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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tanu saying Arjun does not even see me, it means Poorvi was right, her love is strong, I did so wrong with him, and still he does not hate me, from where did they come. I will do something that I win. She says I will end this story. Lakshya worries for Nisha and Poorvi says she will be fine. Tanu comes and says Nisha is fine, and tells them everything. Poorvi asks why did she come here, she knows she does not do anything without any motive.

Tanu says yes, I have a motive, I want to talk to you, you have many complaints. Poorvi says no, I don’t have any complaints and don’t want to talk to you. Tanu says what do you have that I don’t have, I have all good qualities, why does Arjun not love me, and love you. Lakshya says its her plan. Tanu says no, this

time its not my plan, I have done many things to ruin your image and hurt you, but I failed every time. She says Arjun did not let me win and saved you always, without telling you. They are shocked.

Poorvi cries and asks is she saying true. Tanu says yes, Arjun loves only you, his love has so much strength that he won and I lost, he did not touch me till today, he just loves you. Neelima says why are you telling this to us. Tanu says I have broken now, I m sure he can’t be mine now, his love is pure that I can never get him, he has changed me, I also want to walk on right path.

She says Arjun would have let me die today, but he saved my life, and I respect him even more, he told me you did this with him when you used to hate him, you changed him into a good human being, and he taught me love and how to keep everyone happy, forgive me. She says she has given written statement to Neelima’s office and she has trapped them, they will get their job back.

She says I will unite you and Arjun, this is my promise, and cries. Tanu calls Arjun and asks him to come to Poorvi’s old house. Arjun comes there and sees darkness. He calls out Tanu. Poorvi comes to him and says you are very great, you have sacrificed your love, I got to know everything, Tanu told me. Arjun is shocked. Poorvi says why did you do this, I felt you cheated me, but you have bear so much pain.

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They cry talking and clearing the matter. Arjun says you are my life, I did not wish you to die, I was dying all the time and wanted to see you happy. He says we can’t unite. She asks why did he lose hope. He says he loves her a lot, and can’t live without her. He hugs her. Bhanu scolds Tanu and asks is she mad, I know Arjun will ruin your life and not keep you happy, I will kill him and his family.

Bachcha Singh scolds Bhanu and says I can face anyone till my son Arjun is with me. Bhanu says I have power and guts. Tanu says enough and stops their argument. She laugh and says you both see your faces, and calms them. She says its not Arjun’s mistake, I made him helpless to marry me, and now I understood why he loves Poorvi, I want to become a nice girl and want someone who loves me like Arjun.

She asks Bachcha Singh can’t he make Arjun marry Poorvi. She says we earned money by wrong ways, people are scared by you but don’t respect you. Bachcha Singh says you are right, love and happiness can’t be got by money, I will be happy when I make Poorvi my bahu. Bhanu says I m happy to see my daughter giving me values, I m proud of you. He asks when did she become so good.

She says I have become good seeing Arjun and Poorvi. Bhanu and Bachcha Singh end their fight and apologize to each other. They hug. Tanu says I know Arjun, I did many mistakes and hurt you, forgive me. He says we can be friends, we are not made for each other. She says thanks, and hugs him thinking it will be fun next year when he gets children.

Poorvi’s family comes back to their old home and smile. Bachcha Singh comes with Arjun and apologizes to them. Dayal and Neelima are glad. Bachcha Singh thanks them for making Poonam marry her lover Tarun. He says he wants Arjun and Poorvi to marry, as they know they love each other. Arjun says he won’t marry Poorvi, as he will wait till Lakshya marries Nisha. Lakshya says I will marry Nisha.

Lakshya proposes to Nishe and she agrees. Arjun proposes to Poorvi and she nods. Aag ka darya hai……….. yeh dil sun raha hai……………..plays………. Their marriages are shown. Tanu smiles seeing them. Arjun says he is thinking their honeymoon location. Poorvi smiles. Bachcha Singh apologizes to his wife Nalini and says he could not become a good husband, forgive me. Nalini says don’t say this. He promises her that he will take good care of her, and will his time to her. She smiles. He says I will always make you smile. Yeh dil sun raha hai………….plays………….All the couples smile.

The show ends on a happy note with all families uniting and valuing love and relations over money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    the story for one year they even not think about the actor’s especially
    Mr.Kalini Muherjee is a great actor why the production and writters team wasting their talented and timeschedule by doing like this the production team must to give values for actors future also not only think about money

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