Yeh Dil (Part 2)


KM confronts Abeer saying, “Why did you call?”

Abeer: I wanted to give you good news.

KM: When did you start giving me good news?

Rishab: You don’t know. Your son has got the Inter Collegiate championship & brought his college to the top.

Everyone in the house back him up.

Madhavi: Abeer is very much talented and hardworking. When he has held our heads high, you should be proud of him.

KM: Look guys, the cups and the so called vessels are of no use to me when he is zero in his studies. It will be better if he gives the same focus on his studies. I want him to study in the Harvard University after he completes his degree and takes over my empire. Only then it will be useful to me that I will be proud of him.

Kuber leaves.

Rishab: There is a point in what your dad says. Even if you pass your exams, we can get you the admission in the best of the Universities. Sports and music are fine but studies are also equally important. If you make him happy, he will definitely give respect to your feelings and will be proud of you in every respect. Even if you clear the current subjects, I will talk to your dad. Will you do it?

Abeer: Yes, I will do it.

Next day, Abeer as usual meets his friends Nisar and Akshat.

Nisar: Come Abeer, lets celebrate our success.
Akshat: I guess your dad must have been happy right?
Abeer: Everyone except dad is happy. Principal told me that I have to write something in the answer paper so he can pass me up. And dad wants me to do the boring work after the degree.
Akshat: Hmm, princi is right. Why do you give blank papers? If you don’t know a question, just write what you feel like writing. You will get marks for what you’ve written. You know very well that your dad is very powerful and can go to any level.
Abeer: This time I won’t give blank paper. I will gather some stuff and write that.
Nisar: That’s the spirit.
Abeer: But now we have got the class.
Akshat: What? Accounts lecture? That is too boring. That old professor will always catch us and ask us and we wil be blinking. i guess, not even a single student can understand what he is teaching.
Abeer: There is no fun when only 3 of us celebrate. The whole class should. So why don’t we make him run?
Nisar: Great idea! What are you going to do.
Abeer, Nisar and Akshat discuss about the plan. Everyone goes to the class.
The accounts professor opens his bag to remove his book and give the assignment. Suddenly, he sees the snake and shouts for help. The snake comes out of the bag and is crawling outside the room. All the students came out of the room and roared with laughter except Meher. Rati and Sasha are amused at the wits of those 3 guys.

Abeer had seen a snake in the garden.Nissar had carried the bag to keep the snake while Akshat had got the accounts professor diverted elsewhere from the sports coach. All 3 of share a good rapport with him.

Abeer caught the snake. Both of them successfully put the snake inside that bag, took the professor’s books & replaced it with a snake.

Akshat: What a masterplan Abeer! You can use the same trick in the examination hall.

The snake comes downstairs. Everyone runs helter and skelter to save themselves. Abeer catches the snake and puts it to the original place. While the principal appreciates his bravery, the accounts professor said, it must be the work of thse 3 guys. It is their mischief. Meher had overheard their conversation. She stood up and said, “Yes, he is right. I have heard and recorded it.”

Meher plays the record. All are shocked. The principal confronts him saying, “I had told you very decently that focus on your studies. I’ve also respected you for your talent n extra activities and your dad’s position. But just because you are MLA’s son, that dosen’t mean that you can do as you please. This is the first and the last warning.”

After everyone left. Abeer grabs Meher and said, “You have been making fun of me and pulling my legs, I didn’t mind. I took it as a joke. But what you did this time is not good. You will pay for it.”

Meher: What will you do? And whom are you threatening?
Abeer: Don’t think that I am only threatening. Whatever I say, i mean it. You don’t know who I am. You heard what princi said right? I am MLA’s son and my grandfather is a MP.
Meher: I don’t care about your father or grandfather’s achievement. First you do something of your own and brag. Only then I will consider. And as far as your dad and grandpa are concerned, don’t think they will have that position forever. The persons position changes for every 5 years.
Abeer: But my dad has been winning the election for every 5 years and my grandpa has been maintaining his position without fail.
Meher: What if we don’t cast our votes to them?
Abeer: It can also be that your name may not be in the list.
Meher: That will be seen later.

Having said this, she leaves.

Rati goes to Nisar & said, “You’ve done a thing which no one has dared to do. Hats of to you.”

She kisses him

Nisar blushes: Thanks a lot. Have you kissed me jokingly or seriously?
Rati: Seriously. I love you.
Nisar: Unbelievable, I could not even think in the wildest of my dreams that a girl like you will come in my life.
Rati: Just a smile is enough for me.
Nisar smiles. Both hug each other.

Sasha goes to Akshat & said, “Diverting a khadus professor was not easy but you’ve done it. You are great.”
Akshat: You are the first person to say that.
Sasha: I don’t care about what others think of you. I’m always there for you. Just as Abeer is my friend, you too are the same.

Inwardly she thinks, “More than him too.”

Abeer decides to show Meher her place. Exams are nearing. Everyone are preparing for their exams. Abeer and his friends pretend to be good in the class. They have gathered some knowledge to write something in their answer paper and put efforts this time. On the examination day, Abeer finds out that accounts professor will be invigilating them for their exam. He goes to him and asked, “You are a good lecturer. Don’t you get bored repeating this every year?”

The professor said,”Well that is my job.”
Abeer: You can get more interesting work if you do what i say.
Professor: What do you mean? Are you trying to bribe me?
Abeer: Why should I ? I know that you are trying every year for the post of a vice principal. I can help you by speaking to my dad.
Professor is happy. He said, “That is really great. I will do what you say.”
Abeer gives him Rs. 5000/- and said, “When Meher finishes her main paper, you give her the supplements in which something is written and tell the principal that she has copied in her exam.”
The professor agrees.

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  2. Nice episode

  3. abeer putting snake in professor’s bag was too funny but meher recorded it all . loved the nisar-rati hug . omg abeer is bribing the professor . it is yet to see how meher reacts

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