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The Episode starts with Watan asking Arjun with whom is he. Arjun says my girlfriend, I did not get place to talk. Watan says fine, keep talking, whatever you do is by heart. Arjun hides Poorvi and shuts her mouth. Watan leaves. Arjun gets off Poorvi. He sees the tooth bites on his hand. He says I was helpless, don’t know what Lord does. She sees the bite mark and says sorry. He says now trust me, like I saved you, I will save your brother too. He goes to the front seat and asks her to sit quietly, as if she sits closer, his heartbeat gets low. Yeh dil sun raha hai………………plays………..

Mrigank feels Poorvi is in problem, which they are not saying, I should find out. Poorvi says why did you bring me home, I need to find Bhaiya. Arjun asks her to go home, as her parents

will be worried. She says I told her, I will come home taking Bhaiya. He says I also like to be with you, but have to go alone to find him. He says he will get Lakshya till morning. He says he has burnt all feelings, and won’t end the love, so understand and just go. She nods yes and leaves. Dayal asks Neelima to call Arjun and ask him to send Poorvi home.

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Poorvi comes home and everyone ask about Lakshya. Poorvi says don’t worry, I m fine, and nothing will happen to Lakshya, I m sure Arjun will bring him before sunrise. Nisha cries. Dayal says why is he helping us, after the fight between us. Poorvi says I don’t know, I know that if he has said this, then he will bring him. Watan tells his goons to keep Lakshya here till he gets his work done. Arjun comes there and Watan welcomes him. Watan sends the goons.

Watan asks did he do his work, and who was the girl. Arjun smiles and says you may have seen her before. He asks about his new game. What about Lakshya? Watan is shocked and says who told you this. Arjun says I m your younger brother, I have everyone’s news. Watan says you are like father of everyone. Arjun asks does dad know this. Watan says no. Arjun says what, then how will the land deal happen. Watan says does it matter, I know Neelima, she will not sign on the deal. I thought to show my Jalwa, let her do Bhajan Kirtan and she will see her status herself. Arjun is shocked and laughs saying he is doing this for dad right, and dad will not understand this, as he is busy in elections, and he told you not to do any wrong work in elections.

He says if you kidnapped Lakshya, you did it right, this is right time to become hero in dad’s heart. Watan thinks he did a mistake. Arjun says its good Neelima will do our work, after the work is done, lets cut her feathers, I have a good idea, I feel you are romantic, I can see everything. He says do some work, and everyone will lose to you. He says do fighting with our goons, and show them that you have saved Lakshya. Watan asks why. Arjun says if Lakshya goes and tells everyone that you saved him, they will know it, if any girl knows you risked your life and saved Lakshya, you will become hero, Neelima will sign the deal and you will become superstar in dad’s eyes.

He asks him to think and do as he feels like, and he will stay out. Dayal says its going to be sunrise, call Arjun. Poorvi says we should wait, Arjun said he will get Lakshya. Lakshya comes home safe. Poorvi hugs him. Nisha is relieved seeing him. Lakshya says I m fine and hugs everyone. He calls Watan inside. Nisha stops seeing him. Watan comes with an innocent face and greets everyone. Lakshya says the kidnappers was demanding big amount, Watan came to know this and saved my life. Watan says Lakshya is my brother, I told this before, so how could I let anything happen to him, it was about my respect, and don’t worry from today, as everyone knows that I have saved Lakshya, no one will target him again.

He says Nisha might be worried, I promise no one will harm your family, till I m alive. Poorvi thinks. Watan says the gifts I gave you, you all did not like it, and thought I have habit to show off money, but trust me, money… I have seen since childhood and does not matter to me, I buy whatever I like, if my habit has hurt anyone, then forgive me please. Mrigank comes and says Arjun told me what happened yesterday, Nisha called me and I thought its small thing. Poorvi asks is Arjun outside. Mrigank says yes. Poorvi goes out to talk to Arjun and asks why did he not come inside.

Arjun says I got your brother back. She says yes, you fulfilled your promise, thanks, but tell me, did Watan save Lakshya from other kidnappers, I mean is he not involved. Arjun says does it matter. Poorvi says Lakshya wants to know. Arjun says no one has to know, I assure this won’t happen again. She says it means Watan did this. He holds her hand and says your brother is here, I want a prize, forget that who did this, else I will ask something else. She says seriously you are mad. He says yes, in your love. They have an eyelock. He says I was saying forget all this, my family will never hurt your family, Watan will be away from Lakshya.

He asks does she trust him. She smiles and says yes. He says go inside now. She thanks him and says sorry for behaving rude. He asks is it over, listen to me, and talks in English, no sorry, no thanks, this is friendship. Gauri comes and sees them laughing. She is shocked. He says no need to say sorry. She says she wants to tell something else. He asks what. She says I agreed that you really changed. He is glad and says I told you this, my name is Arjun Singh, I do what I say. She laughs and says you did not change. He says you mean, you made me Pappu, oh you started doing things like me. She says now you go home and take rest. He says he got rest and peace now, as I enter lives, not mind and heart. She says bye and goes. Arjun thinks we became friends, and have to see will this turns into love, if she turns and see me.

She does not turn. He thinks he will always be after her, and she will acceot him one day and hug him. She stops and turns to see him. Arjun does not see this and leaves. Aag ka darya hai………………. Yeh dil sun raha hai………………plays………………. Poorvi and Arjun smile thinking about each other. Ishq me deewane mar kar jeete hai………………plays…………….. Gauri asks Poorvi about talking well and thanking Arjun, whats the matter. Poorvi asks why did you not come then, Arjun helped me when police said no, he got Lakshya back home, I was sure that only Arjun can do this, and he did it, so I went to say thanks. Gauri thinks Poorvi used to hate his power and now she is trusting him, there is something I don’t know.

Its night, Arjun thinks he will become such man like Poorvi likes. He studies all night. Lakshya takes Poorvi and Gauri to have icecream. They pass by Arjun’s home. Arjun studies in the compound and Poorvi sees him. She stops the car and shows to Lakshya. She says see, he is studying, I did not think this can happen. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays……….. Gauri is shocked.

Poorvi is declared vice president by Arjun. He dresses in a suit and gets clean shaven.

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