Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viraj calling his staff and declaring Poorvi as the CEO of the project, he took this decision as they are facing Arjun this time. He says he is going to London and asks her to manage work here, he has faith in her. She gets glad and thinks about Lakshya’s working for Watan and the penalty amount. She cries and thinks she can free Lakshya from Watan. She thinks she will break Arjun’s pride. Viraj is leaving and calls Arjun to thank, saying he has done the work, as he has given his 90% partnership in his hotel, now he is going back. Arjun says all the best.

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Viraj says I have seen love in Poorvi’s

heart for you, my advice is to tell her the truth and get united, life is short. Arjun says I can’t say her, she is my life and I m doing this for her protection. Viraj says fine, as you wish and ends call. Neelima tells Lakshya to remember Lord and they all are with him. Dayal says yes, we will face all problems together. Poorvi comes and says our good days started, and tells everything. They all get happy and smile.

She says take this money and throw on Watan. He says lets buy a home first. She says no, my job is permanent now, you give money to Watan first so that we can get free, we can buy home later. Watan comes to Nisha. He says he is bored and she is unaffected by him. He calls Lakshya and scolds him, reminding him that he is his slave. Lakshya says my fate is very nice. Watan asks him to come. Lakshya says I you’re your job. Watan asks what does he mean, did he forget the contract. Lakshya says I got the money, don’t worry about my dreams. He scolds Watan and Nisha taunts Watan that truth wins at the end, Lakshya is not your slave now.

Bachcha Singh gets unwell and his wife says she will get medicines for him. he thinks he can’t tell her that his heart attack was fake. Bhanu comes and says our friendship is over, Arjun made Viraj his partner in company. Bachcha Singh says he can’t do this. Bhanu says I know he still loves Poorvi and just married Tanu, I will not leave him, he does not love my daughter, he cares for Poorvi.

Bhanu says he does not care for Tanu and is cheating her. Bhanu gives him warning, and says don’t tell me about friendship, my daughter is most valuable to me. Bachcha Singh says Tanu loves Arjun. Bhanu says she will be happy without Arjun. He says he will bring them on road and make them bg. He gives him two days and leaves. Bachcha Singh is shocked. His wife comes and asks what happened. He says I don’t know my childhood friend can be so bad. She says I knew he can’t be trusted. She says even you did the same, you sold your son for money. He says what nonsense, I did what was better for Arjun, don’t dare to talk to me like this. She cries and says I did not forget you are my husband, but you forgot I m your wife.

She says I have seen Arjun crying all night, he is dying each moment, what else will you do, did you think about our children. She says Watan and Nisha, Arjun and Tanu don’t have any husband and wife relation, as it’s a compromise for money, no one is happy in this house because of you. She asks what will he leave after his death, just money, no happiness, there is no heir in their house. She says about their daughter who run away and is pregnant now,. He could not become Dada, but he will become Nana, she is away from us because of your anger. She says you were proud of Arjun, he is unhappy, you ruined everything.

She makes him realize his mistake and asks him to see Bhanu who can do anything for her daughter’s happiness, and he has ruined his children’s happiness. He says no, this is lie. She says its true and bitter. She cries and leaves. He thinks he has done till now but nothing in children’s favor. Watan is angry and Tanu hears his frustration. She says we both have same situation, as Lakshya is coming between you and Nisha, and Poorvi is coming between me and Arjun, I will trouble Lakshya, you don’t know me.

Watan says the contract says he can give 5 lakhs and get free. She says I know it, but we have to do something, if anything happens that Lakshya wants to become your slave, it will hurt Nisha and Lakshya. She smiles. Lakshya comes to meet Watan and says he won’t see his face again. Watan scolds him, and Lakshya argues. Watan raises hand and Lakshya holds his hand. He shows the money and throws on his face. Nisha looks on.

Lakshya says this money is hard earned and you can’t digest it, this money has got me free. He tells Nisha that she must be happy seeing him helpless, she cheated him for money. She says he did good, she wanted him to be free. Its Lakshya’s imagination and he comes to meet Watan and give him money. Watan talks to Nisha. Lakshya looks at them. Nisha scolds Watan and he says he can’t stop me, what if he gets free, you are with me, who will save me, I will trouble you.

Nisha says I don’t care. He raises his hand and she says aboyt marrying her by threatening her about Lakshya, and she still loves Lakshya. Lakshya is shocked and recalls her words at the time of marriage.

Poorvi tells Neelima that she feels Arjun still loves her, there is something that when Arjun sees me in problem, the problem goes away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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