Yeh dil sun raha hai mere dil ki zubaan Piyush Roshni TS part 1

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Yeh dil sun raha hai mere dil ki zubaan…This heart is listening, the voice of my heart…Part1

Piyush took a sip of the tea Roshni prepared.
P:Yuck.What tea is this Roshni?You are going to make his kind of tea to your future husband?He will spit it for sure.
Roshni:I don’t care.

P:What?You don’t care for your husband?Poor guy.
Piyush looked at the jeans and top she was wearing.
P:Hello…what dress have you worn?Today the boys’ party is coming to see you and this is how you should dress?
R:I don’t want to wear any other dress.
P:You foolish look like a monkey in this.
Roshni fumed with anger:You called me monkey?Hey..I am Roshni Kapoor.I look pretty in whatever I wear.
P:Really?Then consult an eye specialist and start wearing specs.Then look at the mirror properly you monkey.

Roshni got irritated:Again you called me monkey?You are the monkey Piyush..monkey..
P:No..I look so handsome that all girls are after me.
R:Because those girls are also monkeys.So they fell for the monkey King.

P:You are jealous of my looks.That’s why you are talking like this.
R:Me jealous?You…
Roshni started hitting him with pillows.
Piyush pulled his own ears:Ok..ok..I am sorry Roshni.Please forgive me for teasing you.

Roshni smiled.She said with attitude:Ok I forgive you.

P:But Roshni..get dressed up well.
He gave her the lehenga her mother Rita kept for her.
P:Rita aunty bought such a beautiful dress for you.Wear it.
R:Since you said I will wear it.
Piyush smiled.

Roshni wore the lehenga and jewellery.
Piyush was lost in her beauty.
P:You are looking gorgeous.
Roshni blushed.
P:That boy will surely fall for you.
Her face became dull.

The boys’ party came.
Piyush brought Roshni to the front room.
The boy smiled at Roshni.But she did’nt smile back.
Rita whispered to Roshni:Roshni..serve them snacks.
Roshni served them snacks.
The boy’s mother:Your snacks are so tasty.
Rita smiled:Roshni cooks well.

Roshni:Sorry…It’s not made by me.My cooking is not that good.
Everyone’s face became dull.
Rita whispered:Roshni…why did you say that openly?
Roshni:Mom..I don’t want to impress them with lies.
The boy’s mother:Roshni looks so beautiful in this traditional dress.Now a days it’s difficult to find traditional girls in rich families.We are looking for a traditional girl.
Everyone smiled.
Roshni:I am sorry.But I wear traditional dress only on special occasions.I wear western clothes mostly.
They all became dull.
R:I said the truth mom.
The boy’s father:Who is this boy near Roshni?
Roshni’s father Sumit:He is Piyush Bharadwaj.Roshni’s best friend.
They became dull.
The boy’s father:What?Roshni has boy friends too?
They became dull.
Piyush:No..I am not Roshni’s boy friend.I am her best frend.
The boy’s father:Now a days rich girls introduce their boy friends as their best friends and do dirty things behind others.
All were shocked.
Sumit lost his control:Stop it.How dare you all insult my daughter.We thought you all are nice.But we were wrong.
Boy’s mother:You guys are insulting us when we said the truth.
Piyush:There was no truth in whatever you said.Roshni is an innocent pure girl.
The boy’s father:Just leave before we get insulted more.
They all left.
Piyush felt guilty:I am sorry.Because of me…
Sumit:It’s not your fault Piyush.They are disgusting.Good that we saw their true colours now.We escaped from them.

Roshni was weeping in her room.
Piyush went near her:I am sorry Roshni.Because of me only you are crying.
Rosh:No Piyush.I am happy that they left me.
Piyush was stunned:What?
R:Yes.I was not interested in getting married.
P:I can’t believe it.Then why are you crying?
R:Because …no leave it. have to say why you cried.
R:I told you..nothing like that.I cried simply.
Roshni tried to walk away.Suddenly Piyush held her hand:Tell me and go.

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