Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun coming to the man and saying his wife has slapped him. The man defends her. Arjun scares them. The man holds her hand. Arjun says I came to say sorry, she has slapped me in college, she said her husband loves her, now I will show you what I can do. He drags him out and slaps him. Gauri comes and stops Arjun. She says I thought you changed. Arjun says not so much to make this girl slap me. The lady comes in between and protects her husband. She says take revenge from me. The man says from me. The girl praises her husband and says kill me, but leave him. Arjun says see how much she loves you, and you were doubting her, and fought with her for me. He says I felt sorry and came here. He says its clear you both love each other, he has married you and you both saved

each other.

Arjun says you both are each other’s life. He says never doubt each other now. He says its my mistake, I always made mistakes and I united them, this girl is pure, and loyal, she loves her husband. I wanted them to feel this, and apologizes to them for his drama. He says I want you both to stay together with love. Gauri looks on. Bachcha Singh praises Watan for saving Lakshya. He says like she gets burdened by our favor, we will be relieved of our tension. He says some foreigners are coming for land deal, call Neelima and Shankar for dinner, they will sign on papers. Sujatha hears them. She thinks Watan and Arjun are winning his heart and my husband does not understand anything. Watan thinks what did this happen, I did not tell dad that Neelima has returned the gifts.

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Sujatha brings Nirbhik to room and scolds him. She says use your mind and get into dad’s good books. She says dad loves Arjun and Watan, you are not doing anything to win his heart. He asks what to do. She says no use to tell you, now I have to make some plan. Gauri says Arjun that he has really changed, he did not know love and united lovers today. She says you said sorry to them, you became different. She says someone changes when he falls in true love.

She asks is it Poorvi, she is my friend and betrayed me, and you kicked me out for such girl who insulted you. She gets angry on Poorvi. Arjun gets angry and asks her to shut up. He says Poorvi did not cheat you, I like her, she does not like me, scold me, not her. He says its my mistake, she is not after me, I want her to say yes, but she is not saying yes. She gets annoyed and goes to Bachcha Singh’s home. Sujatha gets mehendi design on her hand. Gauri comes and meets her. She says she has a book and came to give it to Arjun. Sujatha says yes, he is studious now, is it because of you. Gauri says no. She says she can help her in mehendi. Sujatha says yes, you do it.

Gauri applies a good design and writes Nirbhik’s name. She says show this name to him, he will be happy. Sujatha says she knows about her and Arjun. Gauri says no, it all ended, Arjun is with someone else, with the girl whose mum has insulted you all and slapped Arjun infront of anyone. Sujatha asks who has slapped him, and no one at home knows this. Gauri tells her about Poorvi. She says Arjun wants to save Poorvi’s family, so he has hidden this. She leaves. Sujatha thinks to use this matter. Gauri comes out and smiles. She says Poorvi has changed Arjun the way she likes, but she is hurt and curses Poorvi and Arjun for breaking her heart.

Neelima tells Shankar that she does not like to go for dinner. He says Watan has saved Lakshya, lets go and give this marriage invitation. Bachcha Singh welcomes them. He tells about their foreign guests. He says they will do the land deal. She is Revenue Officer. Neelima says its their plan. Arjun’s mum treats them well. Neelima says she has to go early, as she has much work. She says I came to invite you all for marriage, and thanks to Watan to save Lakshya. Bachcha Singh says whats there to thank, we can always serve you. Nirbhik says yes, everyone knows we do such things.

Bachcha Singh says I wanted you to have dinner, fine we won’t make you stay. He signs Watan. Watan says yes, bringing. He gets the file and gives it to Neelima. She asks whats this. Bachcha Singh says old papers, you have to sign on it.

Neelima says how did you think I will sign on this file. She says I told this before that I m against wrong things, thanks for saving Lakshya, but I won’t cheat the rules. She says she won’t sign. Bachccha Singh says how dare you insult me, and talk to me in high tone. He says how will you not sign, why did you use us, to keep Lakshya’s engagement here, and got gifts, and now when the time came to return favor, so got laws in between. She says she has returned all the gifts. She says I did not take any bribe and gave the money, tell me any amount if you want, I will clear it. She leaves.

Watan gets tensed. His dad asks him whats happening, did she return gifts, why did you save her son when she refused to sign. Watan says yes, I did not get time to tell you. Bachcha Singh says she has insulted me. He says why did you save his son. Watan says I kidnapped Lakshya, Arjun came and said there is one idea. Bachcha Singh says don’t lie about Arjun, I know Arjun can’t do this. Sujatha says no, Arjun has got slap by Neelima. They all are shocked. She says Neelima slapped when he went to give sweets, don’t know why is he hiding. Arjun comes home.

Bachcha Singh asks him did Neelima slap him. He is shocked and stays quiet. He says I will ruin her family now, I will kill everyone. Arjun is shocked.

Arjun lies to Bachcha Singh and says no one slapped me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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