Yeh Dil (Prologue and Part 1)

I am writing about mehbeer based on the above movie. Here, I’m giving different characters unlike the show & the movie. This FF is dedicated to jasminerahul who wants the story of our heartthrob couple Abeer & Meher. There will be changes in the storyline & songs as well.


Abeer is a college student who is good in all extra curricular activities. College depends & expects a lot from him when there is any competition. The entire college respects him for that. He is the son of a super rich man who is Kuber Malhotra. He is a business tycoon & MLA. He is a spoilt brat & is very impulsive but reforms later.

His mother Madhvi is a house wife who takes care of the house & is close to Abeer’s heart. Abeer confides everything to her & she often goes against her husband.

His grand father, Rishab supports Abeer & Madhvi. He is above Kuber Malhhotra in the business empire & is an MP in the parliament. but he is simple at heart. He is known for his modesty & respects everyone’s decisions at home. He faces all the difficult situation with courage & solves the family & business problems.

Meher on the other hand, is very studious who has got good academic records. Classical dancing is her hobby. She aspires to achieve a top level in her life.

She lives with her father, Shyam. He too is a businessman but below Kuber Malhotra.

Her mother Suman is a housewife who takes care of the house & is Madhvi’s close friend.

Her Aunt Devki is a well known advocate. She has been taking Meher’s responsibilities from her childhood & giving her what she wants. But strict at the same time.

And her younger brother Tarun whose nick name is Tunnu. He has a good bonding with Meher.


Kuber Malhotra is seen yelling at his staff for their carelesness & the excuses they give for not doing the work. The fact is, he does not value any of his emloyees though they do good work & get the client certification. It is his dad, Rishab Malhotra who certifies & values the employees & give them the work according to their talent. His son Abeer Malhotra is studying in Mithibai College who concentrates more on extra-curricular activities. He excels in sports. Singing is his passion. He wants to be a Rockstar.

One Day
He comes across a girl who is a new joinee of the college named Meher. She is reading the book. Inter-collegiate sports tournament is going on. Her friend Sasha said,”Hey Meher, our team is doing well, please watch it.”

Meher: I want to study. Please don’t disturb.
Rati: Do you ever care for your college team or respect them for their talent. Look, our college is winning.

Meher: Sports or any other extra curricular is only for those people who are mentally weak. Our team is zero in studies.

Abeer goes to the first place after coming first in running race. Pointing out to him, Meher says, “He is duffer No 1.”

Next to Nissar, she said, “He is duffer No 2.”

However, Rati gets attracted to Nisar & tells herself, “What a handsome man he is! I should do something to impress him.”

Next one is Akshat. Meher said, “This is another duffer cum monkey.”

Sasha is Abeer’s family friend who cares for him. Abeer has always been confiding to her & considers her as hs best friend. She gets attracted to Akshat.

Abeer is also very naughty in the class & keeps worrying the lecturers. However, he gets irritated seeing Meher making fun of him whenever she sees him. There is an announcement at the end of the tournament where prize distribution takes place. The Vice Chancellor is distributing the prizes. The announcer said, “Basketball match: The first prize goes to Abeer’s team.”
Meher: Economics 8
Abeer’s team is first in cricket
Meher: Accounts 2
Abeer gets gold medal in swimming
Meher: C Language 0
Abeer gets gold in table tennis in singles & doubles
Meher: JAVA 0

After the tournament, everyone goes to their classes the next day. During the break, one of his team mates told Abeer, “Principal is calling you.”
Abeer: For what?
Parth: I don’t know.

Abeer goes to the principal’s cabin. He asked,”Sir, did you call me? Is there any problem?”
Principal: There is a small problem.Only you can help me.
Abeer: What way can I help you?
Principal: You are No.1 in our college as far as sports & singing is concerned. Your dad has been giving us the donation because of which the college runs. I have not told you anything though you are miserable in your studies & playing pranks in the class. I can give you 10 marks for your sports & singing & 5 marks for funding our college but 35% is a must for passing & your overall percentage should be minimum 40% to get through. You are giving a blank paper due to which I’m very much helpless. I can give you marks only if you write something. Your paper should be filled up. Even if you bluff, that does not matter but for God’s sake please write something.If you fail this year, your dad will not only stop funding the college but also ensure that the college closes forever. Will you write at least something in your paper?
Abeer: Yes, I will.

Abeer goes goes home with the medals & championship trophy. Everyone are happy.
Abeer: Where is dad?
Rishab: He is in the business meeting.
Abeer: How come you have not gone?
Rishab: I know that you have gone for the tournament. So I chose to stay back.
Abeer: Dad does not have time for me.
He calls up to Kuber’s office & asks for his dad. The receptionist said, “He is busy in the meeting. I will leave the message.”
Abeer calls at the conference where Kuber is in the meeting. The manager picks the call & said, “Mr. Malhotra is in the meeting.”
Abeer: I want to speak to dad at any cost.
The manager hands over the phone to Kuber who gets annoyed & postpones the meeting.

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  1. awesome start , loved it . kuber is so rude to his workers ,meher making fun of everybody was too funny . in the show i used to like rati a lot in the starting of the show . i am happy u added her too .

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