeling bad. She says you can’t understand anything and cries. They look at each other. She leaves thinking Arjun will become like old one now, why am I hurt. He thinks he is not in her fate, she will never love me.

Mrigank calls Poorvi and asks her to give her answer. She starts crying. He asks what happened, tell me. She says nothing. He says I will come, tell me where are you. She says some park. He says I m coming. Arjun thinks his love has faded. Mrigank comes to meet Poorvi and Arjun leaves. He asks whats the matter. She says she hates Arjun, and tells about his bad habits. Some men come there and tease Poorvi. Mrigank tries to protect her and the men hold him. They touch Poorvi. Arjun comes and beats him. Hua Chokra Jawaan re……………..plays………….The men ask Arjun to leave, even after knowing he is Bachcha Singh’s son.

Arjun says leave the girl, else I will beat you. The man talks dirty about her, and laughs. Arjun starts beating them alone. Mrigank stands looking on. The men start beating Arjun. Poorvi gets restless. Mrigank holds her to stop. She starts crying. She says if he starts to bleed, blood will not stop, please save him Mrigank. Arjun starts bleeding. The man says we are heroes here. They get a call from their boss and leave. Poorvi tells him that nothing will happen to him, and asks Mrigank to bring the car. Mrigank realizes that Poorvi loves Arjun.

Poorvi asks Arjun to open his eyes. She says she will take him to hospital. Arjun says no, you said you will manage and won’t need my help, as Lord will protect my family, now what. He says Lord is also on holiday. She says you need help now. He says I don’t need help in fight, I asked for help in love, it was my mistake. She says please visit doctor once. Mrigank says yes, you need a doctor. Arjun gets angry and says I don’t need doctor, as I m a goon, its daily thing for me. He says he will manage, as one day he has to leave. He says don’t get girls for morning walk, and take her home, don’t stop anywhere on the way, leave now. He makes her sit in Mrigank’s car and asks them to go. She cries seeing him. He says Arjun Singh does not need anyone, especially you.

A politician comes to meet Bachcha Singh and tells him that my goons have told your son to leave the girl. But Arjun has beaten them for the girl. Bachcha Singh asks the girl’s name. The man says Poorvi. Bachcha Singh says maybe Arjun got in anger, she is his college mate, it happens in this age. The man says I understand, get Arjun married to my daughter, you promised me. Bachcha Singh asks are you doubting me, I gave you my word, don’t worry. He says I will ask my goons to be away from Arjun and his friends. He leaves. Bachcha Singh says it means Arjun started fighting for Poorvi.

Bachcha Singh tells Watan that he wants Neelima to apologize to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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