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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi crying on the way being with Arjun in his car. He says don’t worry, Lakshya maybe partying with his friends, before marriage, let him enjoy. She says no, he is not like that, you don’t know him. Arjun jokes and she gets angry. She says Watan maybe involved in this. He gets angry and stops the car. Arjun asks how can she call Watan the kidnapper, so Watan got angry on her, now I won’t help you, find your brother yourself. She apologizes to him, and says how Watan got angry on her and threatened her, so she said this. She holds his hand and asks him to help her.

She says she is scared, its only his family that everyone is scared of, its just them, so she knows only he can find her brother. He jokes and asks her to leave his hand. He says I m changing,

if any girl holds my hand, I get shy, go and sit in the car. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays…………. Dayal says Poorvi is not taking call. Neelima says she left it at home. He says how to find out where is she. She asks him to calm down, as Poorvi is responsible girl. He says she is just 21 years and new in this city, do you think she will find routes and know what to do in this situation.

Arjun asks Poorvi to relax. They come home and talk to Nisha. Nisha’s dad says I think we should take Bachcha Singh’s help. Nisha calls Mrigank and asks did Poorvi call you. He says no, but why, where is she. Nisha says nothing, I just wanted to talk to her. Dayal says Mrigank should not know our daughter is missing, else he will think she is wrong. Neelima says why will he think wrong. Arjun asks Poorvi to give her mum’s number. She asks why. He says I learnt many things from you, and I m changing, you have more knowledge and you have to learn one thing.

He says when you ask anyone help, then trust that person, 100% trust. He says I will help you, trust me, I m going against my Watan and helping you, give me the number. Arjun calls Neelima and says Poorvi is with me, she came to take my help, you will worry so I called to inform, she is fine and with me. Neelima says make me talk to her. Arjun says we are sure of our words, don’t be smart, I will get Lakshya. He gives phone to Poorvi. Neelima scolds her and asks why did you go there. Poorvi says I m fine, I know what I m doing, I will get Lakshya soon.

Nisha thinks why did Poorvi go to Arjun, whom she hates, is she thinking anything else about him. Arjun brings Poorvi to the peon who saw Lakshya taken away. He asks her to sit in car. She asks why, I want to know. He says he will ask in his style. Poorvi thinks she will take Lakshya home safely. Lakshya is tied there. Arjun talks to the peon and asks whom did he see outside the hospital. Arjun asks the name by scaring him. The man says he wants to be alive and he will tell everything.

Poorvi sees few men holding Lakshya captive and runs there to see. Arjun says he won’t let anything happen to the man, even if Watan did it, but he has to tell name. The man says Watan was there, he signed the goons to kidnap Lakshya. Arjun is shocked. The man falls in his feet asking him to leave his life. Arjun says fine, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen.

Poorvi goes to see and walks in darkness. Arjun comes and stops Poorvi. He holds her and she slaps him. He says he is saving her, she would have lost her life, this place is dangerous. They start arguing. Watan looks on and hears them. Arjun hides her and says its good Watan did not see you. She says we will go together. He takes her to the car and shuts her mouth. Watan sees Arjun lifting a girl and talking her. Arjun asks her to sit quietly. She says she won’t go without taking her brother. Watan sees Arjun’s car and sees them in back seat. Watan tries to see who is the girl with him. He asks who is with you. Arjun hides Poorvi’s face and is shocked.

Arjun promises Poorvi that he will bring Lakshya back home till morning.

Update Credit to: Amena

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