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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun bringing books to his room. A book falls and he sees the girls pics in it. He thinks about Poorvi’s words that he has hurt many girls by breaking their hearts. Its morning. Arjun apologizes to all the girls as he is changing now, so starting with saying sorry. The girl says why are you doing this drama, now I won’t be a fool. Arjun says I know I have hurt you, please forgive me. Another girl says its good you left me, as I got a better BF than you. A girl makes him do situps and beats him with slipper. He holds her hand and says forgive me. Days passes and he starts studying well. He even helps Satish by writing his exam, and leaving his exam, as he is studious and he should not fail. Satish is injured and unable to write. Arjun says you always wrote my

exams and today I will write, scores settles.

Poorvi and Gauri are surprised. Poorvi shows thumbs up. More days passes. Arjun cleans the walls of the mens toilet having bad pics, and asks the guys if anyone write or draw anything about any girl, I will make them cartoons. Poovi sees this and smiles. She calls out his name and comes inside. He pulls her hand and draws her. She asks what are you doing. Hua Chokra Jawaan re…………..plays……….. He says don’t you common sense to enter gents toilet. She says I came to praise you, but why did you pull me. He says talk slowly. The guys are outside and Arjun hides her. He opens the door and takes her dupatta inside.

He says you are here, if anyone see you, what will they think, we will go out when all of them go out, and their eyes are sharp, at such places. He asks why is she coming to meet him again and again. She says shut up, I don’t like to meet you, its because of you. He says he is happy and asks what did she want to say. She says she came to appreciate him, and she should do something, so she can help him in studies or books. He asks her to have tea with her. Aag ka darya hai…………… yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays………… He says you have to pay the bill. She smiles. He sees everyone is gone and asks her to come out.

He holds her hand and asks when. She says tomorrow. He asks sure. She says yes and leaves. He checks his ears and smiles. He shaves his beard and wears suit, and looks like a handsome, suave guy. He walks inside the college and everyone look at him. Gauri is surprised seeing him. Hua Chokra Jawaan re……………..plays…………… His friends come and play the dhol dancing around him. They make him wear garlands. Arjun says enough, whats this. They say we are doing this for your victory of becoming college president. He laughs and says no one told me. Poorvi comes and sees her in new look.

She is shocked seeing Arjun. Arjun says this time, I will win election but on my talent, and I will not scare anyone, and honestly win, I have changed and became gentleman. He says he wants to win heart, and tell everyone that anyone can stand against me, and have to fight honestly. They ask whats happening. He stops Mrigank and makes him wear garlands. He says you need it more. Mrigank asks what. Arjun says don’t ask, just go. His friends say Arjun should win elections. Arjun sees Poorvi leaving and says he has some work to do.

He meets Poorvi at the café and says sorry, you had to wait because of me. She says its ok, tell what type of tea you want. Arjun orders the tea. Poorvi says she will pay the bill. The man says its his shop, I can’t take money. Poorvi says this college can’t change, as no one has courage to stand against you. He says it will change, as you will change it. She asks what. He says he has changed because of her, I did not know what is right and wrong, if I tell everyone that I changed, they won’t believe, you can help me. She says she won’t help in elections. He challenges her to bring the change, but she does not have guts.

He says you also change, and pays the bill. He tells everyone in the college café that he is standing as president and Poorvi will be vice president. They say it was never before. Arjun says Poorvi will do all the new things. She nods yes. Gauri looks on as Arjun and everyone clap. Few people ask can they also stand on elections. Arjun says yes, elections should be like never before and honest. They thank her. Poorvi starts working and Arjun smiles seeing her.

Arjun talks to his friends and jokes. They come to take pic and stand far. Arjun poses in weird ways. Poorvi holds him to stop. Gauri comes there and sees them smiling and posing together. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays………….. They look at each other and have an eyelock. Arjun talks to everyone about the elections. A girl comes and slaps him. Arjun raises hand but stops. The girl says why did you come to say sorry to my house, you did not know that I m married. Arjun says I told sorry to your husband. She says he knows you, he feels we are having affair again, what was the need to come, to break my house. Arjun says I went there to apologize, not to break your house, I apologized to everyone whom heart I broke, don’t feel wrong.

Gauri thinks why is Arjun apologizing to every girl. The girl asks how are you ashamed, you are just a cheat, any girl can be worried like me, you can’t give happiness to anyone. Poorvi looks at Arjun.

Arjun scolds the gil infront of her husband, to make things fine between her and her husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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