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The Episode starts with Arjun lying to his dad that no one has slapped him, else he would have killed that person, how can he believe someone. His mum thinks he is lying because of his love, why, to save them, I feel Pandit ji is right, Arjun has changed, don’t know what will happen now. Arjun tells Sujatha that someone lied to her, and she should trust family, not strangers. Bachcha Singh says yes, even I was thinking who can slap you in this city. Arjun says he was going out, and will stay if he wants. Bachcha Singh says no, you can go, I was just asking. Arjun leaves. Bachcha Singh says I m sure Neelima has really slapped Arjun, and why is he hiding this from me.

He says I know he has gone to give her the warning, but why is he doing this. Watan says he is not sure, but has

some idea. He says when he came to free Lakshya, I doubt that Arjun is falling in love with Poorvi. He says he never drinks wine nowadays, and started studying. He says he has changed a lot. Bachcha Singh says yes, I understood everything, its good news. Watan says if you say, I will call Neelima and say Poorvi is with us. Bachcha Singh says no, not now, she has come here and insulted us, and now we will go her home and insult her, saying my son likes her daughter, but she does not know what I like, I will ruin them.

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Arjun understands Gauri did this, and he should inform Poorvi first, that her family got insulted at my house and I did not know this, else I would have stopped. He says I will meet her and her family, to assure them I will protect them. Poorvi thinks Arjun is doing this because of her. Mrigank comes and says he will drop her home. She sits in his car. He plays FM. Lahu mu lag gaya………..plays………. She smiles thinking about Arjun. She thinks he is not so bad.

She thinks its not his mistake to be bad, as his family did not give him values, but now he is trying to change, I did not know he can do this for me. Mrigank asks why is she smiling and introduces himself. She thinks she is seriously thinking about Arjun and says sorry to him. He says he has to talk to her and can they sit and talk somewhere. She says its late. He says I will drop you. She says fine. They come to the restaurant. He tells her that he likes her, and wants to be her life companion. Arjun is on the way and passes by the café. He sees her and Mrigank there.

Mrigank says he has said no to her proposal that, as he did not expect it. She says its fine. He says I did not think about you deeply, so did not say yes, I know you have clean heart and helpful, I have seen you caring about others, not I understand this, I love you. Arjun comes there and sees them holding hands. He prays to Lord what is he showing him, how can Poorvi give her hand to someone else, and saying she loves him. He cries and goes out.

He says no use to talk to her now, everything is over, Poorvi still finds me wrong. He leaves from the place. He thinks he did so much for her, what did she do, she is not affected, I love her so much and she does not love me, I was mad to run after her, I wanted to become like her, but she has option, she likes Mrigank. Mrigank asks Poorvi to say something. Poorvi says I want some time. He asks why. She says don’t know, I just know that I can’t give the answer now, I imagined this moment many times, and dreamed that you will propose me and I will say yees, but I m feeling strange and lonely now.

She says her dream is to get married and have a sweet happy family, and now when its happening, I don’t know why I m not sure, why am I not happy. She says she can’t say yes now and wants time, I m sorry, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, I hope you understand. She leaves. Poorvi comes home and Neelima complains about Bachcha Singh’s orders to sign on papers for their help to us till now. Poorvi defends Arjun and says he did not help me for the land. Neelima says they all are same, they feel women are door mat and made the guys egoistic, I should slap him more.

Poorvi says no, don’t say this. You have slapped him, but he has hidden this from his family, to save us. Neelima says no need to take his side, they want their work to be done. Poorvi says I know his family is like this, but Arjun is not like that, he has saved Lakshya. Gauri looks on. Neelima asks Poorvi and Lakshya not to be friendly with Arjun and Watan. She says everything over with them now. Gauri smiles. Poorvi comes to her and thinks about their words. She thinks she should talk to Arjun once. She says mum stopped me and I can’t talk.

Gauri confronts Poorvi asking what happened to her that she feels Arjun is a good guy. She says you are wrong. Poorvi says I know he has changed, he is not like before. Gauri thinks she used to say he will never change. Arjun drinks wine thinking about Poorvi and Mrigank. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………plays………….. Poorvi is restless and tells Neelima that she is going for jogging. Neelima asks is she fine. Poorvi says yes, I will be back. She thinks she should talk to Arjun, mum is wrong about him, I should talk to him and clear things soon. She is shocked seeing Arjun drunk and sleeping on the road.

Few goons catch Poorvi and Mrigank. Arjun comes and saves her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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